A money bag containing $400 in cash was missing after a Kansas woman said she left it on the counter at the Taco Bell at 20704 Arkansas Highway 365 in Maumelle on May 23.

Tina Mosely, 41, of Wichita, Kan., said she was in town for a relative’s graduation when she stopped by the Taco Bell around 12:35.p.m. to order some tacos. She said she pulled out the money bag to pay for the tacos but when she did she "accidentally left her money bag on the counter."

Mosely said after she retrieved napkins and condiments she discovered the bag missing and went back to look for it but it was gone.

Police said they contacted Taco Bell manager Sarah McCaster to retrieve the surveillance videotape but McCaster told police, "The cameras do not work, nor do they record anything."

Detectives said they also talked with the two cashiers on duty at the time.

One told police "Any customer behind Mosely could have taken the money."

The other cashier told police, "I didn’t see nothing."