An 85 year-old Maumelle woman was the victim of a $16,500 scam by a local bank employee, according to a Maumelle police report.

The woman was the victim of what Regions Bank corporate security officer Michael Davidson said was alleged "felony theft" by an employee of the Maumelle branch of Regions.

Under the scam Davidson told police about, the former employee who has not been charged yet and whose identity we’re also protecting until and if she’s charged, allegedly "committed three fraudulent transactions which entailed removing money from the victim’s account without permission."

The three transactions occurred in November and December of 2012, Davidson said. They took place in Maumelle, North Little Rock and in Little Rock.

The former employee was able to access the account by ordering a credit card in the victim’s name but had it mailed to the Maumelle branch rather than to the woman’s Maumelle residence.

Davidson said the 25-year-old woman then used the credit card without the victim’s knowledge or permission, to make numerous withdrawals from the victim’s account.

Davidson said attempts to locate the former employee weren’t successful and he was filing the police report "in order for authorities to pursue criminal prosecution."