A homeowner at 34 Masters Place came home on Friday night, March 29 and discovered a totally black cat inside his home.

He said the cat came in through the pet door which animal control officials said is not uncommon.

He said the cat was a feral cat, or a cat that has been released into the wild to fend for itself. When he attempted to run the cat out, the cat turned on him and became ferocious and attacked him.

The uncut claws and bites inflicted so much pain and injury that the man had to be hospitalized in serious condition.With at least one rabid skunk found not far away, authorities captured the cat inside his home and sent it to the Arkansas State Health department for testing.

Health officials rushed the brain test of the cat and determined it wasn’t rabid and notified the city and the patient.

Animal Control said it had reports the cat lived on Augusta Street but no one there claimed it.

The homeowner attacked had to have surgery on the bite but is home now and recovering from the painful bites.

Rita Cavenaugh said the state veterinarian, Dr. Susan Weinstein, DVM, rushed through the rabies test on the suspect cat that bite the homeowner and it showed no signs of rabies which means the man won’t have to undergo expensive extensive rabies shots.

Meanwhile City Clerk Joshua Clausen said Dr. Weinstein notified the city last week of two more skunks found just outside the Maumelle city limits that did test positive for rabies and on April 16 the state issued a news release saying more rabid skunks had been found in Johnson County and elsewhere around the state.

The state veterinarian urged Arkansans to be careful and to watch not only there own animals closely but wild critters who might venture nearby.