Incidents reported to Maumelle police through June 28:


Club Manor Drive and Lake Willastein: On June 16, Justin Michael Folyer, 20, of Malvern was arrested and charged with obstruction of governmental operations after he was a passenger in a Dodge truck police had stopped in traffic. Sgt. Dustin Ivey said the passenger acted nervous and refused to give him any identification. Folyer then gave him an incorrect date of birth and age. He later told police he had given them his older brother’s name.

29 Ozark Drive: On June 14, Dyan Grant Wallis, 19, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with public intoxication after officer Clifton McClintock said he saw him looking into a car window. McClintock said Wallis was unsteady on his feet and had bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech and a strong odor of intoxicants. He told police he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend, Emily Allen, 18, of Little Rock, who told police she had knocked a bottle of whiskey out of his hands. He had thrown his car keys, and they couldn’t find them.

1701 Club Manor Drive: On June 21, Regala Macon, 31, of Conway was arrested and charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after police said they were called to Dr. Richard Lewis’ veterinarian clinic. Sgt. Dustin Ivey said he was called to the clinic to assist the Maumelle Fire Department after Macon entered the clinic and had fallen onto the ground. He said Macon had "extremely slurred speech and she was disoriented." Her mother came to take her home, but the woman sat in her mother’s car, honked the horn and cursed at her mother. Ivey said he warned her to leave with her mother, but she persisted in creating problems.


200 Pine Forrest Drive: On June 12, Sheila Calhoun, 42, of Maumelle told police her son had lost his cell phone at the Jess Odom Community Center. She said she had been texting him that day not knowing the phone was lost and had gotten replies from someone. She said it was a government Motorola flip phone.

119 Carnahan Drive: On June 16, Singh Santosh, 30, of Little Rock reported the theft of $400 in cash after he placed a deposit on a vehicle he planned to purchase from a man who claimed to be John Meckly. He said the vehicle was listed for sale on Craig’s List, but it is no longer listed.

800 Union Court: On June 19, Contina Williams, 39, of Maumelle reported the theft of her credit card from her 2012 Dodge Avenger. Police said they could find no signs of forced entry


400 Valencia DRive: On June 13, Deandre Smith, 27, of Maumelle told police that someone keyed his 1999 Chevrolet Lumina with the letters "BITH" on the hood and also made a long key mark on the hood and down the side of the vehicle.

Lake Willastein: On June 18, Gordon Borst with the Maumelle Parks and Recreation Department reported the open bunker at Lake Willastein had been vandalized. Fresh concrete was laid on June 15, Borst said, but three days later he discovered gang signs on it.

102 Savannah Drive: On June 20, Taco Bueno employees called police about two people who came through their drive-through and accused an employee of scratching her vehicle with keys. Witnesses said the driver exited her vehicle, threw a soda on the victim’s vehicle while the other passenger apparently scratched that vehicle with keys. Officer Clint McClintock said he observed several scratches on a 1992 Honda Prelude.