Maumelle Boulevard and Odom Boulevard North: On Aug. 25, Tavarius Smith, 28, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with DWI drugs and running a red light after he was involved in an accident. Officer Sterling Pruitt said while investigating the accident, he "detected a strong smell of marijuana coming from a 2001 Ford Taurus" owned by Smith. Smith told Pruitt he was attempting to catch up with a group of friends ahead of him on their way to a funeral. He said the light was yellow when he went through the intersection. A search of the vehicle found marijuana residue in the floorboard and center console, Pruitt said. He said he also found marijuana residue in an ashtray and found several blunts. Smith admitted smoking a blunt before getting in the car, Pruitt said. The passenger, Leotis Rodgers also said the two men used marijuana before they left, Pruitt said.

Maumelle Boulevard and Country Club Parkway: On Aug. 23, Robert Turner, 25, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with DWI, driving too slow for conditions, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia after Cpl. Scotty Bryant said he found 3 grams of marijuana and a glass marijuana pipe after police found Turner’s 2003 Lexus sitting in the median. Bryant said Turner had "bloodshot eyes and slurred speech" and moved very slow. He also said the driveway where Turner was sitting had several empty beer cans and several unopened cans of beer. Bryant said Turner failed field sobriety tests, he also found a prescription bottle with Adderall in it and the marijuana in the back seat. Bryant said Turner registered 0.05 blood alcohol content on a Breathalyzer test but he was charged with DWI Drugs, had his vehicle towed and was given a court date.

1701 Club Manor Drive: On Aug. 25, Sara Ann Buck, 23, of Houston was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia following an incident at the Dollar General Store. Police met a man at the store who took them to a place in the woods where a camp had been set up. Buck was in the camp and had a purse containing four pieces of a metal marijuana pipe resulting in the charges.

Conway: On Aug. 26, Conway police stopped James Dean Smith, 52, of Conway who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest from Maumelle alleging criminal conduct so Maumelle officer Greg Roussie met the policeman in Mayflower and took custody of Smith.


52 Vantage Drive: On Aug. 27, James Moody, 50, of Maumelle told police his truck was parked in front of his home with the doors unlocked and someone entered the vehicle overnight and took an Arvest Bank bag containing $9,000 cash, and $20 in change. He said the money represented deposits from his employer, Golden Corral Restaurant.

Arnold Palmer Drive: On Aug. 28, Robert Romes, 48, of Maumelle told officers he had left his employers’ Apple iPad on the hood of his vehicle while driving down Arnold Palmer Drive and went back in an attempt to find it but couldn’t. He said the value of the AT&T iPad was $599.

700 Burkhalter Drive: On Aug. 28, theives broke into the Verizon Wireless cell phone tower and stole a 2006 trailer containing a container worth $1,000 of copper wire.

101 Hidden Falls Lane: On Aug. 29, Steve Haemerle, 36, of Maumelle told police his 2006 Honda Accord was broken into and his wallet, several credit cards, his social security card, a pocket knife and a personal check from Michael Irvin were all stolen from his unlocked vehicle. By the time he discovered the items missing, he said one credit card had already been used seven times.

4 Oak Forest Drive: On Aug. 29, Kelly Roach, 47, of Maumelle reported someone had broken into her Nissan truck and taken a $150 Apple iPod Nano, A $20 battery charger, a $40 Sony portable CD player and five audio books worth $90. She said the items were in a bag left in her unlocked vehicle parked in her driveway.

14322 Frontier Drive: On Aug. 24, Mit Patel, owner of the Quality Inns and Suites on Frontier Drive told police an employee had allegedly stolen $1,690.43 in cash deposits between Aug. 8 and Aug. 15.


1801 Club Manor Drive: On Aug. 28, Kemi L. Roland, 41, store manager with Dollar General told police a black male entered the store and took unknown merchandise without paying for it. He said employees of a nearby liquor store reported the man drove up in the 2010 – 2012 Black Dodge Charger, took items off a rack outside the store and left without paying. Roland said the same man had shoplifted several items on Aug. 18.

Millwood Circle and Club Manor Drive: On Aug. 24, officer Jeremy Newlin, Sr. said police responded to a report of an hit and run accident where a tan Chevrolet Tahoe fled the scene after running over fencing at Millwood Landing Apartments. Apartment manager Teresa Popescu said about an eight-foot section of wooden fence had been knocked over. She said witnesses said the young white male ran a stop sign and struck the fence and appeared to be injured in the accident. She estimated to damage to replace the fence was $1,000.

14 Blue Mountain Drive: On Aug. 26, Kevin Jones, 37, of Maumelle reported to police that a 1996 F15 Ford pickup truck was vandalized when someone let the air out of all four tires.