Incidents reported to Maumelle police through July 28:


110 Commons Drive: On July 20, Anissa Wells, 43, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with failure to appear after officer Joseph Poole was dispatched to the Kroger store about a suspicious vehicle. Wells allegedly told Poole her name was Anissa Stromeyer with a year later date of birth. When Poole checked her records, no such person existed, but the car is registered to Anissa Wells, who has a date of birth one year earlier than she stated, according to the police report. Poole said he found an outstanding warrant from Maumelle for her arrest on the failure to appear charges. He said Wells also had an outstanding warrant from Sherwood, so he turned her over to Sherwood police.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 25, Kevin Martin, 37, of Vilonia was arrested and charged on an outstanding warrant alleging criminal contempt of court. Officer Laura Robinson said she brought Martin to the Maumelle Police Department and he was cited, given a court date and released.


20710 Arkansas Highway 365 North: On July 20, Dian Sperling reported the shoplifting of a $90 bottle of Ciroc Vodka from Lake Liquor Store. Officer Gregory Roussie, working off duty at the liquor store, said Sterling, the store manager, told him another store employee said he saw a person shoplifting. He said store security cameras show the man putting two bottles in his pants, walking outside the store and leaving in a Ford pickup. The store employee gave police the truckís license plate number.

18 Crystal Mountain Drive: On July 29, Glendon Acre told police a $300 Beltronics RX65 Radar Detector was missing from his vehicle. Officer Gregory Roussie said he could find no signs of forced entry.

15 Yukon Cove: On July 22, Eddie Langford told police he again had been the subject of a break-in. In 2009 Langfordís house had the door kicked in and several items stolen from it, but camera surveillance led to the intrudersí capture and conviction. Langford said he got up to work in his workshop late the night of July 22 and unlocked his 2007 Ford F150 King Ranch pickup truck to get something out and forget to lock it back. As he worked a few feet away, someone entered his truck to steal a $1,500 radio, GPS and backup camera device. Langford obtained video showing the man driving up in a dark-colored pickup truck. He said he turned the video over to police.

110 Commons Drive: On July 22, Kroger store manager Patricia Yates reported a shoplifter who was caught outside the store. She said another manager, Marty Moring, had detained a man loading groceries into his car, allegedly without paying. However, Brian Alan Compton, 36, of Maumelle told police he picked up a hitchhiker walking through town and brought him to the store with him. Police said a review of the security tape showed Compton was not around the suspect and did not participate in the crime, police said. The hitchhiker, who apparently left the groceries next to Comptonís vehicle and then fled, was described as a white male with dark hair and a goatee wearing a white, sleeveless T-shirt, blue jeans and a cowboy hat.

501 Valencia Drive: On July 26, Ashley Stark, 19, of Maumelle reported a burglary of nearby apartments. Jennifer Shepard said the man ran into Apartment A-26 so police searched it but found no one. Among the items stolen were a $500 42-inch Sanyo flat-screen TV, a $250 12-inch Alpine speaker and a $100 Hi-phonics 500-watt amplifier. An officer said they were able to lift fingerprints from the crime scene.


100 Edgewood Apartments: On July 19, Jarvis Dickerson, 28, of Maumelle told police someone had attempted to enter his apartment through a rear window but were unsuccessful. The would-be intruder did break the window, however, he said.

30 Cinderwood Cove: On July 20, Darren Benson. 31, of Maumelle reported that his passenger-side window of a vehicle had been knocked out and would-be thieves had attempted to steal his radio and CD player but werenít able to remove it. Police said they did gather a few fingerprints.

23 Masters Place Drive: On July 25, James Rawlins, 48, of Maumelle told police he had been the victim of vandalism several times. He said his trees had been cut, copper stolen from his air conditioner and duct tape placed on his landscaping lighting.