Maumelle Boulevard and Arkansas State Highway 365: On Jan. 5, Amber Lenise Parks, 22, of Plumerville was arrested and charged on an outstanding warrant with alleged burglary and third-degree battery with the purpose of causing injury. The arrest followed a traffic stop for only one headlight. She was taken to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility.

200 Millwood Circle: On Jan. 3, Shakerra Latrice Atkinsin, 27, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with possession of controlled substances and failure to stop at a stop sign after a traffic stop when police said they found 3.7 grams of marijuana in her 2006 Dodge Magnum. Officer Jeremy Newlin, Sr., said he was in the Pizza Hut parking lot when he saw Atkinsin’s Dodge run a stop sign at Club Manor Drive and Millwood Circle. After the driver gave consent to search the vehicle, police said officers found marijuana joint and a prescription bottle containing the 3.7 grams of marijuana.

20710 Arkansas Highway 365: On Jan. 4, Adam Jordan Lopez, 22, of Conway was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for exposing his private parts in public. Officer Casey Canady said he was on patrol and watched Lopez go to the side of Lake Liquor store and begin urinating. When he asked Lopez what he was doing, Canady said Lopez told him he had to go to the bedroom and couldn’t wait.


200 Holiday Inn Express: On Jan. 4, Michael Madewell, 43, of Lincoln said he was staying at the hotel when someone broke into his 2010 Chevrolet and stole a $120 Tom Tom GPS device and an $800 Integrated Solutions handheld computer. Officer Gregory Roberts said he found no signs of forced entry.

500 Murphy Drive: On Jan. 4, Richard Beck, 56, of Centerridge reported the theft of a $1,800 John Deere 6.5 KBR generator that he’d brought from home to use at his workplace, Kimberly Clark during the snowstorm when the business lost power.

2002 Murphy Drive: On Jan. 4, Bonnie Godwin, 54, of Maumelle reported fraudulent charges made to the Bank of the Ozarks credit card. Godwin said she found a $431.11 payment to State Farm Insurance that she didn’t authorize since she doesn’t have any insurance products from State Farm.

4 Chicot Road: On Jan. 4, Melodi Jones, 45, of Maumelle told police her vehicle, a 2010 Ford Fusion was broken into and several items stolen including a Toshiba laptop computer, a black Tiagenello leather purse and a Bank of the Ozarks checkbook. Jones told Sgt. Scotty Bryant that her car was parked inside a locked garage. Bryant said he found no signs of forced entry.

4 Lemans Court: On Jan. 5, Walter T. Pipes, Jr., 48, of Shreveport, LA, told police that while he was visiting Ramon Fuller his Avalanche was broken into and a Garmin GPS device, a daily dosage container, a .32 caliber semi-automatic KelTec handgun and 20 Bupropion Hydrochloride pills and 10 Tramadol pills were stolen from his vehicle.

58 Garden Oaks Drive: On Jan. 9, Trey Fleming, 34, of Maumelle told police several items were taken from his 2011 Chevrolet and included a H&K .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun and a Metropolitan National Bank checkbook. Fleming told Sgt. Scotty Bryant he had locked his vehicle but had gotten up during the night to retrieve something from it and did not lock it that time. Also stolen were two fully loaded 10-round clips with .45 caliber ammunition in them.

600 Pine Forest Drive: On Jan. 9, Jerry Poole, 63, reported the theft of a checkbook from his vehicle on Dec. 28, 2012. Poole said his bank called about the cashing of several $200 checks he said the bank told him "looked suspicious." On of the checks was cashed at a local Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. Poole also said several other vehicles at his housing and business complex by Lake Valencia were also broken into that same night.


Park on the River: On Jan. 4, Tamara J. Fusilier, 48, of Maumelle told police her 2003 Chevrolet SUV while parked in the park. Police said they found deep scratches in the hood, bumper and grill area. Officer Clifton McClintock said he also found green paint transfer in the front bumper.