Incidents reported to Maumelle police through March 8:


100 Millwood Circle: On Feb. 14, Melanie Lynn Kohrs, 20, of Cabot was arrested and charged with failure to appear based upon an outstanding warrant from Maumelle. Following a search of the vehicle she was a passenger in she was also charged with two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, on a misdemeanor and another a felony. Officer Laura Robinson said police received a call about a car parked in the Fire Station # 2 parking lot and reports that there was allegedly a gun seen in the vehicle. Robinson said Kohr also had outstanding warrants from North Little Rock and Vilonia. She was released to North Little Rock officers. Michael Bailey, 23, of Maumelle was the driver of the 2004 Chevrolet Malibu and Robinson said he told her they were parking there taking advantage of free wifi service and that he did have a weapon but also had a concealed carry permit. Robinson said she removed the gun from a holster in Bailey’s back. A search of the vehicle found a blue metal pipe with marijuana residue in a backpack belonging to Ms. Kohrs and a glass smoking pipe with methamphetamine Ms. Kohrs earlier said was hers. 2002 Murphy Drive: On March 1, Sara McGinty, 22, of Mayflower was arrested and charged with two counts of failure to appear on two outstanding Maumelle warrants by Mayflower police who turned her over to Maumelle police.

Maumelle Boulevard and Millwood Circle: On March 1, Courtney Brooke Harrel, 31, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with DWI after a traffic stop for no license plate light. Officer Casey Canady said Harrel failed a field sobriety test and registered 0.13 on a Breathalyzer test. Harrel also had an outstanding warrant for alleged theft of property issued by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.. Harrel was transported to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Center.

200 Millwood Circle: On March 2, Samantha Michelle Cook, 23, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with DWI, refusing to take a Breathalyzer test and careless, prohibited driving and possession of drug paraphernalia.. Gt. Dustin Ivey said he saw a 2012 Honda Fit traveling north on Maumelle Boulevard cross the center lane several times and drive at varying speeds, turn onto Millwood Circle then turn right running over the curb. He said Cook had "bloodshot watery eyes"and failed field sobriety tests and registered 0.18 on a portable Breathalyzer test but refused to take a regular Breathalyzer test at police headquarters.

200 Millwood Circle: On March 2, Christopher Huddleston, 22, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after he was a passenger in Cook’s vehicle and police said they found a black and purple glass marijuana pipe in the passenger floorboard of the vehicle.

Maumelle Boulevard and Millwood Circle: On March 3, Daniel Menchaca Jr., 26, of Maumelle was arrested and charged driving on a revoked driver’s license and with no license plate after Officer Sterling Pruitt said he saw a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander driving on Maumelle Boulevard with a busted tail light and an expired license plate. Menchaca also had outstanding warrants from both North Little Rock and Maumelle for alleged failure to appear and criminal contempt of court.

Marseille Drive: On March 5, William Kelly, 48, of Clifton, CO was arrested and charged with soliciting without a permit. Cpl. Debra Bagley said police received complaints about the solicitors and found Kelly on Marseille Drive with a bag of cleaning supplies. He told officers he had been dropped off to sell the supplies for Protek Chemical.

Country Club Parkway and Fountainbleau: On March 5, Frederick Dawson, 42, of Youngstown, OH was arrested and charged with soliciting without a permit after officers found him soliciting. He could not produce a valid permit.

Oak Forest Drive and Odom Boulevard North: On March 5, Zachary T. R. Kellerman, 18, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, not giving a turn signal and running a red light. Officer Sterling Pruitt said he saw a 2005 Ford Mustang turn onto Maumelle Boulevard without coming to a complete stop. Pruitt said the driver refused permission for him to search the vehicle but because he smelled a faint odor of marijuana he used his K-9 Bodie who hit on the passenger side of the vehicle. Police said they found a glass pipe with marijuana residue on it.


197 Highland Point Cove: On March 1, Matt Strawn, 35, told police his 2006 Toyota had been broken into and a Benchmade knife, cell phone charger and auxiliary cable stolen from his unlocked vehicle. Police said they found no signs of forced entry.

11 Valley View Drive: On March 1, Barbara Springer, 66, said someone stole her 2010 Ford SUV valued at $20,000 from her attached garage. She said the garage door was open but she was unsure if she left the key in the vehicle or not but she could not locate the keys. The next day North Little Rock police advised Maumelle they found the vehicle on fire in a field in North Little Rock.

1801 Club Manor Drive: On March 1, Kmi Roland, manager of the Dollar General Store told police a woman returned several items to the store claiming the district manager authorized the return without a receipt. Roland said she gave the manager’s name and they refunded money to her for $130 worth of items.

501 Valencia Drive: On March 4, Micah Langley, 36, reported to police items stolen from the bed of his truck including a ladder and straps holding it down.

155 Manitou Drive: On Feb. 26, Ronnie Hill, 39, building contractor and the homeowner, Micael Nargi, 59, told police $4,000 worth of copper wire had been stolen from a home under construction.

24 Masters Place Cove: On March 5, Dana Kellerman, 49, reported her vehicle had been broken into and a laptop computer and a briefcase were stolen from the unlocked vehicle. Police said their were no signs of forced entry and that personal information about her clients had been stolen. North Little Rock Police returned the personal client information they said they found in another vehicle stolen from the nearby Links Apartments in North Little Rock they recovered.

35 Club Manor Drive: On Feb. 24, Ralph Kearney, 66 told police his unlocked 2004 Ford Explorer parked in his driveway had been broken into and several items stolen including $5 and $40 worth of music CD’s.

17 Crystal Hill Mountain Lane: On Feb. 26, Richard Hall, 42, reported the theft of a silver .38 caliber Taurus revolver from his wife’s 2008 Cadillac. Police said there were no signs of forced entry.

37 Club Manor Drive: On Feb. 24, Betty Tognetti, and her husband Michale Tognetti, both 65, said several items including a Samsung flip phone was stolen from their unlocked vehicles but a cell phone they did not own was found in her husband’s vehicle.

17 Paynee Court: On Feb. 24, Ronald Blasingame, 64, told police someone entered his open garage and his unlocked vehicle and stole an Android cell phone and a Coleman Silver flashlight. The phone turned up in backyard near Maumelle Country Club.

20710 Arkansas Highway 365: On Feb. 20, a 27-year-old Greenbrier man allegedly passed a bad check at Lake Liquor Store, manager Karen Watkins, 60 told police.

500 Sharkey Drive: On Feb. 22, Ash Boytar, 43, reported the theft of seven different saws from the construction site for Medline.


28 Kingspark Drive: On March 2, Beverly Wofford, 48 told police her garage door had been spray painted with gray paint with what police said was no distinct symbol or phrase.

100 Edgewood Drive: On Feb. 24, Johnny Belin, 46, reported hearing a gunshot near midnight and discovered his living room window curtains moving and found a .22 caliber shells that had damaged the blinds, window, window sill and molding.

Police said they questioned neighbors but didn’t obtain anymore information.

100 Lake Willastein Drive: ON March 1, a citizen reported seeing a dark truck damaging the grass near the new pavilion in the park.

4 Chicot Drive: On Jan. 24, Melodi Jones told police someone had kicked down part of her fence allowing her dogs to get out.

Ozark Drive and Cove Drive: On Feb. 21, police said they got reports of an unsafely parked trailer which Sgt. Scotty Bryant said he had towed.