Incidents reported to Maumelle police through April 5:


200 Holiday Drive: On March 23, Manuel A. Alvidrez, 23, of Jacksonville was arrested and charged with DWI and careless and prohibited driving after a traffic stop by officer Laura Robinson. Alvidrez failed field sobriety tests and registered 0.10 blood alcohol count on a Breathalyzer test, police said. He told Robinson he was on his way home to Jacksonville after a stop at Lucky’s Bar in Maumelle.

Overstreet Road and Arkansas Highway 365 North: On March 28, Nicholas Pruss, 39, of North Little Rock, was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal contempt of court following a traffic stop by Sgt. Scotty Bryant of a Ford Explorer with expired tags. Bryant said he found two smoking pipes inside the vehicle and discovered Pruss had two outstanding warrants, one from Maumelle and another from Faulkner County. Following processing Pruss was turned over to Faulkner County authorities.

100 Millwood Circle: On March 29, Earnest B. Poindexter, 28, of Little Rock was arrested when he turned himself in at Maumelle District Court on an alleged criminal contempt of court warrant.

2002 Murphy Drive: On March 29, Steven Keith Abel, 27, of Mayflower was arrested and charged on an outstanding warrant for alleged criminal contempt of court.

100 Millwood Circle: On March 29, Jerry Preston, 20, of Little Rock was arrested by Jacksonville police under the name Justin Goff. Officer Laura Robinson said she picked up the man from Jacksonville police but noticed the photo on the computer looked different from the man in custody and he didn’t have tattoos Goof had in photos. Although he had earlier claimed to be Goff, when asked he finally identified himself as Jerry Preston so Robinson charged him with obstructing governmental operations. He was released to Sherwood police who had an active warrant on him.

119 Carnahan Drive: On March 31, Jalon Jemal London, 19, of Little Rock was arrested after officer Glyneth Hicks said she saw him run a stop sign in a black Chevrolet Malibu and issued traffic tickets and advised him not to drive again because he did not have an active drivers license. Less than 30 minutes later Hicks said sh e saw London driving on Maumelle Boulevard and pulled him over arresting him for driving on a revoked driver’s license. While waiting in a jail cell, London told police "he was having trouble breathing" so Maumelle Fire and Rescue and Metropolitan Emergency Services was called. After evaluations by MEMS London said he was felling better and refused transportation to a hospital.

104 Carnahan Drive: On March 30, Halbert Dale Dodson, 41, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with DWI, careless and prohibited driving, driving left of center and refusal to take a Breathalyzer test after officer Sterling Pruitt said he saw a black Honda turn right off Club Manor Drive onto Carnahan Drive and cross over into his lane of traffic. Upon stopping, Dodson handed Pruitt a pill bottle he had in his pocket that Pruitt said contained the prescription drug Alprazolam. Dodson told Pruitt he’d consumed three beers at Beef O’Brady’s and taken two Xanax pills, Pruitt said. The man failed a field sobriety test and was "unable to stand still without swaying or sagging," Pruitt said. While doing the test, Pruitt said Dodson asked if he could "cut him a break" and take him home. At police headquarters, Pruitt said Dodson refused to take both a Breathalyzer test and a urine test after Dodson told him he was "high on Xanax."

24 Windsor Drive: On March 26, Rebeca Rodriguez, 26, of Greenbrier was arrested and charged with possession of a Schedule VI controlled substance regarding an incident on March 5 in a Maumelle home. She was arrested at Maumelle District Court when she showed up for another court hearing.

Maumelle Boulevard: On April 2, Victoria Aughenbaugh, 19, of Maumelle was arrested following traffic stop she was a passenger in. Cpl. Debra Bagley said she had an outstanding warrant from Maumelle for failure to appear in court but when Bagley checked her purse, she said she found an unmarked pill bottle with 23 Strattera pills and two Methylin pills plus a driver’s license for a lady named Amber Johnston. Bagely said the woman told her she takes the pills she got from her younger brother because "she needs them to help her concentrate and she has no insurance to get a prescription of her own." She also said the driver’s license was given to her by a friend but said she hadn’t used it t o purchase alcohol. Augenbaugh was also charged with one felony and one misdemeanor count of possession of a controlled substance, possession of fraudulent identification and on the original warrant for failure to appear in court.

100 Millwood Circle: On April 2, Amy Thomas, 36, of Beebe was arrested when she turned herself in on an outstanding warrant alleging failure to appear and two counts of criminal contempt of court.

13 Oak Forest Place: On April 2, Miguel Lozoya, 21, of Floresville, TX was arrested and charged with soliciting without a permit.

4 Garden Oaks Drive: On April 2, Tanner Jordan Blaisdell, 19, of Mesa, AZ was arrested and charged with soliciting without a permit.

Windsor Drive: On April 2, Nathanael Fannin, 28, of Cleveland, OH was arrested and charged with soliciting without a permit. Officer Stewart Bragg said he’d run into Fannin on April 1 and he produced a permit that did not have his name on it so he was advised not to solicit until his name was on a permit. When he was arrested the second day he still did not have a permit, Bragg said.

Trevino Drive and Tara Cove: On March 29, Jeffrey Thomas Ahrens, 46, of St. Louis was arrested and charged with public intoxication after officer Jeremy Newlin, Sr. said he saw an elderly female walking on the walking path alongside Maumelle Boulevard and about 50 yards behind her was Ahrens. Newlin said he found Ahrens on Trevino Drive and he looked lost so he stopped and Ahrens said he was lost but had "a strong odor of intoxicants" and "glassy eyes." He told Newlin he was headed for his friend Michael Daly’s home whom he’d met in prison. Ahrens told police he had just gotten out of prison and had been wandering around with no place to stay for several days and later admitted Daly was not at home but still in prison and he intended to just walk in. The man was transported to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility with a court date.

Crystal Hill Road: On April 3, Walter Ratliff, III, 37, of Jacksonville was arrested and charged with failure to appear on a Maumelle warrant after an Arkansas State Trooper stopped him and discovered the warrant and called Maumelle to send someone to take him to Maumelle.

103 Alexandria: On March 31, Richard Leisman, 81, complained to police that his Polaroid Tablet computer had been stolen from his nightstand at the facility .

24 Masters Place: On April 2 , police were called about chasing a man out of their back yard who ran towards the 6th fairway maintenance shed at Maumelle Country Club and when they couldn’t catch him and possibly another man running with him, Dana Kellerman, 49 discovered the driver side door of her Saturn open but nothing missing. Police said they were able to lift finger prints from the Saturn and a nearby Chevrolet.

1000 Edgewood Drive: On March 26, Academics Plus Charter School reported the theft of a $3,500 AED Defibrillator and six WAVE basketballs worth $240. Basketball coach John Harrison told police he discovered the items missing when he returned from Spring Break. He said the defibrillator was a gift from Centennial Bank. Police said they could find no signs of forced entry.

1 Fairplay Way: On April 3, Maumelle Parks and Recreation officials notified police that two wooden park benches worth about $200 each had been stolen from the Rolling Oaks Soccer Field.

700 Edgewood Drive: On April 3, Greg Haydel, manager of the Tobacco Superstore told police a man entered the store and stole a $6.50 pack of cigarettes.He gave police video of the incident.


101 Pine Forest Drive: On March 28, Mary Mosley, 24, told police her 2010 Honda Insight was broken into and a $1,000 purple Sony Viao Laptop computer, $100 in cash, a DVD and TV combo laptop and $20 in crystals taken when she went to bed and left her car doors unlocked.

129 Mohawk Drive: On March 28, Melanie Diorio, 39, reported the theft of $1,500 in cash contained within two envelopes she said she kept in her jewelry box in her master bedroom closet. She told police two workers had been in her home earlier in the day.

139 Miramar Drive: On March 28, Cheri Porier, 53, told police that two fraudulent checks for $1,710 and $1,130 had been passed at Regions Bank on her account without her consent or knowledge. She said the checks didn’t match hers and her signature was also fraudulent on the two checks. She said Pay Pal had sent her an e-mail a few days earlier asking for her bank routing number and checking account number which she gave them.

101 Pine Forest Drive: On March 28, Martha Hardesty, 70, called 911 then hung up so police responded and she told them her unlocked 2007 Chrysler Sebring had been broken into and her house alarm remote had been taken from it. Police told her to contact her alarm company and to disable that alarm.


100 Union Court: On March 28, police were called to Gables Apartments regarding a large fight in front of a school bus around 6:13 p.m.Officer Justin Woods said he and other officer spoke to three men, one of which had blood on his shirt he said he didn’t know where it came from but told police his daughter had been "bullied at school" by three juveniles at Maumelle High School. The man, Andre Calloway, 37, of North Little Rock said he and his wife had gone to the apartment of the parent of one of the juveniles involved. But the Pulaski County Special School District bus driver, William Corbishley told police Calloway followed his bus to the apartments to confront several juveniles on the bus. He said when the juveniles got off the bus Calloway, Sammy Brown, 36, of North Little Rock and her daughter all started fighting. He said Calloway pushed one of the female juveniles to the ground so the girl got up and punched Calloway in the face, then he said Calloway punched her back in the face with a closed fist so Calloway "slung" the girl into the bushes and then her mother, Tina Hodges drove up and made her get in the car and drove away. All that were left continued to fight until police drove up, he said. All of those involved declined medical treatment although some had bloody noses, scratches to chests and elbows and arms and one even complained of an injury to her left leg. The girls were all between 15 and 17 police said. Officer Justin Woods said he gave the adults who didn’t live there lawful orders to not come back or they would be charged with trespass and told those involved if they wished to prosecute they’d have to press charges with Maumelle city attorney JaNan Davis.

20515 Arkansas Highway 365 North: On April 2 , the 25-year-old cashier at the Shell Super Stop told police an Hispanic male driving a cranberry Dodge Charger had been following her for about a month just watching her. She said he’s never gotten out of his car but just rolls his window about halfway down and watches her. She said she is scared by him.