Incidents reported to Maumelle police through May 29:


101 Olympia Drive: On May 24, Amber Bryant, 25, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with driving on a suspended driver’s license and failure to yield involving an accident, after police were called to the scene of an accident at Maumelle Boulevard and Edgewood Drive but found the vehicles moved to 101 Olympia Drive.

20515 Arkansas Highway 365 North: On May 24, Officer Scotty Bryant arrested Ronnie C. Spradlin, 39, of Russellville and charged him with possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of distributing it and possession of drug paraphernalia after Bryant said he spotted a Dodge Ram pickup truck backed into the rear of the parking lot and saw a man asleep in the front seat. When he awoke him and saw the drug paraphernalia in plain view Bryant said he asked and was given permission to search the vehicle where he found a piece of aluminum foil burnt in the middle from someone smoking off it and another piece of foil containing 0.6 grams of methamphetamine.

24 Masters Place: On May 24, officers responded to a 911 call from 24 Masters Place Drive where Barry Kellerman, Jr., 25, of 1 Birdie Loop Maumelle was involved in an alleged fight with his brother, Zack Kellerman. An unrealated victim said he attempted to break up the fight between Kellerman and his brother Zack Kellerman when the elder Kellereman allegedly started, "hitting him in the face." Kellerman said he pushed the victim but did not hit him and then asked the 18-year-old man to leave. City Attorney JaNan Davis, the prosecuting attorney within Maumelle, said based upon the evidence presented by Detective Laura Robinson, she didn't anticipate any charges being filed unless something more significant came up.***

100 Millwood Circle: On May 28, Steven W. Goodson, 43, of Perryville was arrested and charged with two counts of criminal contempt of court and one charge of failure to appear when he turned himself in on outstanding warrants.

2002 Murphy Drive: On May 28, Dorothy Conic, 63, of Little Rock was arrested when she turned herself in on an outstanding warrant for criminal contempt of court.

Maumelle Boulevard and Arkansas Highway 365 North: On May 29, Benny Arita, 22, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with DWI, refusal to submit, leaving the scene of an accident, obstructing governmental operations, careless and prohibitive driving, no driver’s license and no proof of liability insurance following an accident involving a 1998 Dodge Caravan that police found in the median on its side. The driver was gone but officer Gregory Roussie said he found him walking further down Maumelle Boulevard where he gave him a false name. He said the man failed field sobriety tests and refused to take a Breathalyzer test.


2 Oak Forest Lane: On May 27, Timothy and Heather Herode reported a burglary to police that occurred late that afternoon between 2:30 and 7 p.m. Police said entry was made through a rear door or rear window. Detectives were able to recover fingerprints they are checking against national database records. Items stolen included an IBM laptop, Wii game system with several games, $50 in cash, an Android tablet, DVD movies and a bank card. Police said they were canvassing neighbors who may have seen someone or a vehicle in the neighborhood at the time.

501 Valencia Drive: On May 28, residents of one of the apartments reported a burglary while they were away at work for the day. Coming home shortly after 2 p.m. the homeowner said the front door was closed but unlocked and numerous items were missing, including a Sony PlayStation 3 game system, an Xbox 360, connecting equipment and games for both systems along with an HP laptop computer. Police said they found no signs of forced entry.

100 Commercial Park Court: On May 28, Olivia Kemp, 35, told police her $450 bicycle was stolen from the breezeway between apartments. Police said the bike was unsecured at the time.

117 Audubon Drive: On May 23, Zach Barnett, 37, of Maumelle reported a $500 Kumho Tire and an Eagle Wheel stolen off the back of his 2007 Jeep Wrangler while the car was parked in the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market parking lot. Police said they found two lug nuts in the parking lot where the Jeep was parked at the time. Barnett, a Wal-Mart employee said would make the surveillance video available to police.

1 Club Manor Drive: On May 24, Carissa Estep, 21,of Fayetteville told police she’d parked her 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe in her driveway, left her purse in the vehicle and forgot to lock it. When she checked the next morning her purse and its contents were missing. Along with the purse, she reported her wallet, driver’s license, bank credit cards, a book of Arvest Bank Checks and $75 in cash stolen. Police said since she opened the doors of the vehicle prior to their arrival they were unable to obtain any fingerprints and they found no signs of forced entry.


17 Stoney Ridge Lane: On May 26, Robert Smith, 44, reported to police that someone had thrown a rock and shattered the front windshield on his 2010 Toyota Prius that was backed onto the driveway. Police said they found a landscape rock that had most likely broken the windshield that didn’t match any in the neighborhood. Smith told police he had no enemies but that he had just started dating a recently divorced woman.

112 Vienne Place: On May 23, Fred Peyton, a Maumelle real estate agent told police he managed this property for someone else and he discovered the $500 garage door damaged after someone apparently pried it open. He said he had leased the property to a woman who moved items into the garage but never paid rent so he had the locks changed. A rear window screen was also broken and the back door had also been damaged trough prying.

400 Pine Forest Drive: On May 23, Nita Melton, 45, of Maumelle, a teacher at Pine Forest Elementary School reported that her 2012 Chevrolet Traverse had been damaged while parked at the school. She said she found several round circular scratches on the front passenger side of her car. Detectives said the school has video surveillance of the incident.

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***This article has been corrected from its orignal version because of an error.