Incidents reported to Maumelle police through June 7:


Valencia Drive and Millwood Circle: On May 26, Anita Denise Hartsfield, 35, of Conway was arrested and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct after officers were called to the area on a report that a female was almost hit by a vehicle. Officer Johnathan Johnson said when he exited his vehicle and asked Hartsfield to stop, she told him, "I don’t know you. I’m not stopping." He said she admitted drinking a half bottle of wine and registered 0.26 blood alcohol count on a portable Breathalyzer test. Johnson said at police headquarters Hartsfield "became combative with officers" and tried to grab a pair of scissors off a desk as she was led by. While in a holding cell, Hartsfield injured herself by beating her forehead against the cell door. Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services was called to treat and evaluate her so she was taken by ambulance to Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock, Johnson said.

105 Summit Valley Circle: On May 29, Brian Counts, 37, of Maumelle was arrested on an outstanding warrant alleging failure to appear in court. Officer Jeremy Newlin, Sr.,said Counts was issued a criminal citation at police headquarters and released with a court date.

Arkansas State Highway 365 and Frontier Drive: On May 29, Duran Polk, 47, of Little Rock was arrested on an outstanding warrant alleging failure to appear in court. Sgt. Scotty Bryant said he saw Polk riding as a passenger on the back of a motorcycle facing in the wrong direction and when he stopped and checked their records, he discovered the outstanding Maumelle warrant for Polk’s arrest. He said Polk was issued a citation with a new court date and the motorcycle driver was issued a warning citation.

6 Winona Drive: On June 1, Shawn Thomas Davis, 28, was arrested at his driveway and charged with DWI, fleeing, resisting arrest, refusal to take a Breathalyzer test, obstructing governmental operations and careless and prohibitive driving after officer Casey J. Canady said he saw a black 2010 Ford F150 pickup westbound on Country Club Parkway with expired tags. Canady said the truck crossed the center lane, swerved erratically and wouldn’t stop despite activation of his blue lights and siren. Sgt. Scotty Bryant joined in the pursuit as they chased him north on Maumelle Boulevard, west on Audubon Drive, west on Millwood Circle then south on Blue Mountain Drive until he turned on his own street and stopped in his own driveway. Canady said he and Sgt. Bryant approached the vehicle where Davis had both arms sticking out the window but the doors were locked.. When Davis unlocked the doors, Canady said he "grabbed the subject by the wrist and pulled him from the vehicle using an arm bar to take him to the ground." Davis then rolled over on his back but had to force him on his stomach because he wouldn’t comply with their orders to turn over. Davis resisted further by hiding his arms under his body and officers were forced to "forcefully remove Mr. Davis’ hands out from under his chest. Canady said Davis told them he was just trying to get home and didn’t understand what he had done wrong. While doing an inventory of his vehicle, Canady said he found a Mason jar containing a liquid that smelled like intoxicants. Davis was failing a field sobriety test when he told officers he didn’t want to take it or a Breathalyzer test, Canady said. While processing in Maumelle police headquarters, Davis "emotions swung from anger to laughter" and was taken to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility, Canady said.

Maumelle Boulevard and Audubon Drive: On June 2, Robert Duke, 44, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with DWI, no seat belt, turning at intersections and refusal to take a Breathalyzer test. Officer Sterling Pruitt said he saw the vehicle make an abrupt turn off Maumelle Boulevard onto Audubon Drive crossing through the turn lane. When stopped Duke told Pruitt he had taken his seat belt off because he was going to Wal-Mart. Although records showed he had a valid Texas driver’s license, Duke gave officers an identification only card, Pruitt said. He also said Duke appeared "nervous and twitchy" and seemed uncoordinated, failed field sobriety tests and told Pruitt he had nothing to drink that day but had consumed Crown Royal the night before. Duke consented to two Breathalyzer tests but didn’t’ blow properly and the results were outside the accepted ranges, police said. Pruitt said that’s when Duke was charged with refusal to submit. Duke was transported to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility.

100 Millwood Circle: On June 4, Christopher Dwayne Harris was arrested when he turned himself in on an outstanding warrant alleging criminal contempt of court and was released with a new court date.

2002 Murphy Drive: On June 4, Kayla Renee Cole, 52, of Vilonia was arrested on an outstanding warrant alleging failure to appear in court after she turned herself in. She was held in custody for court that night.

2002 Murphy Drive: On June 4, Rebekah Joy Caringola, 31, of Maumelle was arrested on an outstanding warrant alleging aggravated assault on a family member when she turned herself in. The alleged victim was Jason L. Thompson, 36, of Romance, a Cheers employee. And police said a knife was used in what they called a "lover’s quarrel."

Maumelle Boulevard and Counts Massie Road: On June 6, Jonathon C. Bailey, 30, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with obstruction of governmental operations on an active warrant from North Little Rock. Officer Brock Waldo said he and officer Jeremy Newlin saw a white Dodge Ram pickup cross the center lane twice and stopped the vehicle at the McDonalds Store on Counts Massie Road. Police said they found a crack pipe and marijuana inside one passenger’s pants. Bailey gave police an incorrect name at first but later corrected it and police found the outstanding warrant from North Little Rock, Waldo said. A search of the vehicle also produced a single Alprazolam pill. He was transported to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility.

Maumelle Boulevard and Counts Massie Road: On June 6 during a related incident to the one above, Reginald Charles Avant, 53, of North Little Rock’s Marche Community was also arrested as the driver of the vehicle and charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, careless and prohibitive driving and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He was transported to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility.

147 Sancerre Drive: On June 6, Daniel Dale Maxell, 35, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with third degree domestic battering after police received several 911 hang up calls in which a female caller just gave police the address several times. His girlfriend said Maxell got home late and when they argued he tried to "physically force her out of the resident" they share. He tried several times, she said. Police said they found evidence of a mark where someone had grabbed her hand and a scrape on her left wrist. Maxell said his girlfriend struck him several times and threw water at him but they cold find no evidence of physical injuries.


21 Crystal Mountain Lane: On June 2, Shane Parker, 54, told police he noticed a GPS device was missing from his vehicle which he said was apparently left unlocked the night before.

426 Hyman Drive: On May 28, Joanie Smith, assistant director of Maumelle’s Department of Public Works reported to police that a city owned credit card used by department director Robert Cogdell had been stolen and fraudulent charges had been made at a Conway Office Depot. She said Cogdell last remembered using the card at Office Depot in Conway on Dec. 5, 2012. On Jan. 5, two fraudulent charges, one for $221.89 and another for $76.12 had been made with the card at the same Office Depot. Smith said she reported the charges to the issuer and canceled the card. The card was issued by Office Depot.

20514 Arkansas Highway 365 North: On June 2, Waffle House employee Brandi Alvey, 26, of North Little Rock reported the theft of food by three white males totaling $12.31. She said the three came into the restaurant, ordered food and when eating began to verbally harass other patrons. When they three referred to customers at a nearby booth as a racial epithet she said they were asked to leave the restaurant. The three left without paying for the food they ordered and consumed. Alvey told police the three men left in a 2000 blue and silver Chevrolet pickup truck and she provided police with its license number.

50 Prince Drive: On May 30, Margret and Glen Mangam told police a burglary occurred at their home. Margret said she saw a white male around 1 p.m. that afternoon walking in her back yard and as she attempted to make contact with him he left in a red Chevrolet Tracker with a back plastic window secured by tape. She said she was cleaning the house and had left doors and windows unlocked. That night she said her husband discovered a $1,100 Acer Ferrari One laptop computer missing from downstairs. She said the man was about five-foot-nine, stocky build, light hair and wearing a red shirt.

101 Pine Forest Drive: On May 28, Nathan Reed, 29, reported a $200 Latitude laptop stolen from his vehicle, a 2004 Infiniti G35 along with a black laptop bag, an Apple 80 gig iPod and a computer charger. Those items along with his Arkansas Department of Health employee identification badge were taken from his unlocked car the night before.


1 Fairplay Way: On May 30, Phillip Jones, a Maumelle Parks and Recreation employee reported to police that someone had driven onto the soccer fields doing extensive damage by doing "donuts" on the field and climbed atop a roof and tore the roof shingles off throwing them all over the field. He said the total damage amounted to $900 and included $500 damage to an awning, $200 to a PVC soccer field and $200 in field damage. Jones said the damage occurred on May 28.

1701 Club Manor Drive: On May 29, Medicine Shoppe pharmacist Casey Stephenson reported a fraudulent prescription that was called in to the business. He said he confirmed with the physician, Dr. Salman Hasmi that he did not write the script. The lady who called in the prescription alleging to be a member of Hasmi’s staff called back and attempted to transfer the prescription to an Elkin’s Pharmacy. Police said the fraudulent prescription was for Ambien, a sleep drug.