Overdose call leads to two arrests

On June 13, Tyler Andrew Dicus, 23, and David Jace Lee, 27, both of Maumelle were arrested at 1000 Union Court and charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance. Lee was also charged with possession of 4 ounces or less of marijuana.

According to Seargeant Scotty Bryant, officers were dispatched to 1000 Union Court No. 73 on a report of a possible drug overdose. Upon arrival, they were met at the door by the complainant, Maxine Dicus.

Ms. Dicus allowed the officers inside the residence where they saw Ms. Dicus’ son, Tyler Dicus, standing in the middle of the living room. Mr. Dicus appeared disheveled and was shaking, according to Bryant.

Police reports say Mr. Dicus turned aggressive toward his mother, which led to officers intervention to separate them. According to officers, Mr. Dicus appeared to have needle marks on the insides of both of his arms. Officers asked Mr. Dicus to have a seat, which he complied.

Officers said they noticed several needle caps and a syringe on the dining room table as well as the chair that Mr. Dicus was sitting in. Maumelle Fire Department and MEMS personnel arrived on the scene and attempted to treat Mr. Dicus, whom officers say was uncooperative, saying that he had not overdosed.

Police located a glass jar on the living room table that contained three different kinds of pills. When asked, police say Mr. Dicus said that the pills were Kolonepin, Hydrocodone and Xanax. MEMS personnel were eventually able to speak to Mr. Dicus and he allowed them to take his vitals. Mr. Dicus was cleared medically by MEMS and he said that he did not wish further medical treatment. Det. Chase Campbell arrived on the scene and observed some of the items.

Mr. Dicus was then taken into custody and officers asked for consent to search the residence. Mr. Dicus said that he had roommate, David Lee, that rented a room in the apartment, but officers were given consent to search the common dwelling area as well as Mr. Dicus’ bedroom. Officers said they found numerous syringes throughout the house as well as two burnt spoons with residue consistent with someone cooking narcotics on them. Officers said they also located a Sentry brand lockbox in the closet floor of Mr. Dicus’ bedroom.

Mr. Dicus gave consent for officers to open the lockbox in which they found a digital scale as well as three prescription bottles with no labels. Inside the pill bottles was a green residue that smelled of marijuana, according to police. Officers located a dugout inside the safe. Mr. Dicus said that most of the items belonged to his roommate, who was not home at the time.

At this time, Jennifer Darcy knocked on the door of the residence. Officers asked her what she was doing there. Dancy said that she was coming to stay with Mr. Dicus for the night. Dancy also said that she had witnessed narcotic use inside the apartment and that she had not participated, but had smoked marijuana in the residence. Dancy then received a text message on her phone from David Lee saying that he was coming to the residence and was bringing some "goodies," according to police.

Lee was located by officers walking through the parking lot. Police say they witnessed Lee grab a black shirt from beneath a bush. As Lee was walking beside the apartment building, officers confronted him and he threw down a shirt he was holding, police said.

Officers asked for consent to do a pat down search of Lee and he consented. In Lee’s front pocket officers said an item consistent with a syringe was felt. Lee gave consent to have his pocket search, saying that there was a "rig" in the pocket. Officers say they found a syringe in the pocket. In the shirt Lee had pulled from the bush, a glass jar containing 9.5 Clonazepam and .5 Xanax were found, according to police. In Lee’s room, police said they found 12 syringes with residue, five torn plastic baggies, five spoons with residue, one glass pipe with residue and one joint roller. Police said they found a plastic bag containing 4.1 grams of marijuana in Lee’s shoe.

Lee was taken into custody. Mr. Dicus was transported to Maumelle Police Department where he was processed. After being interviewed, both Lee and Mr. Dicus were transported to Pulaski County Regional Jail to be held until they could see a judge on June 15.

Police say that they were given consent to check with Mr. Dicus’ phone and there was alleged talk of narcotic transaction on it. The phone was seized as evidence and placed in the evidence locker.

Incidents reported to the Maumelle Police Department though June 19:


501 Valencia Drive: On June 6, Sergeant Dustin Ivey and officer Newlin responded to the Woodbend Apartments near the G Building due to a woman laying on the ground in the parking lot. Upon arrival, they located the woman who was passed out with her head up against the tire of a vehicle. The officers said they had to shake the woman and yell at her to wake her up. The woman, Kimberly Uekman, said that she had drunk one beer earlier in the evening. She had very low speech and her eyes were extremely bloodshot, according to officers. Uekman could not remember where she was going to and where she was coming from, police said. Uekman then saw a vehicle pull in the parking lot that was occupied by a black female. Uekman identified that subject as her boyfriend Debo. It was determined that the woman was not her boyfriend. Uekman then said she was there to see Marilyn, but officers could not determine who that was. Uekman later said that she had drunk three beers throughout the evening. Uekman also said that she drove her Chevrolet truck to the apartments, which officers could not locate. Uekman was arrested for public intoxication and placed in handcuffs. A search of her person produced a set of keys to a van that belonged to Amanda Rogers who resided at Woodbend. Ivey contacted Rogers who stated that she did not know Uekman very well and she did not know why she had her keys. Rogers then said Uekman had been at Mary Paul’s residence at Woodbend. Ivey spoke with Paul who said that she would not allow Uekman in her apartment due to her level of intoxication. Paul then said Uekman had been beating on her door several times during the evening. The car keys were returned to Rogers and Uekman was brought to the police department by Officer Newlin. While at the police department, Uekman said "I haven’t drank like this since 1996." Uekman was taken to the Pulaski County Jail by Officer Newlin.

14000 Maumelle Boulevard at 1144 Arnold Palmer Drive: On June 14, Nicholas Alexander Kellar, 19, of Little Rock, was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance and careless and prohibited driving. Officer Justin Woods of the Maumelle Police Department said he was on patrol when he saw a black Pontiac Sunfire traveling south on State Highway 100, drifting over the fog line near the intersection with Odom Boulevard south. Woods said he then saw the vehicle cross the center line between Odom Boulevard and Country Club Parkway. Woods then stopped the vehicle at State Highway 100 and Arnold Palmer Drive. Woods made contact with Necholas Kellar, the driver, who said he was leaving a friend’s apartment. When asked where the apartment complex was located, he could not tell Woods nor could he say the name of the apartment complex. While speaking with Kellar, Woods asked him if he had ever been in trouble with law enforcement before and he said "nowhere around here." When asked where he had been in trouble and what for, Kellar said he was arrested in Conway for public intoxication. A check showed that Kellar had been arrested on two separate occasions, both for possession of a controlled substance in Conway. Kellar stated he thought that was off his record. Woods then asked Kellar for consent to search his vehicle, which he gave, according to Woods. While searching Woods said he could smell an odor of burnt marijuana. While searching the vehicle, Woods noticed the buttons to roll down windows appeared tampered with. After lifting a piece of the trim off the center console, Woods said he found a compartment that contained a black Oakley sunglasses bag, inside of which he found a piece of aluminum foil that contained three white pills believed to be Xanax. Woods then placed Kellar under arrest. Kellar said that he did not know that the pills were in his vehicle and they did not belong to him. Officer Newlin searched Kellar and placed him in the back of his patrol car. Kellar was taken to Maumelle Police Department for processing. Once Kellar said the pills belonged to him, he was processed and released with a court date of July 16.

22002 Murphy Drive: On June 15, James Joran of Jacksonville was arrested and charged with failure to appear.

101 Carnahan Drive at 1701 Club Manor Drive: On June 15, Officer Sterling Pruitt was dispatched to a panhandler at Exxon on Carnahan Drive. The subject was described as a white male with dark hair, dark shirt, jeans and singing to himself. As Pruitt checked the area, he was informed by the manager at Sonic that the man had been in the area and also lived in the woods near the intersection of Carnahan Drive and Club Manor Drive. Pruitt then saw the man in the building under construction at the intersection. As Pruitt approached in his vehicle, the man saw him and began to walk away. Pruitt was unable to locate the subject. Pruitt was approached by an employee of Burger Fix, a business next to the construction site, who said that someone had just walked into their bathroom. Pruitt located the man, identified as John Harris, in the bathroom. Harris smelled heavily of intoxication and had slurred speech, requiring Pruitt to hold his arm while escorting him out of the business due to his inability to walk straight. He was taken into custody for public intoxication. Pruitt and Officer Newlin searched the wooded area where Harris allegedly lived. Harris confirmed he had been living in the woods because his mother kicked him out. Harris was taken to the police department by Newlin, where he was processed and sent to Pulaski County Jail.

100 Millwood Circle: On June 18, David Robert Gier was arrested for failure to appear.

100 Millwood Circle: On June 19, Charlotte Marie Dedmon was arrested for criminal contempt.


110 Commons Drive: On June 13, Betty Norris, 62, reported that she had some items stolen from her car on June 11 while she was at Kroger. Norris said she had a prescription bottle of Adderall taken from her vehicle. She said that she had her prescription filled earlier that afternoon. She also said that a book containing her credit card receipts and a bottle of Potassium Chloride were also taken from the vehicle. Norris said that she arrived at Kroger around 6 p.m. and was only in the store 10 to 15 minutes. When she came back out to her vehicle, she noticed that her door was slightly opened.

100 Audubon Drive: On June 14 at approximately 11:38 a.m., officer Casey Canady was dispatched to Audubon Pointe Apartments on a report of a possibly stolen trailer. Upon arrival, Canady made contact with the owner of the trailer, Gary Horton. Horton said that his trailer, which he uses to haul his motorized wheel chair, was missing. He said that he last saw the trailer on June 8, when it was parked on the north side of the building. Horton said that he noticed it missing at around 11:30 a.m. on June 14. Horton described the trailer as being mostly black in color, with primer color on the back part of the trailer. Horton said that there was a lift gate on the back of the trailer and a plastic toolbox mounted on the floor of the trailer. Horton also said that the trailer had a wooden floor in it. Horton estimated the value of the trailer to be $750. Horton was unable to provide a license plate number for the trailer.

103 Alexandria Drive: On June 15, Officer Jeremy Newlin Sr. was dispatched to The Lakes of Maumelle Health and Rehab on a report of stolen pills. Upon Newlin’s arrival, he made contact with Jennifer Lynn Davis, the director of nursing. Davis said that at approximately 10:30 p.m. on June 14 the medicine cart was inventoried and had the correct medicines present and then at 10:10 p.m. p.m. on June 15, the cart was missing 20 Hydrocodone pills when it was inventoried. Davis said all of the nurses have access to the medicine cart via a key and any one of them could have stolen the pills. Davis said the building does not have surveillance cameras. Davis said estimated the pills’ value to be $200. Davis said she was planning to drug test the nurses.


20514 Highway 365 North: On June 14, officers were dispatched to the Waffle House in regards to a report of terroristic threatening. Upon arrival, Officer Justin Woods spoke to Bryant Smith who said two white males came into the Waffle House to eat. Smith said one of the men was not wearing a shirt, so he asked him to leave the store. Smith said the man then left without incident. Smith said after the man to leave another man became upset with him and told him that he was being mean. Smith said the suspect told him that he would come back to Waffle House and wait for Smith to get off work and shoot him. Smith said the suspect left the restaurant and got into an older white vehicle with an Arkansas license plate number of 165 LBA. The license plate given returned to a 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass out of Dewitt. Smith said he did not know the suspect, but described him as an older white male with gray hair and no teeth. Smith said he believed the suspect was under the influence of narcotics. Officers canvassed the area, but could not locate the suspect vehicle.

Maumelle Boulevard: On June 14, Officer Gregory Roberts located an abandoned Ford Focus at State Highway 100 Northbound near Counts Masse Road. The vehicle was slightly blocking the roadway on the inside lane, creating a hazard. I inspected the vehicle and found that the right rear tire of the vehicle was missing. At that time Roberts engaged his directional lighting on his patrol car to war other motorists of the hazard. Officer Casey Canady unsuccessfully attempted to locate the owner of the vehicle, Lori Melissa Parker. Roberts had the vehicle towed by Blue Hill Towing service to clear the roadway. The Little Rock Police Department attempted to make contact with the registered owner at their residence; however, they were told the subject had moved.

1100 Edgewood Drive: On June 17 Officer Gregory Roussie was dispatched to a tunnel behind the community center concerning a report of vandalism. Upon arrival, Roussie saw several symbols and words spray painted along the inside wall of the tunnel with black paint. The symbols and words written were a swastika, "KKK," "CK 1," "F*CK LIFE," "666," "B*TCH," and a drawing of female breasts and a penis.