Incidents reported to the Maumelle Police Department through June 24:


1000 Country Club Parkway: On June 7, Clint Alan Sherman, 19, of Jacksonville and Destiny Michelle Neeley, 19, of Sherwood were arrested and charged with possession of less than 4 ounces of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Officers were patrolling Country Club Parkway at 12:36 p.m. when they came upon a blue Chevrolet 1500 parked in the softball parking lot with its headlights off. When officers entered the parking lot, the headlights came on and the vehicle appeared to be driving toward the parking lot’s exit. Officers stopped the vehicle, making contact with the driver, Destiny Neeley, and Clint Sherman. Officers asked Neeley what the pair were doing in the parking lot. Neeley said she had a verbal altercation with her roommate and was driving around, finding a place to park to clear her head. Sherman said he was staying with Neeley at the Links Apartments in North Little Rock. After running Sherman through ACIC/NCIC, dispatch told the officers that he had a history of drug arrests. Officers asked Neeley for consent to search the vehicle, which they said Neeley gave. Officer Brock Waldo searched the vehicle and found a multi-colored money bag containing marijuana and a pink and black glass marijuana pipe under the vehicle’s center console, according to police reports. When asked who owned the marijuana and pipe found in the car, Neeley said she did, according to police reports. While Sherman was exiting the vehicle, Officer Justin Woods said he heard something fall on the ground, a lighter, which Sherman quickly picked up. Woods asked Sherman if he had weapons in his pocket, which Sherman replied no, putting his hand in his front-left pocket, according to reports. Sherman gave consent for a pat down, saying that he had a "pipe" in his front-left pants pocket, according to reports. When asked what sort of pipe, Sherman said a pipe used to smoke marijuana, officers said. Woods found the multi-colored glass pipe, which he said had partially smoked marijuana in the end. Woods then found a small bag of marijuana in Sherman’s front-left pants pocket as well. Sherman and Neeley were then placed under arrest and transported to Maumelle Police Department where the pipes and marijuana were logged into evidence and the pair was released with a citation and court dates.

100 Lake Willastein Drive: On June 14, Michael Brooks Harris, 18, of Maumelle, Eric Swilley, 18, of El Dorado and Clint Witherington, 19, of Conway were arrested at 100 Willastein Drive. Officers Jeremy Newlin, Justin Woods and Brock Waldo were dispatched to the area of Lily Drive on a report of three white males possibly breaking into cars. Woods and Waldo went to Lily Drive while Newlin went to Lake Willastein in case the males fled through the park. Upon his arrival, Newlin encountered Witherington, Swilley and Harris standing next to a black 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser with the passenger and driver side doors open. Newlin pulled into the parking lot in order t make contact. As he walked, he noticed a clear plastic bag containing a green substance in plain view underneath the vehicle. The men began entering the vehicle in order to leave as Newlin approached. Newlin said that the doors locked as he made contact with the men. Newlin stopped the three from leaving, having them get out of the vehicle and sit on the curb. Newlin said he smelled marijuana coming from the men and the vehicle. Newlin handcuffed Willey and Harris because he only had two pairs of handcuffs. On the ground next to the passenger side of the door were tobacco shavings, according to reports. Woods and Waldo arrived and handcuffed Witherington. The bag under the Toyota contained 4.5 grams of marijuana, of which none of the men claimed, so all three were placed under arrest. Waldo searched Swilley, finding a black and gray marijuana pipe and rolling papers. Woods searched Harris finding gray digital scales labeled Hornady in his front right pants pocket. Woods also searched Witherington finding a marijuana blunt weighing 0.9 grams in his front-right pants pocket. While searching the three the passenger side of the Toyota was closed, with Witherington saying that the keys to the vehicle were locked in. Waldo used a lock out kit to unlock the driver’s side door and performed a probable cause search with Newlin. In the center console was a pack of Newport cigarettes in which officers say they found a clear plastic wrapper containing 2 grams of marijuana. Waldo located a gray metal grinder with marijuana residue in the pocket located at the back of the front passengers seat, according to reports. Witherington said he was aware the grinder was there, but it belonged to a friend, according to reports. Marijuana shake was in the rear floorboard, according to officers. Parked approximately 50 yards from the Toyota was Swilley’s black 2000 Dodge Dakota. Officers said Swilley gave consent to search the vehicle. Woods searched the Doge, finding a multi-colored glass pipe containing marijuana residue, a partially smoked marijuana joint and a loaded single-action revolver chambered for .22 long rifle with black grips and serial number 189793, according to reports. The revolver was rusty and had "Germany" engraved on it. Both vehicles were locked and secured. The three men were taken to the Maumelle Police Department. At the department, Witherington said the marijuana from under the Toyota belonged to all of them, though Harris and Swilley denied ownership. Witherington also said that the marijuana found in the cigarette pack was his. Waldo found a round yellow pill marked "V" on one side and 2683 on the other in Harris’ wallet, according to reports. During an interview Harris said that he had gone to the Clarion Hotel parking lot in Hot Springs to meet someone and purchase marijuana. Harris said that Witherington, Swilley and himself purchased two varieties of marijuana totaling approximately 6 grams for $100, according to reports. Harris also said he had grabbed one bag of the marijuana from the cup holder and threw it under the vehicle when officers approached them at Lake Willastein. Harris said the pills were a partial Klonapin and a Valium that was prescribed to him, but he did not carry them in a prescribed bottle. Harris was charged with possession of schedule VI with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of less than 4 ounces of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and misbranded drug or device. Witherington was charged with possession of 4 ounces or less of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of schedule VI with intent to distribute. Swilley was charged with possession of less than 4 ounces of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The marijuana, pipes, joint, blunt, scales and metal grinder were logged into evidence. The revolver was logged into property for safekeeping. Newlin destroyed the rolling papers.

1 Crown Mountain Court at 1128 Arnold Palmer Drive: Terry Wayne Hubbard, 52, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with possessing less than 4 ounces of marijuana, driving on a suspended drivers license, improper use of evidences of registration, failure to register by transferee, defective/no brake lights or signal and possession of schedule VI controlled substance. On June 15, Officer Casey Canady was on a routine patrol when he saw a vehicle traveling northbound on Highway 100 that appeared to have no brake lights. Canaday said he saw the vehicle get into the turn lane to turn west onto Arnold Palmer Drive. As the vehicle slowed and stopped to make the turn, Canaday confirmed that it did not have functional brake lights. Canady caught up to the vehicle as it turned onto Leeward Court. Canady saw that vehicle was a dark red Cadillac with four doors. The Cadillac pulled into a driveway on Leeward Court, where Canady drove by to get the license plate number. An ACIC check showed the license plate belonged to a Ford Escort registered to Terry Hubbard that was reported stolen out of Little Rock. Canady asked dispatch to confirm the ACIC return of the plate. Canady saw the Cadillac turn north onto Crown Mountain Court and he followed, initiating a traffic stop. As he initiated the stop, the driver opened the door to the vehicle and began to exit. Canady made contact with the driver and asked him to walk toward the back of his vehicle. When he got there, Canady asked for his name and he said it was Terry Hubbard. When asked for consent to pat him down, Hubbard gave it, according to reports. Hubbard was able to produce an Arkansas ID. Officer Gregory Roberts arrived at the scene at this time. Upon doing an ACIC check, Hubbard’s drivers license was found to be suspended. Canady also did a VIN check that showed the Cadillac belonged to Willie Shaw of Little Rock. Canady said he saw a plastic baggy with a green, leafy substance in the driver’s seat. When asked what was in the baggy, Hubbard said marijuana, according to reports. Hubbard was then taken into custody for driving on a suspended drivers license and possession of marijuana. Roberts and Canady inventoried the vehicle for tow. While conducting the inventory, Roberts found a blunt in the ashtray containing a substance that resembled marijuana. Upon doing inventory of the trunk, officers said they smelled the odor of marijuana. Upon further inspection, Roberts found a brown paper sack containing two plastic baggies filled with a green, leafy substance that looked like marijuana. When asked about the baggies, Hubbard repeatedly said, "I smoke weed." Hubbard also said he bought approximately 2 ounces of marijuana as a Father’s Day present. Officers were unable to locate any paper work that would have proven that Hubbard was the owner of the Cadillac. The license plate was displayed belonged to Hubbard. Hubbard told officers that he had recovered the white Ford Escort, but did not notify police. He said he bought the Cadillac from Willie Shaw and put the license plate on it. Hubbard was taken to the Maumelle Police Department for processing. Upon a field test the baggies were confirmed to hold marijuana, totaling 65.6 grams. The two baggies in the paper sack weight 28 grams each while the blunt weighed 1.3 grams and the baggy found in the front seat weighted 7 grams.

4 Village Way: On June 19, Dylan Nathan Poff, 31, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, speeding, driving on a suspended license, failure to present proof of insurance and possession of a firearm by certain persons. While conducting a patrol on Country Club Parkway, Officer Gregory Roberts saw a black Mitsubishi SUV traveling eastbound at a high rate of speed. Roberts locked the vehicle at 44 miles per hour on his radar as it drove through the 30 MPH zone. Roberts engaged his emergency lights to make a traffic stop and the vehicle turned off Country Club Parkway and pulled into the driveway of 4 Village Way. Roberts made contact with the driver, Poff, and told him the reason for the stop. Poff asked Roberts not to tow his vehicle since it was at his house. Poff said that he had a suspended drivers license for DWI. An ACIC check showed Poff to have a suspended license. Poff was unable to provide proof of insurance at the time of the stop as well. Roberts asked for consent to search the vehicle, which Poff gave, according to police reports. While conducting the search, Roberts said he found a hypodermic needle hidden under the front drivers seat of the vehicle. Poff’s mother, Carol Jauch, came out of the residence and said she did not want Roberts searching her vehicle, as she was the registered owner. However, Roberts continued his search due to probably cause already located. Jauch was allowed into the vehicle, under Roberts’ supervision, to collect some required paperwork for the traffic stop. Jauch said if Roberts did find anything, it probably belonged to her diabetic brother. Poff was arrested and taken to the Maumelle Police Department; the vehicle was left at the scene.

2002 Murphy Drive: On June 19, Gerald Moon, 56, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with violation of Omnibus DWI Act and refusal to submit. At approximately 5:57 p.m. officers were dispatched to the area of Stoneledge Drive and Woodland Drive on a report of a white van and silver SUV chasing each other around the neighborhood. Before officers could respond, Maumelle Police Department dispatch said that the two vehicles that were possibly involved in the incident had just pulled into the department’s parking lot. Officer Clifton McClintock walked outside to make contact with the drivers, when Moon got into a white van and began to leave. McClintock flagged him down and Moon began yelling at the other driver, Rose Thomas, to get into her vehicle and leave. Moon then accelerate4d throu8gh the parking lot at a high rate of speed, McClintock said. McClintock said Moon turned quickly onto Union Court without slowing and continued toward Murphy Drive. Officer Scotty Bryant traveled up Odom North when several cars flagged him and pointed down Emerald Drive, saying a white van was driving erratically in that direction. Once on Emerald, another passerby pointed down Zircon Drive and said the white van went that way. Bryant made found Moon on Zircon Cv. As Bryant pulled up, Moon was getting out of the van. Bryant said Moon was slow and deliberate in his movements. Bryant asked Moon to place his hands on the police car so he could perform a pat down, but Moon continued to walk by. Upon a second command, Moon complied, according to reports. When performing the pat down, Bryant said he smelled intoxicants and that Moon was sweating profusely. Bryant asked Moon what he was doing and Moon replied that that he was there to see his girlfriend. When asked his girlfriend’s name, Moon said "State Police." When asked again, Moon repeated "State Police." When asked if he had been drinking, Moon said he hadn’t. When asked to perform a sobriety test, Moon said no, stating he wanted to speak to his lawyer. Due t Moon’s answers and actions, Bryant placed him under arrest for DWI. No intoxicants were found inside the van, but the officer did find to dogs, which were turned over to Maumelle Animal Control. The van was towed from the scene.

127 Audubon Drive Apartment A: Matthew Landon Berryman, 21, of Bryant was arrested and charged with violation of Omnibus DWI Act and careless and prohibited driving. On June 22, officers were dispatched to 127 Audubon Drive Apartment A, in reference to a vehicle accident. Upon arrival officers made contact with Matthew Berryman. Berryman said that he was traveling south on Highway 100 near Towne Center in the outside lane when a tan Nissan ran him off the road. Berryman said the vehicle caused him to hit the curb on both sides of Highway 100, causing damage to the front wheels on the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. The estimated damages, to both the front tires and rims of the vehicle are $900. Officers said they notice the presence of intoxicants on Berryman, so sobriety tests were conducted, which he failed. Berryman said he wanted a test done at his own expense and was advised he could have the test done at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. Berryman’s vehicle was towed.

20704 Highway 365 North: Eric William Moulton, 21, of Hopkinton, N.H., was arrested and charged June 24 for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of 4 ounces or less of marijuana. Officers were dispatched to 20704 Highway 365 in regards to a dog that was locked in a closed vehicle when it was 95 degrees outside. Upon arrival, officers saw a blue Toyota Camry with a black dog in the front seat. Officers made contact with Megan Wasserman, the owner of the vehicle. Officers also made contact with Wasserman’s boyfriend, Moulton. Officers told Wasserman she was not to leave her dog in the car without it being properly cooled. Officer John Thomas arrived on the scene a short time later. When Thomas walked up to the vehicle, he said he smelled marijuana. Thomas then conducted a probably cause search of the vehicle. Thomas found five roaches in a ceramic container, a multi-colored pipe, grinder, one-hitter lighter and rolling papers, according to reports. While talking to Moulton, he kept reaching into his pants pockets repeatedly, which prompted Officer Brock Waldo to ask if he had any weapons in his pockets. Moulton said "no" and on a pat down and a cigarette package containing six rolled joints was found, according to reports. Moulton was arrested and taken into custody and transported to Maumelle Police Department where he was cited and released. Wasserman was released with no charges filed.

100 Millwood Circle: On June 25, Nichelle Dunwood, 44, of North Little Rock was arrested for failure to appear.


1801 Club Manor Drive: On June 18 Officer Johnathan Johnson was dispatched to 1801 Club Manor Drive in reference to counterfeit currency. Upon arrival he met with Cincy Cecil. Cecil said that on June 12 at approximately 4 p.m., Rose Roswell paid on her account with two $10 bills and one $5 bill. Cecil said on June 13 she tried depositing the money at US Bank in North Little Rock but was told by bank personnel that one of the 10-dollar bills was counterfeit.

12 Holly Brook Cove: On June 21 Corporal Clifton McClintock was dispatched to 12 Holly Brook Cove in reference to criminal mischief. Upon arrival he made contact with the victim, Marilee Taylor, who said that she heard two loud pops coming from the kitchen window. She said she went outside and found damage. She said that she did not see anyone outside, so she contacted Maumelle Police Department. McClintock saw damage consistent with being shot with a BB gun. He also saw a BB stuck between the panes of glass.

10 Southland Court: On June 23, Officer Johnathan Johnson was dispatched to 10 Southland Court in reference to a residential burglary. Upon arrival officers made contact with Bambi Parks outside of the residence in the front yard. Parks said when she returned home at approximately 3:30 p.m., she noticed the window screen missing from the side window of her residence and a cigarette on the ground in front of the window. Parks states no one entered the residence and the window was still secure. Parks said she found the screen in her neighbors yard.

210 Commerce Drive: On June 24, Sergeant John Thomas met with Kate Dow at the Maumelle Police Department in reference to a forgery. Dow said her vehicle was broken into in North Little Rock and her check book was stolen. Dow said that Arvest Bank notified her of a check written on her account in the amount of $1,800 for Danielle Dirks. Dow said the check number 2286 was one of the checks stolen from her vehicle. The check was cashed at Arvest Bank in Maumelle on June 10.


118 Miramar Drive: On June 20 Officer Casey Canady was sent to 118 Miramar Drive on a possible stolen property report. Upon arrival he met Hylan Pickett. Pickett said that in February she hired Sherry Yancey of Picture Perfect Cleaning to clean her house. Pickett said that Yancey cleaned the house every two weeks on Tuesday. She said Yancey came to her residence on June 13 unannounced. Pickett said that Yancey used her copy of the house key to enter the residence without permission. After Yancey left the residence, Pickett noticed that a bottle of Hydrocodone pills was missing. Pickett described Yancey as a white female in her early to mid 30s. On June 21, Canady spoke to Pickett’s husband, Joseph Pickett, who is an investigator with the Arkansas State Police. Mr. Pickett said he had video footage of Yancey saying that she was in the residence on days she wasn’t supposed to be there. Mr. Pickett brought a copy of the video to Maumelle Police Department where it was entered into evidence.

42 Oakridge Drive: On June 22 at approximately 7:56 p.m. officers were dispatched to 42 Oakridge Drive in reference to a residential burglary. Upon arrival officers made contact with Margie Williams. Williams said she was unloading groceries from her vehicle when she saw the front door of her residence had been kicked in. Officers secured the residence and CID was notified. Officer Andrew Garber saw a shoe or boot print near the bottom of the front door. He also saw the door jam and molding was broken and several pieces of wood were laying on the living room floor. Williams said she left for work at 8:25 a.m. and returned home at 7:45 p.m. Williams said a Panasonic DVE player and a pink Sprint cell phone had been taken from the living room and a 20-inch Sharp television was taken from the master bedroom. Williams said she has not had any problems with neighbors or family members, so she didn’t know who could have done it.

148 Lake Valley Drive: On June 24, officers were dispatched to 148 Lake Valley Drive in regards to a report of a breaking and entering. Upon arrival, officers made contact with Daren Sweat in regards to his Chevrolet Tahoe. He said it was entered the previous night between 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Sweat said he believes he left his vehicle unlocked the previous night. Officers observed no signs of forced entry. Sweat said when entering his vehicle the following morning, he noticed his center console was open. Sweat said a Merchant and Planter check book and an IPOD were missing out of his center console. Mr. Sweat was unable to provide check numbers at the time of the report and has contact his bank in regards to the stolen check book. Sweat said he also had $10 of change in his ashtray that was missing. Sweat told officers that on June 23 at around 7 p.m. he noticed a suspicious black male walking through the neighborhood whom he did not recognize. Sweat said the man appeared to be selling papers, but was not going to every house, which raised his suspicion. Sweat then said he left his residence at 8 p.m. and saw the man was still in the neighborhood. Sweat returned at 10 p.m. and did not see the man.

138 Breckenridge Lane: On June 24 officers were at a breaking and entering call at 148 Lake Valley Drive when officers were flagged down. Officers made contact with Maribel Carmona-Perez and Benjamin Martin located at 138 Breckenridge Lane. Perez said someone entered her Volvo S40 sometime the previous night. Perez said there was approximately $7 in change that was missing from the vehicle’s center console. Perez did not know of any suspects. Martin said someone broke into his Toyota pickup sometime the previous night as well. Martin said he was missing $4 in change that was located in his center console. Martin said he did not know of any suspects.

251 Summit Valley Circle: On June 24 officers were dispatched to 251 Summer Valley Circle in reference to a residential burglary. Upon arrival, officers made contact with Preston Polson. Polson said someone entered into his garage and took several items. Polson said someone entered into a safe the he kept in the garage and took a Tanzanite ring, which is white gold with a blue stone in the middle, that was kept in a blue box and four passports that were kept in a yellow box. Polson said these items were stored on the top right shelf of the safe. Polson said someone entered into his wife’s vehicle that was parked in the garage. The vehicle’s compartments were rummaged through but nothing was taken. Polson said a burgundy HP laptop was taken from the garage. Polson could not provide a serial number for the laptop . Polson said the garage door was close. Officers tried to lift prints from the safe with negative results.

111 Breckenridge Lane: On June 24, Officer Johnathan Johnson was dispatched to 111 Breckenridge Lane in reference to a breaking and entering. Upon arrival, he made contact with Adam Belcher. Belcher said his wife’s vehicle was broken into and several items were stolen. Belcher stated that one pair of Oakley sunglasses and a silver GPS was taken from the center console. Belcher said that CDs in the driver’s side door and a silver purse that was in the trunk was also taken. Belcher said the purse contained a single blank Arvest Bank check. Belcher said all the stolen items belonged to his wife, April Belcher. Belcher said he returned home on June 23 at approximately 10 p.m. and may have forgotten to secure the door on the vehicle.

123 Breckenridge Lane: On June 24, Sergeant John Thomas met with Andrew Karrer at the Maumelle Police Department in reference to a theft. Karrer said that on June 23 at 6:30 p.m. he parked his v3ehicle in the garage of the residence at 123 Breckenridge Lane. He said that the garage was left open and when he returned to his vehicle at 7:30 a.m., he realized someone had entered his vehicle and took an I-Pad 3 from his flight bag that was located in the rear seat. He also said that a sunglass case was taken.

100 Millwood Circle: On June 26 Corporal Clifton McClintock was dispatched to Maumelle District Court in reference to a theft. Upon arrival he made contact with Court Clerk Michelle Daniel. Daniel said that at the end of her shift on June 25 she discovered the payment box was $20 short. She said that she found the payment box to be short about $100 on June 26.