100 Maumelle Circle: On June 11, David Wayne Irby, 22, of Conway was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

Cock of the Walk Drive: On June 26, Jamare L. Bennett, 35, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with two counts of possession of firearm by certain persons and no tail lamps and reflectors. Officer Sterlin D. Pruitt was on patrol when he saw a white Lincoln sedan without a functioning license plate light pass him as he travelled southbound on Highway 100, while stopped at Arnold Palmer Drive. Pruitt stopped the car at Cock of the Walk Drive and Highway 100. Pruitt made contact with Bennett, who he said seemed nervous. Bennett said he was going to Olive Garden in Little Rock to get food. Bennett also said that he did not have valid insurance on the vehicle. Due to his statements and nervous demeanor, Pruitt asked Bennett to step to the back of the vehicle, according to police reports. Pruitt said Bennett then gave consent for the vehicle to be searched, Pruitt said. During the search, Pruitt said Bennett became increasingly nervous and said to Sargeant Dustin Ivey that there was a gun in the vehicle, saying it was in a briefcase in the rear of the vehicle, according to reports. Pruitt found the gun, a silver and black Taurus .45 handgun, in a black bag in the backseat behind the driver. The gun contained a loaded magazine and 10 rounds. Pruitt also located an empty magazine belonging to the gun in the center console of the vehicle. It was confirmed through ACIC that Bennett was a felon due to a prior first degree battery conviction. Bennett was taken into custody and read his Miranda Warning by Ivey. Bennett said the gun was for protection and he believed his past conviction was expunged. He was taken to the department by Officer Canady. At the deprtment, Bennett said he hd been hunting recently because he was unaware of the conviction still being on his record, saying that he owned a .30-06 rifle that was in his apartment. Bennett gave written consent to search his apartment. Bennett was transported to his apartment where Ivey, Canady and Pruitt conductd a search for the rifle. The rifle, a Winchester brown and black bolt-action rifle with a Simmons scope, was found in a bag in the closet of the bedroom. A bag of seven rounds of .30-06 ammo was also found. The rifle was not loaded. An empty pistol magazine was found beside the bed and a box of .22LR ammo containing 39 rounds was loacated in a cabinet in the bathroom. Bennett denied ownership of a .22 weapon. The rifle and ammunition were transported to the department by Ivey where it was secured along with the rest of the property. Bennett was released with a court date.

100 Millwod Circle: On June 28, Sarah Hymes, 27, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with failure to appear.

2002 Murphy Drive: On June 30, Gregory Mack, 33, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 1, Rod Enrique Contreras, 49, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.


20710 Highway 365 North: On June 27, Corporal Clifton McClintock was dispatched to Lake Liquor in reference to a hot check and fraudulent check. Upon arrival, he made contact with Karyn Watkins who said the business had received two checks back from the bank. The first check was received on May 22 from Damilla Jackson and is shown to be issued from Regions Bank. The account was not located because the check contains a fraudulent account number. The second check was received May 24 from Felicia Jackson and was shown to be written on a closed account.


5 Hightrail Cove: On June 28, Corporal Clifton McClintock was dispatched in reference to the theft of a license plate. Upon arrival, he made contact with the complaintant, Randy Dees, who said that someon had stolen the license plate from his 1999 Mitsubishi 300 GT. Dees said that he believed the plate was there on June 27 when he returned home. Dee said he works for Kroger on Shackelford Drive in Little Rock and that the tag may have been taken from there. The license plate number is AR-534KAI.

4 Southland Court: On June 28, officers were dispatched to 4 Southland Court in regards to a residential burglary that had already occured. Upon arrival Officer Justin Woods spoke with Penny Harrington, who said she returned home at approximately 6:30 p.m. and noticed her TV was missing. Harrington said she left her home at 8 a.m. and noticed nothing out of place. Harrington said her mother who lives with her left the residence at 9:30 a.m. and noticed nothing out of place. Harrington said when she returned home at 6:30 p.m. her 42-inch Phillips TV was missing from the stand in the living room.

202 Summit Valley Circle: On June 29, Officer Jeremy Newlin was dispatched to 202 Summit Valley Circle on a report of a theft. Upon his arrival he made contact with Douglas Grainger and Mark Emmerling. Grainger said he was walking around the neighborhood at 8:45 p.m.. Grainger said as he neared the location, he noticed a black male walking out of the open garage. Grainger said he noticed a red plastic 5-gallon gas can outside the garage door. Grainger said the man jogged away from the house to apparently work on a 1998-2004 red Ford Mustang with the hood up. Grainger said a black female, age 20-23, sat in the passnger seat. Grainger described the man as "nervous and wide-eyed." Grainger gave the black male’s description as 5 feet 11 inches tall and in his early twenties, wearing a white shirt and black shorts, weighing approximately 220 pounds with a muscular build and an afro approximately 1 inch in length. Grainger said he went into his house at 102 Summit Valley Circle and was troubled by what he saw. Grainger said he returned to 202 Summitt Valley Circle to ask his neighbor, Mark Emmerling, about the man. Emmerling said no one was authorized to enter his garage. Emmerling said he checked his garage and the man had stolen his red plastic 5-gallon gas can, which contained gasoline. Emmerling said he did not believe anything else was missing from his garage. Emmerling said he just returned from the grocery store at the time of the theft and he had left the garage door open momentarily.