The following incidents were reported to the Maumelle Police Department from June 28-July 10


100 Park Drive: On June 28, James Bryan Fox, 23, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with violation of Omnibus DWI Act and refusal to submit. At approximately 7:20 p.m. Officer Jeremy Newlin was dispatched to 100 Park Drive at the Parc Apartments parking lot on a report of a collision involving an intoxicated driver attempting to leave the scene. Upon his arrival, Newlin made contact with Fox. Newlin said Fox had an odor of intoxicants about his person and watery glassy eyes. Fox said he was attempting to park his white 2007 Ford F-150 truck when he ran into a silver 2012 Volkswagen Jetta. Fox stated he reversed his truck out of the parking space and drove to the next available parking spot approximately 10 parking spots down. Fox said he parked and immediately the owner of the Jetta, Lindsey Osifchin, came out of her apartment yelling at him. Fox said he was returning from playing golf and he had drunk three beers on the golf course. Officer Justin Woods arrived on the scene and Fox submitted to standardized field sobriety tests. After the tests, Fox was arrested for driving while intoxicated. According to officers, Fox said "I messed up" several times at the police department. Fox agreed to submit to a BAC test, but purposefully gave an insufficient sample, so officers gave him another test, according to police reports. On the second test, Fox was able to provide one sufficient sample with a result of .106. Fox attempted two more times to provide a sufficient breath sample with negative results. On the second attempt, Fox was charged with refusal to submit due to his inability to complete the two BAC tests. Fox was processed and released into the custody of Nathaniel Gordon with a criminal citation to report to Maumelle District Court on July 30.

28 Edgehill Cove: On July 2, James Zantrese Austin, 18, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with possession of 4 ounces or less of marijuana. While on patrol Officers Johnathan Johnson and Sterling Pruitt located two black males standing outside a building. The officers were acting on information that they received from a previous patrol shift, which had searched the residence and found evidence of drug use and distribution inside. The two men were startled by the appearance of the officers and began placing items in their pockets. Pruitt ordered the subjects to show their hands. Pruitt had both subjects face the wall and place their hands on the wall. The two male subjects were identified as Terrance D. Jones, 18, of Maumelle and Austin. During their investigation officers said they smelled marijuana on both men. Johnson asked Austin if he had any marijuana and Austin said he did have marijuana in his pockets, which Johnson said he took from the front right pocket. Pruitt read both their Miranda Warnings. Both denied being in the vacant residence at 28 Edgehill Cove. While both men were in custody, Pruitt cleared the vacant residence of any other potential subjects. Pruitt said there was a "strong" odor of burnt marijuana in the vacant residence, specifically in the second floor’s rear bedroom. Pruitt also said there were multiple Swisher Sweet wrappers in the bedroom and a thick haze in the room consistent with recent smoking. The men said they had smoked at Pizza Hut before arriving at Edgehill Cove. Jones was released from the scene and Austin was transported to Maumelle Police Department where he was processed and released with a court date of July 30.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 2, Ryan Cohens, 34, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with failure to appear.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 2, Kenneth Reed, 31, of Greenbrier was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 2, Melanie Lynn Kohrs, 30, of Cabot was arrested and charged with failure to appear.

8800 Maumelle Beulovard: On July 4, Rudnick Caldwell, 32, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

200 Millwood Circle No. 616: On July 4, Shaun Michael Dixon, 32, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with public intoxication. Officer Gregory Roberts was dispatched to 200 Millwood Circle for the fourth time in 36 minutes for a subject calling the Maumelle Police Department threatening to start a fight with a subject he was involved in an altercation with earlier at 7:34 p.m. Officers had already been dispatched to the residence on three other occasions that evening pertaining to several disturbances involving the calling party. Upon arrival, Roberts spoke to the caller, Shaun Dixon, who was standing on the sidewalk in front of his apartment building. Officers had already spoken with Dixon earlier in the evening and told him to remain in his residence due to him being intoxicated. Dixon had a very strong odor of intoxicants, blood shot watery eyes and difficulty keeping his balance. On previous calls, Dixon admitted to drinking a "few beers" and had also taken some type of medication. Once again, Dixon immediately began talking about starting a fight with his neighbors. Roberts placed Dixon under arrest for public intoxication to prevent him from hurting himself or another person. Dixon was transported to Maumelle Police Department where he was processed and transferred to Pulaski County Jail.

20704 Highway 365 North: On July 4, Donald Edward Webb, 23, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with fleeing, violation of Omnibus DWI Act, Careless and prohibited driving and driving on a revoked/suspended drivers license. Officer Cory Pickard was on patrol on Highway 100 northbound near the intersection of Edgewood Drive when he observed a black four-door Honda Accord traveling at a high rate of speed in the inside lane also traveling northbound. Pickard was able to catch up with the vehicle when it stopped at the traffic light at the intersection of Highway 100 and Odom Boulevard North. When the traffic signal turned green the Honda accelerated quickly, causing the tires to spin. At that time Pickard initiated his emergency lights to perform a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver continued traveling North in the inside lane without yielding or acknowledging his emergency lights. Pickard continued following the vehicle North on Highway 100 and then initiated his siren at the intersection of Highway 100 and Olympia Drive. The driver continued to refuse to stop the vehicle and continued north in the inside traffic lane. Pickard advised communications that he was attempting to stop the vehicle and advised that they were continuing north on Highway 100 at speeds ranging between 40 mph to 50 mph. The vehicle swerved in its lane of travel three ties between the intersections of Olympia Drive and Murphy Drive. The vehicle then merged onto Highway 365 North and continued approximately 0.5 miles until it reached the driveway to the Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell. The vehicle then made a wide sweeping left turn into the parking lot, almost missing the driveway. The vehicle then pulled into a parking space in the rear of the business. Around this time Officer Sterling Pruitt arrived at the scene. Pickard then used his public address system to order the driver to turn the vehicle off and open the door. The driver of the vehicle, Webb, made some movements inside the vehicle prior to complying with the order. Once Webb opened the door, Pickard ordered him to step out of the vehicle and face away from him. Pickard said Webb was slow to comply and was unsteady on his feet. Pickard then approached Webb and ordered him to lie on the ground so he could be handcuffed as Pruitt held Webb at gunpoint. Pickard said Webb attempted to turn around and Pickard assisted him in getting on the ground. Pickard secured Webb and insured the vehicle was clear of any other individuals. Pickard said he noted a strong odor of intoxicants coming from the driver and interior of the vehicle. Pruitt recognized Webb from past incidents. Pickard then moved the driver to the rear of Pruitt’s vehicle, where he was held until a transport officer arrived to take custody of him. Webb was verbally combative and uncooperative during this initial contact. Pruitt conducted a search of the vehicle and located a 750 milliliter bottle of Burnett’s peach flavored vodka, approximately one-third empty, inside the vehicle. Pruit also found an ashtray in the center console containing a green residue and a small piece of plastic consistent with that used to distribute marijuana, according to reports. Pruitt mirandized Webb and asked him if he had been drinking and Webb said he had consumed two shots. Once at the Maumelle Police Department, Pruitt conducted the Standardized Field Sobriety tests on Webb and administered the BAC, which had a result of 0.129. Webb was processed and released to a responsible party, and issued a court date of Aug. 6.

13222 Maumelle Boulevard: On July 6, Beau Michael Owen, 22, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with possession of 4 ounces or less of marijuana and driving on a suspended drivers license. While on patrol, Officer Glyneth Hicks saw a white Cadillac Seville execute an improper turn from Paul Eels Drive onto Highway 100 North. The vehicle turned in front of Hicks’ patrol vehicle from Paul Eels Drive into the inside lane of Highway 100 North, forcing Hicks to brake in order to avoid a collision. Hicks activated her emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop and the vehicle stopped on Riverland Drive. When Hicks approached the vehicle to make contact with the Driver, Owen, she smelled marijuana coming from the open windows. An ACIC check showed that Owen’s drivers license was suspended for failure to complete alcohol education classes and reinstatement fees on an Underage DUI he received in 2011. Officer Andrew Garber asked Owen to exit the vehicle at Hicks’ request and when she asked Owen if there was any marijuana in the vehicle, he said there was a small roach in the ashtray. Owen’s was then placed under arrest for driving on a suspended drivers license and possession of marijuana. Hicks located the marijuana roach in the ashtray where Owen said it would be and took possession of it for evidence. Owen’s vehicle was then inventoried and removed from the scene by Harrison and Son Wrecker Service. Owen was transported back to Maumelle Police Department by Hicks and upon arrival he requested that she "drop the marijuana charge because it was so little." Hicks denied Owen’s request, processed him, cited him and released him with a court date of Aug. 6.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 7, Natasha Moore, 38, of Jacksonville was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

2002 Murphy Drive: On July 7, David Wayne Irby, 22, of Conway was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 8, Chrisopher Hayes, 39, of Jacksonville was arrested and charged with failure to appear and criminal contempt.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 8, Amanda Baker, 38, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with failure to pay rent/vacate.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 9, Daniel Rooker, 28, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

2002 Murphy Drive: On July 10, Willie Yuron Grayson, 38, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with violation of a protection order, reckless driving, 1st degree terroristic threatening, fleeing, disorderly conduct, driving on a revoked/suspended drivers license, improper lane change and disregard of a traffic control device. Gwendolyn Mayweather came to Maumelle Police Department at approximately 5:54 a.m. to report that her ex-boyfriend had been following her and showed up at her job in the morning. Mayweather said that she had an active order of protection against him. Mayweather said he was a black male in a blue and white Mustang driving up and down Murphy Drive waiting for her to leave the police department. Officers watched a Mustang matching the description driving westbound on Murphy Drive toward Highway 100. Officer Johnathan Johnson got into his patrol unit and entered onto Murphy Drive turning onto Highway 100 heading north toward Highway 365, at which time he saw the mustang exiting Highway 365 entering on Highway 100 South. Johnson turned onto the southbound lane, catching up with the Mustang, attempting to turn onto Murphy Drive at the signal light, at which time the subject noticed him and continued south on Highway 1000. Johnson initiated his emergency lights prior to reaching the intersection of Highway 100 and Odom North. The Mustang failed to stop at the red light and continued. The Mustang then made a U-turnat Highway 100 and Millwood, failing to stop at the red signal light. At this time, Johnson notified other officers that he was in pursuit. The pursuit continued northbound on Highway 100 with exceeding 86 mph. The mustang continued northbound on Highway 100, turning right onto Murphy Drive then turning left onto Union Court. The pursuit came to an end at the entrance of Maumelle Police Department. The driver, Grayson, exited the vehicle with his hand in the air. Officers with weapons drawn, gave him verbal instructions to lie down on the ground. Once the subject was on the ground, officers took Grayson into custody. Grayson said he was unaware the officers were behind his vehicle. Grayson was taken into MPD and placed in secure cell no. 4. While in the cell, Grayson became combative, hitting his head on the wall and door. Grayson said that he was suicidal and that he had a heart condition and needed medical attention. Medical personnel were dispatched to MPD. Upon arrival of medical personnel, Grayson was uncooperative and refused medical treatment. While in the presence of medical personnel and officers, Grayson became combative and cursed at officers and medical personnel, saying that he was going to kill someone today and he was going to kill Johnson and the medical personnel that were present. At this time medical personnel said they could not safely evaluate Grayson. Upon their departure, Grayson became combative saying he wanted to kill himself and began hitting his head on the wall. Grayson started complaining of being short of breath and having chest pains. Medical personnel re-entered the jail at which time Grayson was cooperative. Grayson was transported to Saint Vincent Hospital in Little Rock by medical personnel and a police escort. the Mustang was towed by Harrison and Son and stored at that location. Grayson was unable to be photographed or have his fingerprints taken due to his condition. Grayson had a warrant out of North Little Rock and out of Lonoke.


2002 Murphy Drive: On July 7, Blue Hill Towing arrived at Maumelle Police Department towing a blue and white Suzuki GSX600, Arkansas license plate WD029. Officer Johnathan Johnson made contact with the driver, Robert Arnett, who said that he was contracted by Walmart on Maumelle Boulevard in North Little Rock to remove the abandoned motorcycle from their property. Arnett said that he was instructed to go to MPD to fax a tow report to North Little Rock Police Department. The ACIC/NCIC check shows the motorcycle was reported stolen from Conway. Conway Police Department was contacted and advised that Blue Hill Towing was to store the motorcycle at their location.


14322 Frontier Drive: On July 1 at approximately 6:05 p.m., Officer Andrew J. Garber was dispatched to Quality Suites in reference to a theft. Upon his arrival he made contact with the front desk manager, Jamie Edelman. Edelman said the occupant of room 321, Clarence Condall, had an item stolen from his room. Condall said he had left for work on June 29 at 6:30 a.m. and returned the same day at 4:30 p.m. Condall said he always keeps his blue bag underneath his black bag on the floor of his hotel room and when he returned from work the blue bag was sitting on top of the black bag. Condall said he searched the blue bag and was unable to locate his gold rope chain with a cross that has three diamonds encrusted in it. Condall said his roommate left on Friday and he was the only one going in and out of the room, except for housekeeping. Condall said he searched the room numerous times and has been unsuccessful in locating the jewelry. Condall then said he notified Edelman of the incident on June 29. Condall said Edelman told him to wait until June 30 so he could review the video surveillance. Edelman said there were numerous individuals coming and going from the room on June 29. Garber said the video was not available for viewing at that time. Edelman then stated Wanda Morris, 43, of Little Rock is the only person that cleans rooms on the third floor. Edelman said Morris had recently fallen on hard times and is currently staying in room 315. Edelman further said Morris was at the hospital with her daughter and she was not sure when she would return. A QNF of Morris show her to have multiple arrests for aggravated robbery, theft of property and domestic battery. Morris also has an active warrant out of North Little Rock Police Department for failure to appear on a possession of a controlled substance.