Incidents reported to the Maumelle Police Department from July 5 to July1 6:


200 Millwood Circle: On July 5, Shaun Michael Dixon, 32, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct/unreasonable or excessive behavior and harassment/in public insults, taunts or challenges. At approximately 9:10 p.m. officers were dispatched to 200 Millwood Circle Apartment No. 616 in regards to a disturbance. Earlier in the evening at approximately 8:30 p.m. Officer Casey Canady went to 200 Millwood Circle Apartment No. 627 to give a voluntary witness statement to a subject, Justin Stone, in reference to an incident on the previous day. When Canady arrived to give Stone his witness statement, he saw a man, Dixon, outside of his apartment drinking a dark liquid substance that smelled of intoxicants. Canady told Dixon to go into his apartment and not come out or he would be arrested for public intoxication. Canady arrived on scene in regards to this call and saw a man run into apartment No. 616. Canady made contact with the complainant, Norman Stone. Norman Stone said that Dixon taunted and threatened him with obscene language. Canady saw neighbors in the breezeway that leads to Dixon’s apartment. He also saw that there were children in a pool that was approximately 50 yards from Dixon’s apartment. Canady made contact with Dixon in his apartment. Canday said that Dixon’s speech was lethargic, heavily slurred and he was unsteady on his feet with bloodshot eyes. Dixon said that he did not go out of his apartment to harass Stone. At this time Officer Greg Roberts arrived. Stone said that every time he would walk downstairs past Dixon’s apartment, Dixon would harass and threaten him. Officers then made contact with Dixon again, telling him to stay in his apartment and not bother Stone, telling him he would be arrested for public intoxication. At this time, Dixon*** started to raise his voice to officers, according to reports. He told officer to “get the f*ck out of my doorway” and repeatedly said “this is bullsh*t” in a loud voice. Officers then left Dixon’s apartment but remained in the immediate area. Officers saw Norman Stone walk by Dixon’s apartment, during which Dixon opened his door and said to Stone “you’re full of bullsh*t” and some other statements that officers were not able to comprehend. Approximately four minutes later, officers saw Dixon walk several feet out of his apartment into a common area of the apartment complex. Officers then placed Dixon into custody for public intoxication. While walking to Canady’s patrol car, he saw Dixon was unsteady on his feet and he began to drag his feet and lock his legs in an attempt to resist being put in the patrol car. Canaday then placed Dixon into his patrol car and took him to Maumelle Police Department for processing. Upon arrival to MPD, Dixon was hesitant to get out of the patrol car and would not comply with officers’ commands to get out of the vehicle. Officers had to physically remove Dixon from the vehicle, according to reports. While at MPD, Dixon said he wanted to fight with officers. Dixon calmed down and was placed into a secure cell. While in his cell, Dixon became loud and was yelling and banging on the cell door. Officers ordered him to calm down, but he would not comply with their orders. Dixon had to be placed in handcuffs in his cell to keep him from banging on the door. Dixon was processed and transported to Pulaski County Jail. Due to Dixon’s belligerent and combative behavior, officers did not fingerprint him.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 10, William Henry Counts, 59, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with failure to appear.

2002 Murphy Drive: On July 10, Dana Jarshawn Hobson, 40, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

127 Audubon Drive Apartment A: On July 10, Atarius Bishop, 21, of Conway was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

15880 Maumelle Boulevard at 100 Towne Centre Drive: On July 11, Neil Wesley Branigan, 27, of Cabot was arrested and charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia and no seat belt. At approximately 3:39 p.m. while on routine patrol Officer Justin Woods performed a traffic stop on a Toyota Avalon at Towne Center Drive and State Highway 100. Sergeant Joseph Pool then arrived on the scene. Woods said he made contact with the driver of the vehicle, Branigan, and informed him that he was stopped for not wearing his seat belt. While speaking with Branigan, Woods said he appeared to be very nervous and was visibly shaking. Branigan had a difficult time finding the proper paperwork for his vehicle. Branigan stated he had recently moved to Cabot from Little Rock. When asked where he was going, Branigan said he was going to work in Little Rock. Woods asked Branigan why he was in Maumelle if he lived in Cabot and was going to work in Little Rock. He said he stopped at a friend’s house before going to work. An ACIC/NCIC check showed Branigan had a drug arrest in 2008. Woods then asked Branigan to exit his vehicle. Woods then obtained consent to perform a pat-down for weapons on Branigan. Branigan then gave Woods verbal consent to search his vehicle, according to reports. Upon searching his vehicle, Woods said he found a pack of Basic cigarettes in the driver side floor board. Inside the pack of cigarettes Woods said he found a cellophane wrapper containing a piece of cotton used to draw narcotics into a syringe. Poole then placed Branigan under arrest. Woods asked Branigan what was in the cellophane and he said it was cotton. Woods asked Branigan if he used opiates and he said that he did. Branigan said he used opiates intravenously and he had also used them in the past three hours. Branigan was place in the back of Woods’ patrol car. Branigan was taken to Maumelle Police Department for processesing. Once at MPD, SID was notified and Branigan was processed and transported to Pulaski County Jail. City Attorney Janan Davis set Branigan’s bond at $10,000.

14322 Frontier Drive: On July 7, Dwayne R. Burgess, 60, of Rogers was arrested and charged with public intoxication. At approximately 5:24 a.m., Officer Johnathan Johnson was on patrol at Quality Suites when he was flagged down by a Yellow Cab driver, Kelly Phelps. Phelps said that he had given a white man with a black shirt a ride from the bar and he was unable to pay the cab fair of $40. Johnson found the subject inside the lobby of the hotel, at which time the manager, Jim Thompson, told him that the man was not a resident of the hotel. Johnson made contact with Burgess, who was so intoxicated that he could not answer questions. Burgess had the odor of intoxicants on his person. Burgess was unable to walk as officers spoke to him. Burgess had no knowledge of where he was or how he arrived at the hotel. Phelps denied pressing charges against Burgess for the $40 owed for the cab fair. Due to his condition, Burgess was arrested for public intoxication. Burgess was taken to Maumelle Police Department where he was booked and transported to Pulaski County Jail.

1601 Murphy Drive at 17171 Maumelle Boulevard: On July 10, Thomas L. Gilbert, 30, of Little Rock was arrested on an active warrant out of Pulaski County.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 12, Sabra Sowell, 21, of Conway was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

110 Commons Drive: On July 12, Cladiu Bambaloi, 23, of Sacramento, Calif., was arrested and charged with soliciting without a permit. At about 6:50 p.m., officers were dispatched to Walgreens on Commons Drive in regard to people soliciting without a permit. Upon arrival, officers made contact with Bambabloi. Bambaloi was outside of Walgreens asking people for money. Bambaloi said he was from Romania but lives in the United states. He also said that he and his family were passing through Arkansas on their way back to California. Bambaloi was taken into custody for soliciting without a permit. He was transported to Maumelle Police Department where he was processed and released with a court date of Aug. 13.

Highway 365 North: On July 13, Lametrius D. Morris, 18, of Conway was arrested and charged with three counts of breaking or entering and two counts of theft of property. At approximately 6:37 a.m., Officer Casey Canady went to Highway 365 and Tanning Road to back up Officer Sterling Pruitt and Lieutenant Cory Pickard who were talking to two male subjects. Upon arrival, Canady saw that Pickard and Pruitt had one of the men in custody. The man, Morris, also known as “Meechie,” was identified as a subject that was possibly involved in breaking into vehicles in the area of Willow Oak Loop. Morris said he was with the other two suspects that were already in custody. Morris had a red and gray backpack with him that was filled with various items. Morris had $11, a package of Black and Mild cigars and a package of Swag Berry Splitarillos on him. Morris was taken to Maumelle Police Department and processed. At MPD the contents of Morris’ bag were inventoried. The back contained two plastic baggies containing $6.76 in change, a tan Polo hat, a blue Nike batting glove, a pair of black and red sweatpants with “ESPN” written on them, a read GreatLite flashlight, a small red speaker box, two lighters, a white Casio digital watch, two pairs of white Apple headphones, a small black Kodak zip-up bag with 4 AA batteries inside, three .22 caliber bullets, a container of Carmex lip balm one container of Maybelline Baby Lips chap stick, a pair of sunglasses with black and gold frames, a SkinIt brand phone cover with Call of Duty: Black Ops written on the back, a black USB cord and $1.45 in loose change. The plastic baggies containing the $6.76 in change belonged to Kenneth Padgett of 14 Willow Oak Loop. At MPD Morris was questioned by Detective Laura Robinson. There were two other known victims at the time of this report. One victim, Daniel Hodge of 32 Willow Oak Loop , had a $200 pair of sunglasses stolen from his vehicle. The other victim is Walter Justice of 48 Willow Oak Loop. Judge Roger Herrod arrived at MPD at approximately 11 a.m. and conducted a probable cause hearing. Herrod found that there was probable cause for Morris’ arrest and set bail at $2500. Morris was transported to Pulaski County Jail.

550 Edgewood Drive: On July 12, Tremel Deshun Hamilton, 25, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with criminal trespass. At approximately 10:12 a.m. , Sergeant Chrisopher Lester told Officer Jeremy Newlin that Hamilton was digging in the dumpsters in the Maumelle City Hall parking lot. Hamilton has an order of no trespass at that location. Upon Newlin’s arrival, Hamilton was walking from the direction of City Hall in the Woodbend Apartments parking lot at 501 Valencia Drive. Hamilton said he was just “walking around the building … the lake.” Hamilton was placed under arrest for trespassing and transported to Maumelle Police Department.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 16, Meredith M. Graham, 30, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 16, Brian Compton, 37, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

100 Millwood Circle: Demario Moore, 24, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with failure to appear.


200 Millwood Circle Apartment No. 627: On July 13 at around 12:10 a.m., officers were dispatched to 200 Millwood Circle Building No. 6 in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, officers made contact with Lester Hurley, Judy Hurly and Justin Stone. All parties advised they had been drinking alcohol together and that Lester Hurley and Stone had gotten into a verbal argument. Officer saw no marks or apparent injuries. All parties agreed to return to their homes and did so without incident.

34 Edgehill Cove: On July 2 at approximately 8:14 p.m., officers made contact with Katharine Traylor at Maumelle Police department. Traylor said she made a report on June 30 in regard to someone cutting her 2011 Mazda 3’s tire. Traylor said when she left her mother’s home at approximately 5 p.m. all four tires were in good condition. Traylor said she got home and noticed a cut in the side wall of her rear driver’s side tire. Officer Brock Waldo saw an approximate 1 inch smooth cut in the tire. The tire’s pressure did not appear to be low or losing air at the time. Traylor said she has not had any problems with her neighbors. Traylor left her vehicle in the Maumelle Police Department’s parking lot overnight.

2002 Murphy Drive: On July 5 at approximately 11:48 a.m., Shayla Copas came to Maumelle Police Department in order file a fraudulent use of a credit car report. Copas said on June 5, her Citi Bank Mastercard was stolen from her house in Little Rock. Copas state there are three versions of this card. One version belongs to her husband, one to her assistant and one to her. Copas stated the stolen card has her name on the front of the card. Copas said she noticed the card was stolen on July 4. Copas said the card has been used all over central Arkansas including Sherwood, North Little Rock, Little Rock and Maumelle. Copas said she has filed a stolen credit card report with the Little Rock Police Department. Copas said she also filed a fraudulent use of a credit card with the North Little Rock and Sherwood police departments. Copas said on one of the receipts from a fraudulent use in North Little Rock, the customer name Jonathan Barrington, 29, of Sherwood was on it. Copas said Barrington had been in a relationship with her daughter, Chelsey Copas, 19, of Maumelle. Copas said she has seen Marrington use the cred card in a video at one of the locations of fraudulent transaction in North Little Rock. Copas said she believes her daughter has been using the credit card without authorization as well. Copas said Chelsey does not live with her anymore and she is unsure of Chelsey’s current address. Copas provided a list of transactions on the credit card since June 5. In the list Copas marked “Maumelle” beside all the transactions that were fraudulent at business locations in Maumelle. There were a total of 18 transactions marked for a total of $362.77. The following were listed on the list as fraudulent transactions: July 2, $21.66 at Jim’s Razorback Pizza; June 28, $8.87 at Maumelle Fine Wines; June 28, $19.55 at EZ-Mart; June 28, $31.07 at Lake Liquor; June 28, $90.91 at Shashimi Japanese Steakhouse; June 27, $10.58 at Starbucks; June 26, $5.77 at Walgreens; June 26, $33.92 at Kroger; June 22, $8.09 at EZ-Mart; June 21, $2.80 at Sonic; June 21, $8.36 at Subway; June 21, $11.45 at the Dreamy Spoon; June 20, $11.72 at Walmart; June 19, $6.88 at Jim’s Razorback Pizza; June 17, $5.83 at The Tobacco Store; June 14, $7.63 at Ez-Mart; June 14, $56.39 at Cheers; June 8, $11.31 at Beef O’Brady’s. Copas said she notified the credit card company and had the card cancelled. Copas was given the City Prosecutor’s contact information.

1 Glacier Cove: On July 7, Officer Stewart Bragg was dispatched to 1 Glacier Cove on a criminal mischief report. Upon arrival he met with the complainant, Vivian Hensley. She said that someone broke her rear bedroom window. Bragg saw what appeared to be a 6 inch by 4 inch hole in the outside portion of a rear bedroom double pane window. The 10 day time frame came from the last time her son-in-law mowed her yard. He is the one that informed her of the window when he mowed this morning. There are no suspects or witnesses at this time.

2002 Murphy Drive: On July 13, Phillip Grauel came to Maumelle Police Department to make a report of his Hyundai being broken into overnight. Grauel said he parked his vehicle in the parking lot at 11 p.m. on July 12 and returned at approximately 6:20 a.m. on July 13. Grauel said when he opened the door to his vehicle he said he could tell someone had been through his belongings but nothing was taken.

103 Alexandria Drive: On July 15, Sergeant David Collins made contact with Jennifer Davis at the Lakes of Maumelle Senior Living Center in reference to a resident alleging that she was forced to take medication against her will. The event occurred over the weekend in the resident’s bedroom. Collins spoke with the alleged victim who suffers from dementia with behavior issues in her room regarding the matter and she said that a nurse woke her and forced her around midnight to ingest several pills that she did not wish to, she could not remember the day. The alleged victim could not name the nurse, but said that she took the pills and then had to go to the bathroom for 15 to 30 minutes. The alleged victim was not visibly injured and had trouble remembering certain aspects of the allegation, but recalls the whole incident. Collins then spoke to with Davis again and she said the alleged victim is not scheduled to receive medication during the night hours. She also said the alleged victim receives several nonscheduled pain pain and digestive medications, but that occurs during the daytime hours. Davis provided Collins with the nurses who were on duty when the incident is alleged to have occurred. Collins advised Davis the alleged victim told him the same thing happened around Mother’s Day weekend for future reference if they need to look into it.

14000 Maumelle Boulevard at 1144 Arnold Palmer Drive: On July 15, at approximately 10:14 p.m., Officer Brock Waldo saw a maroon Chevrolet Venture driving on State Highway 100 South and Odom South with the driver’s side brake light out. After running the Venture’s license plate number, Waldo initiated a traffic stop at Highway 100 South and Arnold Palmer. Waldo asked the driver, Algar Tec, to step out of the vehicle. At this time he found that Tec did not have a driver’s license. Tec attempted to contact a party who had a valid driver’s license to move the vehicle, but was unable to do so. Tec was cited for no driver’s license and give a warning for the brake light. The vehicle was towed by Frank Harrison and Sons. Tec was given a courtesy ride to Senior Tequila in North Little Rock.

1701 Club Manor Drive Apartment No. 1: On June 8, while Sergeant Christophper Lester was investigating a fraudulent prescription arrest at Maumelle Medicine Shoppe, pharmacist Casey Stephenson provided the following information on three fraudulent prescriptions that were filled: Tyrus Lamans Chatman, 43, of 4106 West 21st Little Rock, 72204, for 120 count of 30 mg Oxycodone from Dr. Gail Jones of Arkansas Urology, 1300 Centerview Drive, Little Rock, 72211, filed on May 29; Natasha Wesson, 34, of 501 Valencia Drive No. 100, Maumelle, 72113 (does not exist) for 120 count of 30mg Oxycodone from Doctor Gail Jones of Arkansas Urology; Joe F. Baker, 46, of 5 Mansfield Drive for 120 count of 30mg Oxycodone from Doctor Gail Jones of Arkansas Urology. All three of these were filled, picked up and found to be fraud afterwards. Lester was able to retrieve surveillance video of the pick up of the Joe Baker prescription. The video showed two black males enter the store and pick up the prescription, according to pharmacists. Video of the other prescriptions are not available due to the footage being overwritten. Lester retrieved copies of all the prescriptions as well as the signature of the purchasers. While investigating the origin of the prescriptions, Lester spoke with Maumelle Medicine Shoppe pharmacist Kara Foreman. She said that she filled the Arkansas Urology prescriptions and later found them to be fraudulent. Foreman positively identified the person that purchased the Natasha Wesson prescription by an Arkansas Driver’s license photograph of Natasha Denise Wesson. Lester also compared the signature on Natasha Wesson’s driver’s license to the signature on the prescription pick-up. They appear to be the same signature.


301 Pine Forest Drive Apartment No. 7: On July 5, Sergeant Joseph Poole met with Courtney Bedford in the lobby of the Maumelle Police Department. She said her purse had been removed from her vehicle sometime between 9 p.m. on July 3 and 8 a.m. on July 4. She said that she thought her vehicle had been locked but had been having trouble with the door locks. She said that a black block-style phone charger and a Gucci bag had been taken from her vehicle. She said the bag contained her Capital One and American Express credit cards, Arkansas Federal Credit Union debit card and drivers license. She said that the bag was valued at approximately $1000. She also said that she had called and cancelled her credit cards and her debit card. She said that nothing else had been removed from the vehicle. She said that the vehicle was insured with Direct insurance but she was not going to file a claim with them.

3 Edgewater Cove: On July 7 at 2:55 p.m., Officer Sterling Pruitt was contacted via telephone by Robert Rose, an employee of Franklin, Tenn., police department. Rose said that while he was in town visiting relatives at 3 Edgewater Cove someone gained access to his vehicle, a 2010 Hyundai Sonata, and stole his Glock 22 handgun. Rose further said that the gun was kept under the driver’s seat and contained one full magazine. Rose believes happened sometime between July 4 and July 5. Rose discovered the gun was missing when he returned home.

328 Country Club Parkway: On July 11 at 4 p.m., Officer Jeremy Newlin was dispatched to 328 Country Club Parkway on a report of theft from a garage. Upon his arrival, he made contact with William Jones. Jones said on the morning of July 10 he saw his Weed Eater hanging on the wall of his garage. Jones said he accidentally left his garage door open while entertaining guests. Jones said on July 11, he noticed his Weed Eater missing. Williams said he did not see anyone in the area and he is unsure of whom might have taken it. Williams estimated the Weed Eater at $120.

119 Audubon Drive: On July 12, Sergeant Joseph Poole was advised that a complaintant wanted to an officer to call her. He contacted Shamekia Thomas over the phone and she said she no longer lives in Maumelle but currently lives in Grand Prare, Texas. She said that she still has a savings account with US Bank. She said that someone had accessed her account on three different occasions and had taken a total of $210 from the account. She said that $30 had been taken from the account on June 24 and again on June 25 and $150 on July 7. she said her sister is the only person with access to her account number. She said that she called the bank and advised them of the situation and they had told her that the withdrawals had been made in person from the Maumelle branch. She said that she was also told that the bank policy does not require them to ask for identification from a customer unless the amount of money being withdrawn is greater than the amount taken from her account. Thomas said the bank has issued a new account number for that account.

23 Oakridge Drive: On July 13 at 10:59 a.m., Officer Jeremy Newlin was dispatched on a report of a stolen Fed Ex package. Upon his arrival, he made contact with John Matthew Foster. Foster said he ordered an orange 3300 PSI Genarac pressure washer model number 5995 earlier this month and the pressure washer was defective. I observed the defective pressure washer and the box formerly containing the defective pressure washer. The box had a sticker on the outside of it with a shipping date of July 3. Foster said he was over nighted via Fed Ex and identical model replacement pressure washer on July 8. Foster said on July 9 he returned home after work at approximately 5:30 p.m. and the pressure washer was not there. Foster said he assumed the pressure washer was not delivered and he waited another day. Foster said after several days he checked the Fed Ex tracking number and it showed the package was delivered on July 9 at 12:34 p.m. Foster said Fed Ex confirmed the package had been delivered without a signature. Foster stated the package was stolen his front porch between 12:34 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on July 9. Foster said he does not have a serial number for the stolen pressure washer but he is attempting to get it from

700 Edgewood Drive: On July 16, Officer Stewart Bragg was dispatched to the Tobacco Superstore on a shoplifting call. Upon arrival he made contact with the complainant, Greg Haydel. Haydel is the store manager and was watching the video cameras in the office. Haydel noticed a black male with a red Washington Redskins cap, black Bob Marley T-shirt and red short grab a Cigarillo from the rack. The man then waled toward the counter where he placed the item in the pocket of his short. The man then approached the counter and bought a 53-cent Cherry Bomb. The man then left walking toward Woodbend. The complainant then followed the subject to Woodbend and saw him go into the breezeway of E Building. He does have video of the subject and said that he was about 6 foot tall and skinny. He does wish to prosecute in this matter.

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