Incidents reported to the Maumelle Police Department through July 31:


100 Union Court: On July 1, Andre Calloway, 37, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with third-degree battery and disorderly conduct. Calloway turned himself in at approximately 2:41 p.m. on an active warrant. He was processed and released with a court date of July 30.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 23, Daniel Menchaca Jr., 36, 0f Maumelle was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 23, Melissa Menchaca, 39, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 24, Darius Williams, 27, of Morrilton was arrested and charged with failure to appear.

156 Summit Valley Circle: On July 24, Jeffrey Maxwell, 36, of Maumelle was transferred into Maumelle police custody and charged with theft by receiving and fraudulent use of a credit card.

20710 Highway 365 North: On July 25, George Bailey, 62, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with violation of the Omnibus DWI Act, running a red light, driving left of center and improper lane change. At approximately 8:54 p.m., Officer Sterling Pruitt was traveling southbound on State Highway 100 when he saw a vehicle run a red light as it made a left turn from Rolling Oaks Drive onto the highway. Pruitt made a U-turn and attempted to catch the vehicle. As Pruitt was doing so, he saw the vehicle cross the center line multiple times and also cross into the turn lane as he was merging onto State Highway 365. Pruitt initiated a traffic stop with the vehicle, a green Ford 500, in the Lake Liquor parking lot. Pruitt made contact with the driver, Bailey. Bailey attempted to get out of his vehicle as Pruitt approached. He saw Bailey had watery eyes and smelled heavily of intoxicants. Bailey had trouble locating paperwork and remembering what papers he was asked to retrieve. Pruitt asked Bailey to step out of the car and he saw his movements and demeanor were very nervous. Bailey denied having anything to drink and he denied having any medical conditions that would explain his dangerous driving and demeanor. Bailey consented to the Standardized Field Sobriety Test. He showed all six clues in the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test. He also showed multiple clues on both the Walk and Turn and the One Leg Stand, struggling to follow directions and maintain balance throughout all the tests. Bailey was taken into custody for DWI and transported to the Maumelle Police Department. At the department, Bailey was observed and read his DWI rights. Bailey agreed to a test of his breath, which registered a .132 BAC. He was transported to Pulaski County Jail and his vehicle was parked and secured in the Lake Liquor parking lot as a courtesy.

108 Lily Drive: Ibrahima Sutherland, 19, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with possessing 4 ounces or less of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Also arrested was Sarah Throckmorton, 19, of Maumelle, who was charged with possession of 4 ounces or less of marijuana and two counts of possessing drug paraphernalia. At approximately 8:43 a.m., Officer Jeremy Newlin was dispatched to 108 Lily Drive on a report of an accident involving a parked car. Sutherland, the owner of the parked white 2008 Nissan Ultima that was damaged, was not initially on the scene. While taking the accident report, a silver 2001 Toyota Camry arrived and parked at 109 Lily Drive. The driver was Sarah Throckmorton and the passenger was Sutherland. Newlin made contact with Sutherland in order to get the information necessary for the accident report. While getting the information, Newlin said he detected the strong odor of marijuana about Sutherland’s person. After getting the needed information for the accident report, Newlin engaged in a consensual conversation with Sutherland and asked him about the marijuana odor. Sutherland admitted to smoking marijuana recently. Newlin asked Sutherland if there was any marijuana on him and Sutherland reached into his front right pants pocket and removed a clear plastic bag containing marijuana. Newlin asked Throckmorton for consent to search the Toyota Camry and she gave it, according to reports. Throckmorton said that there was marijuana in the vehicle and she retrieve a clear plastic Gatorade bottle that had been made into a pipe from the center console. Throckmorton also retrieve a yellow plastic tube approximately 2-3 feet in length, which was also used for smoking marijuana from the center console. Sgt. Joseph Poole arrived on the scene and Newlin placed Sutherland and Throckmorton under arrest. Sutherland and Throckmorton were given their verbal Miranda warning and secured in patrol cars. Poole and Newlin conducted a probable cause search of the Camry. In the multi-colored purse in the passenger seat, Newlin found a prescription bottle with Throckmorton’s name on it containing marijuana. Inside the purse and scattered throughout the vehicle were approximately 10 small and clear plastic baggies with marijuana residue and knots in them. Also scattered throughout the vehicle were approximately 10 pieces of tin foil containing burn marks or marijuana residue. Poole found another prescription pill bottle with Throckmorton’s name on it containing marijuana in the center console. Throckmorton said the marijuana in the pill bottles, the yellow plastic tube pipe and Gatorade bottle pipe belonged to her. No contraband was found in the Altima. Sutherland’s parents were given the key to the Altima with Sutherland’s consent. The Camry was locked, secured and left in the driveway of 109 Lily Drive. Sutherland and Thockmorton were transported to Maumelle Police department. SID was notified of the arrest and Sutherland and Throckmorton were processed. After being processed, they were released with a criminal citation to report to Maumelle District Court on Aug. 27.

Holiday Inn Drive: On July 25, Marlin Raglin, 23, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with false evidence of title or registration. At approximately 5:20 p.m., Officer Jeremy Newlin saw a black and silver 1989 Chevrolet truck pull out of the Holiday Inn Express parking lot on Holiday Inn Drive and turn onto Highway 365 North. An ACIC/NCIC return from the license plate showed the Chevrolet expired in May 2013. The tab of the license plate showed the truck expiring in 2014. Newlin initiated a traffic stop with the truck that stopped on the Interstate 40 East entrance ramp. Newlin made contact with the driver, Raglin. Raglin said the truck belongs to his cousin, but admitted he drives the truck to work daily. The tab on the license plate belonged to another license plate for a red 1998 Ford SUV. The proof of registration in the truck further confirmed the expiration date of May 31, 2013. Sgt. Joseph Pool arrived on the scene and Raglin was placed under arrest for false evidence of title or registration. The license plate was seized as evidence and the Chevrolet was released to Frantasia Young at Raglin’s request. Raglin was transported to the Maumelle Police Department and processed. Raglin was given a $1,000 bond per the city prosecutor. The license plate was logged into evidence and placed in a storage locker. Raglin was transported to Pulaski County Jail.

154 Manitou Drive: On July 27, Brandon Jay Boyd, 36, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with third-degree domestic battering. Officers were dispatched at approximately 12:22 a.m. to 154 Manitou Drive for a domestic disturbance. The caller reported that a man hit her with a beer bottle. Upon arrival, Officer Sterling Pruitt made contact with Brandon Boyd and Gina Boyd at the front door of the residence. Pruitt stepped inside and spoke with Mrs. Boyd while Sgt. Scotty Bryant spoke with Mr. Boyd at the front entryway. Mrs. Boyd said that she and her husband had been in an argument regarding an affair Mrs. Boyd had been involved in as well as a possible pending divorce between them. Mrs. Boyd said that Mr. Boyd threw an aluminium beer bottle at her, causing injury to the lower part of her torso or legs. Pruitt saw raised red marking consistent with Mrs. Boyd’s account of events. Pruitt also saw the cap of the bottle as well as liquid splattered across the floor, ceiling and cabinets of the kitchen. A photo of the injury was taken in the presence of Bryant. Mrs. Boyd did not request medical attention. Mr. Boyd said to Bryant that he and Mrs. Boyd had been in an argument over an affair. He further said that she shoved him in the chest. Mr. Boyd did not have any sign of injury or any markings. Mr. Boyd smelled heavily of intoxicants and admittedly had been drinking alcoholic beverages, according to police reports. Once at Maumelle Police Department, Pruitt read Mr. Boyd his Miranda Warning. Mr. Boyd said that Mrs. Boyd slapped him. He then became angry and threw a beer bottle at her. Mr. Boyd was processed and released to a responsible party with a citation to appear in court on Aug. 27. Mr. Boyd was also issued a No Contact Order. At about 1:10 a.m., while he was still in the department and being processed, Mr. Boyd’s phone rang. Mr. Boyd said that based on the ring tone that he knew it was Mrs. Boyd calling. Pruitt answered the phone and reminded Mrs. Boyd of the No Contact Order, which had previously been explained to her at the residence. Mrs. Boyd said she was calling because she had arranged for a friend to retrieve Mr. Boyd from the department.

Faulkner County: On July 29, Bryce Hardy, 25, of Mayflower was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Lt. Cory Pickard, Sgt. Dustin Ivey and Officer Johnathan Johnson went to the Lube Pro to serve a warrant for contempt of court with the Faulkner County sheriff’s Office on Hardy. Pickard and Ivey arrested Hardy in the rear of the bay and a search incident to arrest produced a glass marijuana pipe and plastic bag with marijuana residue in his front right pants pocket. Hardy was brought to the police department for processing and the evidence was placed into an evidence locker. Hardy was cited with a court date of Aug. 27. Faulkner County took custody of Hardy.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 30, Renee Williams, 53, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

3 Topaz Lane at 63 Emerald Drive: On July 30, Kyle Tyrrell, 22, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with public intoxication. Also arrested was Crystal Camp, 23, of Maumelle, who was charged with third-degree battery. At approximately 1:34 p.m., officers were dispatched to the area of Emerald Drive and Topaz in regards to a white male and white female fighting. Upon arrival, officers saw a white man and white woman arguing in the middle of the street. Officers made contact with Kyloe Tyrrell and Crystal Camp. Tyrrell said Camp claimed he stole her touch screen phone, but he denied taking her phone. Tyrrell also said Camp scratched the side of his neck in a physical altercation. Camp said Tyrrell stole her phone and that they got into a physical argument. Camp said that Tyrrell pushed her against a wall and struck her head, but officers observed no signs of physical injury. Officers observed scratches on the right side of Tyrrell’s neck, which corroborated with his story. Officers noticed Tyrrell had a strong odor of intoxicants about his person and was unstable on his feet. Officers believe he was a danger to himself and others. Tyrrell and Camp were taken into custody. Tyrrell was charged with public intoxication and Camp was charged with third-degree domestic battery. Tyrrell and Camp were transported to the Maumelle Police Department. Tyrrell was booked and cited with a court date of Sept. 3 and released to his mother. A warrant for Tyrrell out of Van Buren Police Department was not served due to the limits of extradition. Camp was booked and transported to the Pulaski County Jail. Camp was issued a No Contact Order. Tyrrell was delivered a copy of the No Contact Order at a later time.

100 Millwood Circle: On July 31, Brennan Lanford , 19, of Mayflower was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.


2002 Murphy Drive: On July 26, Knikiah Banks came into Maumelle Police Department to report that someone had cut the tires on his vehicle. Banks said he parked his vehicle at his apartment complex on July 25 and noticed both passenger side tires were flat. Banks said he had his vehicle towed to Walmart to have his tires replaced. While at Walmart, he said it appeared his tires had been cut by a knife or screwdriver. Banks said the tires cost him approximately $500 to be replaced.

3 nimrod Cove: On July 26 at approximately 5:31 p.m., Officer Jeremy Newlin was dispatched to 3 Nimrod Cove on a report of Michael Moon threatening the owner, David Russell. Upon arrival, Moon was reaching in a rental car parked in the driveway for something. When Moon saw Newlin, he quickly put the object in his front right jacket pocket and turned to walk away. Newlin ordered Moon to sit down in the driveway, which he complied. Officer Sterling Pruitt arrived on the scene and Newlin gave Moon his verbal Miranda warning. Pruitt patted down Moon for weapons and a knife was located in Moons front right jacket pocket. Moon said he was putting it in his pocket for self defense because Russell has been getting verbally aggressive with him. Pruitt made contact with Russell, who showed him a disturbing text message from Moon. Pruitt reported one of the text messages from Moon to Russell said " if you won’t listen to me verbally, then it will have to get physical." Moon gave consent to search his rental car and no contraband was found. Russell was informed to contact the city prosecutor to press charges for terroristic threatening. Moon was given a lawful order to not return to 3 Nimrod cove and he vacated the premises.

20514 Highway 365 North: On July 27 at around 5:03 a.m., officers responded to a battery in progress. Prior to arrival, the altercation had been stopped by civilians in the area. Officers made contact with both parties involved, Auston Osborn, 29, of Conway and Chase Furrer, 28, of Little Rock and began to investigate the cause of the altercation. both parties said they were attacked by the other without warning or cause. Osborn did receive a small laceration above his right eye. Both men said that they did not wish to press any charges at this time. Both men denied medical treatment on the scene. After speaking with officers, both parties left the area with no further incident.

100 Commercial Park court: On July 20 at approximately 5 p.m., Officer Gregory Roberts was approached by a resident at 100 Commercial Park Court concerning damage done to his vehicle the night before. The complainant, Geoffrey Gammenthaler, said that sometime between 4 p.m. on July 19 and 9 a.m. on July 20, his vehicle was egged. Gammenthlaer drives a black Dodge Ram 1500. Roberts inspected the vehicle and found that an unknown person had struck the vehicle in the driver’s side window with what he believed was an egg. the egg had run down the window and cause paint damage to the vehicle on the driver’s side door. Gammenthaler said that he had no idea who may caused the damage, however he needed a report from the police for insurance purposes.


1700 Murphy Drive at 102 Robinson Road: On July 24, Sgt. Joseph Poole was dispatched to the construction site at the intersection of Robinson Road and Murphy Drive. Upon arrival he made contact with Stanley Eaves. He said that sometime between 8 a.m. on July 17 and 8 a.m. on July 24, a modified army truck the company used had been taken from the site. He said that the vehicle is a six-wheel drive personnel carrier with a flatbed. he said that the vehicle is still painted OD green. He said he believed that vehicle had been taken prior to July 22 because there were no tracks in the mud caused by recent rains in the area. He said that the vehicle did not require a key for ignition, but the company used a series of battery disconnects. He provided Poole with the vehicle license plate number and VIN number and the vehicle was entered into ACIC/NCIC as stolen. he said that he did not know if the company would file the loss on their insurance.

100 Commercial Park Court Apartment No. 159: On July 28 at 5:36 p.m., Officer Gregory Roussie was dispatched to 100 Commercial court concerning a theft. Upon arrival, he met with Audra McCaskill who stated the tailpipe covers for her vehicle were stolen. she explained that she first saw the right tail pipe cover missing on the morning of July 25. She then saw the left tail pipe over missing on July 28. She said that the covers were securely on the tail pipes and that they did not fall off. Roussie inspected her vehicle and saw no damage to the rear bumper area where the covers were located. She said that she would not be filing a claim on her insurance.