Incidents reported to the Maumelle police through Aug. 4:


2002 Murphy Drive: On July 30, at 3:48 p.m. Officer Gregory Roussie met with Ashley Kane at the police department concerning a report of a forgery. She said that sometime during February a check was written from her Regions bank check book for the amount of $78.31 at the Shell Quick Mart. She believes that David Lee was the person responsible for this or possibly a friend of his, whom she knows only as "Ken." She said that earlier this year her car was taken by David Lee but she never reported it stolen because she and Lee have a child together. When her car was recovered, her checkbook was missing. She filed a report with Benton Police Department and is in the process of contacting other police departments concerning other checks that were written. Kane was not sure at which Shell gas station the check was written at, the Shell on Highway 365 North or the Shell at Highway 100 South and Counts Massies Road.

120 Lake Valley Drive: On Aug. 3, Sgt Joseph Poole was dispatched to the area of 120 Lake Valley Drive in reference to an abandoned vehicle. Upon arrival Poole saw a silver Jaguar XS3 in the middle of the road in front of the residence. The vehicle was completely blocking one lane of traffic and partially blocking the other lane. The vehicle had a Mississippi license plate and dispatch told Poole that it returned to Erin Norcross, but said the return did not have an address or any other information. Poole attempted to make contact at six or eight of the residences in the area and was told by all parties that they have never seen the vehicle and did not know who it belonged to. Poole told dispatch to contact the on-call towing company and the vehicle was removed from the scene by Lawhon Towing Company. Approximately one hour later, Poole was told by dispatch that the resident at 115 Lake Valley Drive had called and asked about the vehicle. Poole contacted a woman at the residence who said that the vehicle belonged to her father and she had borrowed it with his permission to visit friends. She said that she had parked the vehicle in front of the residence next to the curb. She said that she had then left the residence with her friends and noticed her vehicle missing upon their return. Pole told her of the location that he found it and the name of the towing company as well as the reason the vehicle had been towed. Poole asked her about the listed owner’s name and she said that her father had purchased the vehicle new and she did not know anyone named Erin Norcross. Poole then asked dispatch to enter the vehicle into computer system using the VIN number and they said the listed owner showed to be Haynes L. Harkey III. She said Harkey was her father. She said she understood and was sorry for any inconvenience.

400 Valencia Drive Apartment No. 1334: On Aug. 3 at approximately 12:14 a.m., Officer Jeremy Newlin was dispatched to the Bay Pointe Apartments on a report of terroristic threatening. Upon arrival, he contacted Jason Cissell. Cissell said his former roommate, William Surrette, had been threatening him. Cissell said he had been arguing with Surrette about money that he was owed. Cissell said on July 29, Surrette threatened to run him over with a car. Cissell said Surrette sent him a text message that read "they’re either going to have to transfer me or you because when you show up I’m going to put you in the hospital." Cissell said he fears Surrette may run him over. Cissell was given the contact information of the city prosecutor and was advised to contact them to press charges.

11920 Maumelle Boulevard: On Aug. 4 at 9:54 a.m., Officer Gregory Roussie was dispatched to the Hampton Inn concerning a report of criminal mischief. Upon arrival he met with Lauren Keller, the manager, who said that room 124 had been damaged by the occupants from the prior evening. She said that the room was rented to Amanda Cavender, 24, of Paragould and that prior to her departure, she met with Keller at the front desk. It was at that time Keller saw that Cavender had blood on her right temple and on her right forearm. Keller also said Cavender’s speech was incoherent. Keller said that the housekeeper inspected the room and found it in disarray. Keller told Cavender that due to the room’s condition, her security deposit of $100 would not be returned. Roussie inspected the room and saw the disarray. Roussie also saw that nothing appeared to be broken but the jacuzzi and toilet may have been clogged and required a plumber. Keller said that the room was rented using cash. Pictures of the room were taken using the patrol camera. Roussie then spoke with William Briscoe, another guest at the hotel. Briscoe said that he saw Cavender enter a red Chevy Blazer. Cavender began to leave then stopped and yelled at two white men who were entering a Honda Accord. Briscoe said he then saw Cavender stop at the carport area of the hotel, exit her vehicle and enter the hotel. Brisoce then entered the hotel and also saw Cavender was bleeding. Approximately 30 minutes later, Roussie was called back to the hotel concerning some items found in the room. Keller said that some drugs were found in the room. Returning to the room, Roussie said he found 45 white capsule pills along with a small baggie of white powder, all of which were located underneath a pillow on the bed.

2002 Murphy Drive: On Aug. 4 at approximately 11:07 a.m., officers contacted Gail Kirkeby at the Maumelle Police Department. Kirkeby said she had a contract with Bill Haynie to sell her mobile home, which used to be at Frontier

Drive. Kirkeby said the mobile home is no longer there. Kirkeby said Haynie gave her two checks, one for $900 and one for $2,790. Kirkeby said the checks were no good because she took one to Bank of America to ensure the funds were in his account. Kirkeby said Bank of America would not accept the check. Kirkeby said she did not attemp to check the funds of the other check. Officers took possession of the checks and placed them into evidence. Kirkeby received a property receipt for the checks. Officers told her that she needed to contact the Pulaski County prosecutor to file a civil lawsuit against Haynie.

200 Millwood Circle Apartment No. 223: On Aug. 5, Brinkley Police Department asked Maumelle officers to go by the residence of Zena Hendrix to see if she knew where her vehicle was. Maumelle officers were told that the vehicle had been on fire in a field on Elm Street. Officer Stewart Bragg contacted Hendrix and she said that her vehicle should be parked in front of her apartment. She said that she had loaned the vehicle to her uncle, David Swanigan around 3 p.m. on Aug. 4. Swanigan was not found in ACIC/NCIC. Hendrix said that he called her around 8 p.m. and said he was dropping off her vehicle. She said that she did not go out and check to see if he had returned it. She also said that he had the only key to the vehicle. When asked if she knew anyone in Brinkley, she said that her sister and grandmother lived there. The vehicle is insured through Allstate but she did not know the policy number. Bragg then called Brinkley Police Department and spoke with Officer Landon Leon. Leon said that he had seen the vehicle about 10 minutes before the fire call came out. He saw that it was drove by a smaller black man or woman. Leon said that he followed it until it turned onto Elm Street. Leon said that he knew Hendrix’s family and said at the vehicle was about a block from Hendrix’s sister’s home.


101 Pine Forest Drive Apartment No. I35: On Aug. 6, Officer Johnathan Johnson was dispatched in reference to stolen property. Upon arrival he contacted Ronald Melton. Melton said that on Aug. 4 near 11:30 p.m., he was on the back patio of his residence working on his black/silver Dell laptop. Melton said he entered his residence for 10 minutes and when he returned, his laptop was missing. Melton said that his patio is fenced in and the gate was still secure. Melton said that the laptop is worth $2,000.

218 Nantucket Loop: On Aug. 6, Officer Gregory Roussie met with Randy James of Randy James Construction at 218 Nantucket Loop concerning a theft at a construction site. He said that someone stole a Heatilator Firebox sometime during the days of Aug. 3, Aug. 4 or Aug. 5. James told Roussie that the firebox was installed at the time of the theft and that the perpetrator dismantled the item to remove it from the framing. Roussie inspected the area where the firebox had been installed and found no damage to the framing surrounding the item. The item was not entered into ACIC/NCIC due to the serial number being a generic number used for all Heatilator Fireboxes. James said that he would not be filing a claim with his insurance and does not suspect any of his employees in the theft.