Incidents reported to the Maumelle Police Department through Aug. 18:

165 Calais Drive: On Aug. 18, David Specht, 46, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with accidents involving damage only to a vehicle. Oficer Gregory Roussie was working stationary radar when he stopped an Audi A5 at CC Parkway and Auriel Circle for speeding. An ACIC/NCIC check of the driver, Specht, showed him to have an active warrant from the Maumelle Police Department. Specht was placed under arrest and his vehicle was secured and left at the scene. He was brought back to the department, booked, processed and released with a criminal citation for the warrant and written a warning for speeding.

100 Lake Willastein Drive: On Aug. 15, Jeremy Burnett, 27, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with possession of 4 ounces or less of marijuana and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. At approximately 5:28 p.m., Sgt. David Collins had parked in the Walgreen’s parking lot facing south in response to a call when he saw a red Honda Civic pass in front of him with a man driving and a woman in the front passenger seat. Collins said the woman appeared to have a marijuana smoking pipe in her hand. Collins exited the parking lot and followed the vehicle. The car pulled into Lake Willistein on Park Drive and circled the front parking lot. Collins stopped the vehicle and made contact with the pair, who denied knowledge at first. Collins spoke to the woman, Jillian Deininger, and she said that nothing was in the vehicle, giving verbal permission to search. Deininger is the owner of the vehicle. Deininger was mirandized and said that she had nothing on her. Officer Gregory Roberts responded to back up Collins. Roberts had Burnett exit the vehcile and mirandized him, at which point he said that he did have a pipe and a small amount of marijuana in his left shoe that belonged to him. Burnett said that the officers might have seen Deininger smoking an electronic cigarette that was found in her purse. Roberts asked Burnett what company made electronic glass pipes and where a person could buy one. Burnett was placed into custody and taken to the Maumelle Police Department where he was cited and released. The vehicle was turned over to Deininger who was not charged. According to Roberts, a field test determined that the substance in question was marijuana. Burnett’s court date is Sept. 17 at 4 p.m.

1 Oakridge Drive at North Odom Boulevard:On Aug. 17, Austin James Walker, 18, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with purchase and possession of intoxicating liquor by a minor. Officer Justin Woods performed a traffic stop on a 2003 Chrysler Sebring for speeding at Odom Boulevard and Oakridge Drive. While speaking with the driver, a female minor, and the passenger, Walker, Woods said he could smell the odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle. The minor said she was driving the vehicle because her boyfriend, Walker, was "drunk." Woods then asked the minor to exit the vehicle. While speaking with the minor, Woods could not smell intoxicants coming from her. The minor said she and Walker had been at a party and Walker had drank approximately two glasses of alcoholic punch. Woods then asked Walker to exit the vehicle. While speaking with Walker, Woods said he could smell the odor of intoxicants coming from him. Woods then placed Walker under arrest and placed him in the back seat of his patrol vehicle. The minor then gave verbal consent to search the vehicle in the presence of Officer Andrew Garber. While searching the vehicle, Woods found a back pack in the back seat of the vehicle. Inside the back pack he found a small glass jar with what he said was marijuana residue and a Beats by Dr. Dre earphone case with marijuana residue. Woods took possession of the glass jar and the earphone case and disposed of them at Maumelle Police Department in the presence of Garber. The minor was released to the custody of her father along with the vehicle. Walker was transported to the police department for processing. Walker consented to a blood alcohol test with a result of 0.025. Walker was cited and released into the custody of his mother.

20710 Highway 365 North: On Aug. 17, Jacqueline Brown, 47, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with shoplifting and second degree criminal impersonation. At approximately 2:45 p.m., officers were dispatched to Lake Liquor in reference to a shoplifter who was detained. Upon arrival, officers made contact with three employees: Eric O’Conner, L’Mond Smith and Darnell Washington. The three all said they saw Brown select items off of the shelf and conceal the merchandise. The three said they stopped Brown prior to her exiting the store while trying to steal five bottles of alcohol: Hennessy 1.75, valued at $73.99; Hennessy 750, valued at $33.99; Ciroc Berry 750, valued at $34.99; Courvoisier L, valued at $37.49 and Grey Goose 750, valued at $32.99. Officers spoke to Brown who told officers her name was Yolanda F. Brown with a date of birth of April 23, 1965. It wasn’t untl later that the officers found out Brown’s true identity. Brown was read her Miranda Warning and agreed to speak with Officer Brock Waldo. Waldo said Brown stated she was caught trying to steal alcohol. Brown was taken to the Maumelle Police Department where she was processed and transported to the Pulaski County Jail. Brown was charged with shoplifting and criminal impersonation in the second degree. Brown’s bail was set at $1,375. Pictures were taken of the items stolen and all of them were returned to Lake Liquor.

20515 Highway 365 North: On Aug. 18, Todd Alan Boyd, 35, of Little Rock was arrested and chraged with possession of methamphetamine/cocaine, three counts of felony possession of drug paraphernalia and theft by receiving. At approximately 8:45 p.m., Sgt. Scotty Bryant was on patrol in the area of Highway 365. Bryant saw a vehicle in the parking lot of a business that matched the description of a vehicle BOLO from Faulkner County that was taken during a jail escape. Bryant drove by the vehicle and ran the license plate through ACIC/NCIC. The license plat number returned on a red 2007 Chevrolet four door. The tag also showed that it had been stolen from Little Rock Police Department. At this time, Bryant pulled up behind the vehicle and got out to make contact with the occupants. Inside the vehicle Bryant saw a white man, later identified as Boyd, sitting in the

driver seat. In the passenger seat, Bryant saw a young white woman, later identified as Rebecca Johnson-Nhem. Bryant asked Boyd to step from the vehicle, to which Boyd complied. At that time, Boyd was placed in handcuffs, so he could be detained during Bryant’s investigation. Officer Andrew Garber arrived on the scene and Bryant asked Johnson-Nhem to step from the vehicle and she complied. Bryant asked Boyd if he knew what he was detained for and he said that he believed that the license plate number on the car was stolen. At this time, Bryant heard Garber read Boyd his Miranda Warnings. Boyd was run through ACIC/NCIC and showed to have arrest for carrying a weapon and theft by receiving. Bryant asked Boyd for consent to search the vehicle, which he gave.Bryant began his search of the vehicle and located a pill bottle for Ibuprofen behind the driver seat in the back floorboard. Bryant opened the bottle and saw several clear plastic baggies that appeared to contain a clear rock substance consistent with Methamphetamine. Bryant asked Boyd if he knew what they were and he said that he did not. Inside the bottle Bryant found 14 individually wrapped plastic baggies all containing at least one clear rock substance. The substance was later field tested by Detective Campbell and was positive for methamphetamine. Officers continued a search of the vehicle at this point. While searching the trunk area of the vehicle, Garber and Officer Glyneth Hicks found several other pieces of paraphernalia in items that belonged to a man, including a black bag containing digital scales with a white residue. Also located was a small blue Metropolitan National Bank bag containing a plastic bag with several other small thumb baggies. Also located was a glass pipe with a white residue. All the items were collected as evidence and brought to Maumelle Police Department. Boyd and Johnson-Nhem were transported to the police department. Boyd was processed and City Attorney Janan Davis was contacted and she said to make Boyd’s bond $50,000. Johnson-Nhem was kept in an office and she called her mother to come get her. Campbell and Sgt. Lester were contacted and came to the police department to interview Boyd. All evidence was logged and placed into an evidence locker. The vehicle was towed from the scene by Lawhon Towing.