100 Millwood Circle: On Aug. 15, John Bounkhong, 32, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with failure to appear.

9692 Counts Massie Road at 99 Diamond Park Lane: On Aug. 15, Bradley James Decker, 24, of Sherwood was arrested and charged with driving on a suspended licence, violation of the Omnibus DWI Act and leaving the scene of an accident.

100 Millwood Circle: On Aug. 16, Andrea Graves, 35, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with failure to appear.

100 Millwood Circle: On Sept. 19, Zachary Houston Diffie, 25, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

73 Emerald Drive: On Sept. 20, Wesley Edward Howell, 26, of Topeka, Kan., was arrested and charged with soliciting withouth a permit. Lieutenant Joseph M. Poole was dispatched in reference to a solicitor and upon arrival made contact with Howell. Howell said that he was going door to door selling Kirby vacuum cleaners. Poole asked Howell for his drivers license and permit to solicit. Howell said he did not have a permit. Howell gave an ID card from Kansas. Poole had dispatch run Howell through ACIC/NCIC and found Howell had a criminal history that included battery, domestic battery and aggravated assault in Kansas. Howell was placed under arrest for soliciting without a permit and transported to Maumelle Police Department for processing. Howell was released with a court day of Oct. 22.

101 Diamond Pointe Drive: On Sept. 20, Shawn Michael Beasley, 27, of Neodesha, Kan., was arrested and charged with soliciting without a permit. Officer Sterling D. Pruitt saw a subject fitting the description of a solicitor that officers had been looking for in the area. Pruitt made contact with Beasly, who said that he was going door to door selling cleaning supplies and vacuums. Beasley was placed under arrest and was transported to Maumelle Police Department. Beasley identified Wesley Edward Howell as an associate. Beasley was cited and released with a court date. Beasley was told to leave the area and not return unless he had a permit to solicit.

102 Detonti Drive: On Sept. 20, Benjamin Goering, 27, of Lawrence, Kan., was arrested and charged with soliciting without a permit. Officer Jeremy Newling was dispatched to Apple Blossom Loop and Detonti Drive on a report of a man soliciting without a permit. Upon arrival, a citizen stopped Newlin and told him the solicitor got into a gold-colored van. After speaking with the citizen, Newlin continued on Apple blossom Loop. Newlin saw a white man in a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan bearing Kansas license plate parked on apple Blossom Loop. Newlin turned around and parked down the street from the van in order to watch the occupant. The ban began driving toward Newlin and the driver motioned for Newlin to come speak to him. Newlin made contact with the driver, Goering, who said he wanted to inform Newlin he would be going door to door in the area attempting to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners. Newlin asked Goering if he had a permit to solicit and Goering said he did not. Goering was placed under arrest for soliciting without permit and Officer Sterling Pruitt arrived. The vehicle was parked illegally away from the curb. Goering said two other men were in the area soliciting, but Goering was unaware of their location. Officers conducted an inventory for tow of the van and Pruitt found rolling papers and an unknown green substance in the driver’s side door. The green substance was in a clear plastic bag with a label that said "Mana Deep Jungle Sumatran. The label also said that it was standardized mitragynine premium kratom foliage 114 grams not evaluated by the FDA. Frank Harrison and Son towing towed the vehicle4 and Goering was taken to Maumelle Police Department. While en route to the department, Pruitt located another one of the solicitors and placed him under arrest. At the police department, Goering claimed the unidentified green substance was legal incense, however the substance did not have a detectable smell. The rolling papers and unidentified substance were seized, with the unidentified substance being sent to the Arkansas Crime Lab for identification. Goering was given a property receipt for the unidentified substance and rolling papers. Goering was released with a criminal citation to report to the Maumelle District Court on Oct. 22.

100 Millwood Circle: On Sept. 24, Steven Spann, 21, of Sheridan was arrested and charged with two counts of criminal contempt and one count of failure to appear.

100 Millwood Circle: On Sept. 24, Johnny Lee Reed, 28, of Conway was arrested and charged with failure to appear.

100 Millwood Circle: On Sept. 24, Earnest B. Poindexter, 29, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with failure to appear.


100 Audubon Drive Apartment 705: On Aug. 15, A woman reported that her former boyfriend, John Gary Johnson, would not accept the fact that their relationship was over. She stated that Johnson would call her repeatedly despite her requests for him to stop. She said Johnson would also knock on her door at random hours of the night and yell to her from the hallway. The woman said that the incidents have been going on for the last four months. Officer Jeremy Newlin attempted to contact Johnson at his apartment with negative results.

115 Commons Drive: On Aug. 15, officers were dispatched to Walgreens in regards to a counterfeit $100 bill. Officer Justin Woods spoke to April Beagley who said an unknown black man came into Walgreens and bought a bag of men’s underwear and a bag of T-shirts. When the man went to the front register to check out, he spoke a lot in an attempt to distract her. Beagley described the suspect as a balding black man wearing a short sleeve black shirt, shorts and shoes. The man also wore a pair of sunglasses the entire time he was in the store. Beagley said Walgreen’s has surveillance footage of the suspect in the store, but they did not have footage of the vehicle he drove because he parked behind the store.


700 Burkhalter Drive Apt. 3: On Aug. 16, Shannon McPheeters reported that his vehicle had been broken into. McPheeters said that several items were stolen, including a jacket, shirt, AC Delco spark plus, AC Delco spark plug wires, AC Delco distributor cap and a folding four-way tire iron. Officer Casey J. Canady saw four-wheeler tracks leading southbound away from the vehicle.

700 Edgewood Drive: On Aug. 15, the Tobacco Superstore reported a possible shoplifting. According to store manager Greg Haydel, at approximately 12:30 p.m. two black men stole approximately two packages of cigarillos. Haydel described on of the suspects as a black man, with a thin build, approximately 6 foot tall, wearing a dark shirt with a dark ball cap and sunglasses. Haydel said the subject gave him an ID when he was at the register. Haydel said the name on the ID was Paul

Edwin Coulter III. An ACIC check returned a black man, 38, 5’11 and 165 pounds. ACIC showed that Coulter’s address is 5400 Nighthawk Road in North Little Rock. Haydel described the other suspect as a black man with a large build, approximately 6 foot tall, wearing a red shirt, khaki shorts and a dark colored hat. Surveillance video showed two black men matching the aforementioned description possibly stealing two packages of cigarillos. Haydel said Coulter only paid for one package.

164 Majestic Circle: On Aug. 15, officers contacted Donna Killian of Woodhaven Homes in reference to a burglary and theft that occurred Aug. 14. Killian said that she was contacted by Wayne Roy of E.W. Roy Construction and told that all the doors and the garage of the residence were open. Killian said that Roy then went inside to investigate and found the refrigerator missing. The residence is an unoccupied finished house for sale and Killian has no idea how entry was made, she did not claim forced entry. She said that the residence is sometimes left open for prospective buyers but was not sure if this was the case in this incident.

12 River Valley Court: Officer Casey J. Canady was dispatched in regards to a vehicle that had been broken into. The victim, Kami Grisham, said she left the doors unlocked and sometime during the night someone broke into her vehicle and stole her purse. She said her purse was a large metallic gold Jessica Simpson purse. She said the items in her purse included two debit cards, four credit cards, her drivers license, her nursing license, a United Healthcare insurance card, and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses with a case. Grisham said her husband’s wedding ring, made of white gold and worthy approximately $500, was also in the purse. Grisham contacted the police later and said that she had noticed other items missing from her purse. She said that her prescription Clonazepam was in her purse. She said there were approximately 15 pills. She also said her prescription Hyoscyamine was in her purse, which had 30 pills. Grisham said she also received notification from her bank that there were some attempted purchases using her debit and credit cards. She said an attempted purchase of $556.20 was made at Walmart Supercenter in Benton, an attempted purchase was attempted at a Shell gas station at 10101 Interstate 30 in Little Rock and several other purchases were attempted at other gas stations including Exxon, EZ Mart, Big Red and Mapco Express. All of these attempted purchases were made at gas stations in the Little Rock area. Grisham said that all of her debit and credit cards had been cancelled.