Incidents reported to Maumelle police through Dec. 1:


Maumelle Boulevard and Country Club Parkway: On Nov. 21, Curtis Thad Wilder, 29, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with DWI and careless and prohibited driving. Police said they found Wilder asleep at the wheel of a 2010 Volkswagen with the right front wheel and tire missing from the vehicle. Wilder refused to open the door when police awakened him, Officer Gregory Roussie said. When he did open the door, Roussie said he had an odor of intoxicants along with bloodshot watery eyes. After he was arrested and brought to police headquarters he refused field sobriety tests but a Breathalyzer test returned a blood alcohol count of 0.15. Roussie said he was cited and released to a third party.

Maumelle Boulevard Railroad Overpass: On Nov. 21, Tammie Williams, 53, of Sherwood was arrested and charged with DWI and refusal to submit to a Breathalyzer test. Sgt Scotty Bryant said he was patrolling when he found a southbound vehicle in the inside lane stopped with its hazard lights on. He said both driver’s side tires were flat and he Williams was behind the wheel of the vehicle with a strong odor of intoxicants about her, slurred speech and glassy eyes. He said she told him she hit a curb and flattened her tires but was unsteady on her feet. Bryant said she "blew a 0.13 on a portable Breathalyzer test. She later failed field sobriety tests and refused to take a regular Breathalyzer test. She was given a citation and released to a responsible third party, police said.

Maumelle Boulevard and Bringler Drive: On Nov. 24, Austin A. Wennberg, 26, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with public intoxication. Officer Jeremy A. Newlin, Sr., said he encountered Wennberg crossing Maumelle Boulevard who told him he was walking home from Lucky’s Bar but was lost.

20710 Arkansas Highway 365 North: On Nov. 25, Brandy Jo Jackson, 35, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after Officer Clifton McClintock said he was working off-duty in plain clothes a Lake Liquor when he saw Jackson walking toward the north end of the building. He said he walked to the end of the building but couldn’t find her after she old him, "Hold on, I have to pee."

McClintock said he saw Jackson on the parking lot later with bloodshot watery eyes and she had an "odor of alcohol," he said. He said when he asked her why she urinated beside the store she told him she didn’t, was scared of him and ran behind the building because he chased her. She then began crying he said but after a few minutes of crying "she began cursing loudly and yelling at me because I did not believe her." When other officers arrived she was arrested for disorderly conduct, he said.


23 Norfork Drive: On Nov. 19, Robert McClanahan, 53, reported a burglary to police. He said someone stole several items out of his garage and 2011 Ford Taurus including a $250 Craftsman 150 piece socket set, a $40 Harbor freight ¾ inch socket set and a $250 Apple iPod.

4 Nicklaus Drive: On Nov. 20, Ryan L. Smith, 34, told police his wallet and an $800 Apple iPhone were stolen from his 2004 Hyundai Accent. He said several more expensive items were not taken and that his vehicle was unlocked with the keys in the ignition.

117 Audubon Drive: On Nov. 22, Beth Whitby, 56, Wal-Mart manager said a six-foot tall black male wearing tan Cohart pants and a jacket stole 8 cases of beer from the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market along with Tide detergent and hamburger meat. She gave police a license number and videotape of the incident.

2002 Murphy Drive: On Nov. 24, Eric P. Ardoin, 40 told police he was notified by Simmons National Bank that someone had issued a fraudulent check to Madelyn N. Hough in Colorado for $2,750 but the bank had cancelled the check before it cleared his account. He said he had no idea how someone obtained a copy of his check to alter.

94 Mountain Terrace Circle: On Nov. 26, Wanda Y. Russell, 47, of Maumelle reported her Bank of the Ozarks Visa card stolen and used at an Ikea Store in North York, Ontario, Canada. She told police she believed her new card was taken out of her mailbox because she said she didn’t know it had been mailed to her. The Canada charge was for $337.14 on Nov. 25.

117 Audubon Drive: On Nov. 27, Lisa Watson, 36, manager of the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market said she saw a man take several large packages of ground beef and two cases of Ramen Noodles along with milk containers covered by a large foil roasting pan. Witnesses gave police a description of the vehicle used and a license number and videotape from the store.

127 Calais Drive: On Nov. 27, Rick N. Farewell, 45, of Maumelle told police his license tag was stolen off his vehicle and replaced with another tag. Police said the new tag came off a vehicle stolen from Benton.


‘1100 Union Court: On Nov. 23, Fiero L. Stewart, 23, of Maumelle told police her 2009 red Ford Mustang had been struck by another vehicle but that it was a hit and run. She said the Mustang had front, passenger side bumper, fender and headlight damage. Officer Sterling Pruitt said he could see blue paint transfer on the red car. Damage was estimated at $1,000.