The following incidents were reported to the Maumelle Police Department through Oct. 18.


100 Millwood Circle: On Oct. 17, Barbara Jones, 61, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with failure to appear.

100 Millwood Circle: On Oct. 18, Kenetra Lowe, 21, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with criminal contempt.

102 Cherokee Drive at 101 Tomahawk Drive: On Oct. 19, Christopher Wayne Hooks, 41, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, driving on a suspended driver’s license and no tail lamps or reflectors. At 11:44 p.m. Officer Jeremy Newlin was driving on Blue Mountain Drive and when he came to the intersection of Blue Mountain Drive and Odom Boulevard, he saw a white 1997 Pontiac grand Am stopped in the turn lane. The Pontiac turned onto Melville Drive. As Newlin turned east onto Odom Boulevard, the Pontiac did a U-turn and got behind him. The Pontiac turned onto Mountain Terrace Circle and the Pontiac merged back onto Odom Boulevard. Newlin noticed that there were no lights illuminating the license plate. The Pontiac turned onto Manitou Drive and began turning onto various streets with no apparent purpose. Newlin stopped the Pontiac at the intersection of Tomahawk Drive and Cherokee Drive. Newling made contact with the driver, Christopher Hooks, who said he was going to his friend’s house but did not know the street or address. An ACIC/NCIC return showed Hooks driver’s license was suspended. Newlin had Hooks exit the car and Lt. Joseph Poole arrived on the scene. Newlin did an inventory of the vehicle to tow and found five peach-colored oblong pills marked "V 36 05" inside a napkin in the driver’s side door. The pills were later identified as Hydrocodone. Poole gave Hooks a verbal Miranda warning and Hooks said he had a prescription for the pills but it was not with him. Hooks was arrested and taken to the Maumelle Police Department. Lawhon Towing took the vehicle. Hooks was processed and taken to Pulaski County Jail He was given a $5,000 bond by the city prosecutor.

17171 Maumelle Boulevard at 1601 Murphy Drive: Rodrick Deshun Alexander Jr., 20, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with driving on a revoked/suspended driver’s license, careless and prohibited driving, possession of 4 ounces or less of marijuana and improper use of evidence of registration. At 12:25 a.m., Officer Jeremy Newlin saw a gray 1986 Pontiac Firebrand driving north on Highway 100 near the northbound lane of Odom Boulevard. Newlin said he saw the Pontiac drift into the right lane and then drift back. Newlin ran the license plate and it returned to a black 1973 Ford truck belonging to Michael Jackson. The Pontiac got in the turning lane in order to turn on Rolling Oaks Drive. When the light turned green, the Pontiac went straight. Newlin stopped the vehicle on Highway 100 just past Murphy Drive. Newlin made contact with the driver, Rodrick Alexander. Newlin asked Alexander for his driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration. Alexander was unable to locate any of those. Lt. Joseph Poole arrived and Newlin had Alexander exit the vehicle. Alexander provided his name and date of birth. An ACIC/NCIC return showed Alexander’s license was suspended. The ACIC/NCIC return on the VIN of the Pontiac showed it should be displaying and expired Arkansas license plate number belonging to Alexander. Newlin did an inventory to tow the Pontiac and found two partially smoked marijuana cigars, tobacco shavings and a marijuana stem in the ash tray under the dash. Alexander said the marijuana cigars belonged to his cousin. Also in the car was a license plate with tabs to a different license plate displayed on it. The license plate had no ACIC/NCIC return. The tabs returned not stolen, but not belonging to Alexander. Both license plates from the vehicle were confiscate. Alexander was placed under arrest and transported to the Maumelle Police Department. The Pontiac was towed by Blue Hill Wrecker Service. Alexander was processed and released with a criminal citation to report to Maumelle District Court on Nov. 19.


102 Country Club Parkway: On Oct. 16 at approximately 4:30 p.m., Lt. David Collins responded to a National Bank of Arkansas in reference to a white female that had just attempted to cash two stolen checks. Upon arrival he made contact with the listed witness who described the suspect as a white woman with long dark hair that had bangs cut straight across and heavy dark eyeliner. She said the woman pulled into the far teller lane even though the other closer ones were open. The suspected vehicle was described as a black Toyota 4Runner displaying a temporary tag, which the witness was not able to read the number. The suspect presented the witness with the two listed checks and as identification, on Arkansas driver’s license in the name of Amy Stanley and an N.B.A. debit card also in Stanley’s name. The witness said that she recognized the name on the checks and knew that they were stolen and began stalling the suspect while calling the department. The suspect apparently became suspicious and told the teller that something had come up and fled the scene without asking for or retrieving the property. The suspect’s direction of travel was not known and the search of the ara for the vehicle was negative. Collins collected the property left at the scene as evidence and a property receipt was provided to the bank. All property related to the incident has been logged in and placed in a locker. On Oct. 17, Collins spoke with Amy Stanley, who was the victim of a theft in Conway on Oct. 7. She said that she had gone to her child’s daycare and left her vehicle unlocked and unattended while in the center. Upon returning she noted her purse had been stolen.

209 Seminole Lane: On Oct. 16 at approximately 8:08 p.m., Officer Jeremy Newlin was dispatched to 209 Seminole Lane on a report of a water line being removed. Upon arrival, he spoke with the homeowner, Jarvis Kolen. Kolen said the workers at the construction site next door, 211 Seminole Lane, had disconnected the water line to his house from his water meter. Kolen said the workers also installed a water spigot from his water meter to the construction site. Larry Pruss from Maumelle Water Management was also on the scene and he confirmed Kolen’s statements. Pruss said he has disconnected the water spigot and reconnected Kolen’s water line to his house. Newlin saw a water spigot connected to a piece of pipe on the ground near the meter. Kolen said he does not live in 209 Seminole Lane year round and he has not been staying there for the past few months. Pruss and Kolen showed Newlin a water bill from Sept. 6 through Oct. 3 when 2,710 gallons of water were used. Kolen said he was not residing in the house during that time. The builder at 211 Seminole Drive was DuWayne Weldon Arkansas Premier Homes. Newlin attempted to contact Weldon by telephone with negative results.

7 Valley View Court: On Oct. 17 at approximately 10:48 a.m., Officer Andrew Garber was dispatched in reference to a vehicle break-in. Upon arrival, Newlin spoke with Jackson Sheesley. Sheesley said at approximately 3 a.m. on Oct. 16, he heard the alarm on one of his vehicles in the driveway going off. Sheesley said he went outside and found the vehicle to be secure. Sheesley said he did not check any of his other vehicles and went back to the residence. On Oct. 17, Sheesely said he found the door to his 2008 Dodge truck unlocked. Sheesley said when he reached under his seat to place his weapon in a fanny pack, he found the fanny pack and its contents to be missing. Sheesley said nothing in the vehicle was disturbed and no other items were removed from the truck. No forced entry was observed and no evidence of the crime could be located.

14 Norfork Drive: On Oct. 18 at approximately 1 p.m., Lt. David Collins spoke with Andrew Collins in reference to the theft of an Arkansas driver’s license, an Army National Guard ID, an Arvest Bank debit card, a black men’s trifold wallet and $10 in cash. Andrew Collins said that his vehicle was parked on Riverland Drive in front of 14 Norfork overnight. Andrew Collins said that someone unlawfully entered the vehicle during the stated hours and removed his wallet from the driver’s side door storage compartment that contained the stolen property. Andrew Collins believes he left the car unlocked and that this is how entery was gained. There was no damage to the vehicle.