Incidents reported to Maumelle police through Jan. 23:


100 Millwood Circle: On Jan.21, D’Carlo Day, 29, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with failure to appear after he turned himself in on outstanding warrants.

Holiday Drive: On Jan. 21, Terrick Carlton, 40, of Little Rock was arrested after a traffic stop and charged with improper use of registration, driving on a suspended drivers license, operation of a vehicle without a license plate and no proof of liability insurance. Police said when asked Carlton told them he couldn’t afford a new license tag after his expired in 2012 so he took the 2014 sticker off another vehicle to create the fictitious tags.

Arkansas Highway 365 North: On Jan. 16, Daniel James Lee, 20, of Mayflower was arrested and charged with criminal contempt after a traffic stop. Lt. Dustin Ivey said he saw a Dodge Dakota pickup truck make a right turn off Maumelle Boulevard without signaling and when he made contact with the three occupants, Lee told him he had an outstanding warrant from Mayflower. He also said the driver, Nicholis Washam was "extremely nervous and he was shaking and stuttering his words." As the driver, Ivey said he asked Washam for permission to search the vehicle and Washam told him no. But Kayla Burr, the middle passenger said she as the owner and gave permission to search. During the search Ivey said he found a metal grinder with marijuana residue, a purple pie attached to the parking brake, a glass pipe with marijuana residue and a miniature Smirnoff bottle converted into a marijuana pipe. All three denied ownership of the items found.

Arkansas Highway 365 North: On Jan. 16, Nicholis Shawn Washam, 18, of Mayflower was arrested in the same incident above and charged with four counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, driving on an expired drivers license and turning without giving a signal.

Arkansas Highway 365 North: On Jan. 16, Kayla Burr, 19, of Mayflower was also arrested in the same incident above and charged with two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Arkansas Highway 365 North: On Jan. 17, Jared Wayne Williams, 21, of Mayflower was arrested at the Kum and Go and charged with public intoxication. Officer Jacob Johnson said Williams was muddy and wet claiming his ride left without him and as he was walking to the Kum and Go he fell into a ditch.

100 Millwood Drive: On Jan. 17, Mickey D. Langford, 33, of Mayflower was arrested and charged on two outstanding warrants, one from Maumelle for criminal contempt of court and another from Conway police. She was given a court date for Maumelle and turned over to Conway police.

112 Audubon Drive: On Jan. 17, Robert P. Grandison, 46, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with breaking and entering, theft of property from autos, tampering with physical evidence and the fraudulent use of a credit card. Officer Sterling Pruitt said he responded to Little Scholars Academy where car break-ins had been reported. After a quick check of surveillance tape, he began searching for the distinctive vehicle seen in the tapes. He found the car on Maumelle boulevard trying to turn onto Counts Massive Road. Upon seeing police the vehicle attempted a u-turn nearly causing several collisions, Pruitt said. He stopped the vehicle and Lt. Dave Collins and a North Little Rock officer arrived as backup. In the rear floorboard, Pruitt said he found a purse allegedly stolen in Maumelle. Pruitt said Grandison admitted stealing the purse, using a stolen credit card at the Valero to obtain gasoline and disposing of other credit cards and an Apple iPhone. Police recovered several credit cards from the Valero trash can. Pruitt said Grandison’s drivers license was suspended and he was wanted as a parole absconder.

Olympia Drive and Maumelle boulevard: On Jan. 15, Bionca Murray, 21, of Pine Bluff was arrested and charged with speeding and driving on a suspended drivers license. Officer Andrew Garber said he made the arrest following a traffic stop and also discovered an outstanding warrant from Conway police.

Audubon Drive and Millwood Drive: On Jan 15, Terrance L Reed, 53, of North Little Rock was arrested and charged with DWI after Lt. Dustin Ivey said he saw a blue Chevrolet Van with a brake light out and stopped Reed who exhibited "glassy eyes, and he smelled heavily of intoxicants." After failing field sobriety tests, Reed registered 0.09 blood alcohol count on a Breathalyzer test.

Club Manor Drive: On Jan. 15, Arthur Ranney, 44, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with outstanding warrants for criminal contempt and failure to pay rent and to vacate the property.

100 Millwood Drive: On Jan. 13, Terrance Oliver, 27, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with theft by receiving and failure to appear on outstanding warrants from Maumelle.

501 Valencia Drive: On Jan. 13, Mercedes Fennell, 23, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with theft by receiving on an outstanding warrant.

Commons Drive and Club Manor Drive: On Jan. 13, Rebekah Peek, 23, of Little Rock was arrested and charged with not wearing a seat belt, driving on a revoked or suspended drivers license and on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear. Capt. Jim Hansard said he saw Peek driving without a seat belt and when he stopped her he discovered the other outstanding warrants.

100 Millwood Drive: On Jan. 13, Kenetra Lowe, 22, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with criminal contempt of court when she turned herself in on an active warrant.


4 Samantha Lane: On Jan. 16, Rusell Yarbourgh, 67, reported the theft of items from his garage he said he left open. Items missing included a full set of Calaway golf clubs valued at $2,000 in a $200 red Razorback golf bag, He told police the theft occurred between Dec. 30, 2013 and Jan. 11 and that he didn’t immediately report it because "he did not feel that the police would be able to locate the items."

8000 Counts Massie Road: On Jan 16, Aaron Sweeden, 32, of Little Rock an employee of Kimbal Mechanical Systems reported the theft of a $600 40-gallon Bradford water heater from apartments under construction. The heater was shrink wrapped to a pallet when stolen.

105 Commons Drive: On Jan. 10, Starbucks reported damage from a large U-Haul truck driving through the drive-through lane. First the truck hit the clearance sign to warn of too tall vehicles then proceeded striking a green metal awning and metal exterior light. After damaging the structure the 18-year-old driver got out and walked to the window to pick up her order then drove the big truck across landscaping causing even more extensive damage. Damage estimates totaled $2,500. Police were able to track down the name of the person who rented the U-Haul earlier in the day in Maumelle and have attempted to contact her.

108 Lily Drive: On Jan 21, Erica Taylor, 31 of North Little Rock told police her 2012 Cadillac Escalade was damaged when another vehicle hit hers at 108 Lily Drive on Dec. 7 and left the scene of the accident.

400 Valencia Drive: On Jan. 19, Arthur Ranney, 44, of Little Rock contacted police saying he’d hired a man named Greg to assist him in moving from Bay Pointe Apartments but after loading all his possessions the man he knew only as Greg took off and he hasn’t heard from him since. Items missing included a $1,500 48-inch flat screen TV, a $900 boat, a $2,000 Oak Entertainment Center, five suits valued at $2,500, a $500 Kenmore washer, a $500 Kenmore dryer, a $750 couch and a $750 ottoman.

8 Degray Cove: On Jan. 13, police responded to a call where the homeowner claimed her Social Security number had been compromised. She said an Arkansas state tax document was mailed to her home with the name of an unknown male, Kyle Hartwick and her SSAN on it.Officer Brock Waldo said he advised the homeowner to contact the Attorney General’s office and to report the apparent theft to credit bureaus and obtain credit reports for her and her husband.

110 Commons Drive: On Jan. 15, Kroger store employees reported to police the shoplifting of two boxes of Canadian snow crab valued at $269.70. Two employees both said they heard an audible anti-theft alarm go off and saw a black female run out the front door pushing a shopping cart. Store manager Anthony Mannie said he and others followed the woman and saw her get into a Chevrolet Cavalier and recorded the car’s license tag. A black male was driving the vehicle.

8000Crystal Hill Road: On Jan. 16, VCC Construction reported the theft from an apartment under construction of $800 in residential windows. Construction manager Billy Spence, 60, of Cleburne said a total of six windows were taken.

1 Fairplay Way: On Jan. 13, Nathan Carlock with Maumelle Parks and Recreation reported $300 in damage to sod grass and more than $1,000 in irrigation pipe damage at the rolling Oaks Soccer Complex by driving a vehicle through the wet fields causing extensive damage.

16 Club Manor Drive: On Jan. 13, Leslie Steen, 70 told police he found a man standing next to his 2004 Toyota Sienna when he opened his garage door to let his dog out. When the dog started barking the man, described as large build wearing a dark colored overcoat took off running.

Mountain Terrace Circle: On Jan. 13, Rodney Benning, 38, of Prattsville reported a theft from his Harper Construction site. He said an $8,000 control monitor for a Volvo EC220 Track Excavator was missing.

200 Holiday Drive: On Jan. 13, Randy Yancy, 59, of Springfield, Mo., reported the theft of a 1989 Oldsmobile Regency from the holiday Inn Express parking lot. Yancy told police he had left a set of keys at the hotel’s front desk that also are missing.