Incidents reported to the Maumelle Police Department through May 7:


Artin Zadoorian, 36, Sherwood, was arrested May 2 in Conway on a Maumelle warrant. He was taken to the police department and released with a court date of June 24.

Atishay Jain, 20, Little Rock, and Andrew Sanjuan were arrested on May 7 on possession of marijuana, less than four ounces, and possession of drug paraphernalia. While on patrol, officers saw the pair in Jain’s Toyota parked on the dead end of Carnahan Drive. Officers saw what they believed to be a multi-colored glass marijuana pipe on the front seat. Officers noted that both men appeared to be very nervous. After being read their Miranda rights, Jain said the pipe was his, along with a baggie of marijuana under the driver’s seat. More marijuana was found in the vehicle and Jain said that it was also his. They were booked and released with a court date of June 24.


Lindsey Pack, who works at Sonic, said someone broke into her car while she was at work on May 7. Nothing of value appeared to be missing from the vehicle. Pack said she had a suspect but police were unable to locate him.