Incidents and arrests reported to the Maumelle Police Department through May 19:


Jamie Wheat, 44, North Little Rock was arrested May 14 on Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, Felony Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and three misdemeanor drug charges. Wheat was pulled over on a traffic stop and was described as "disarranged" by officers. Wheat told officers she used meth and when asked if any meth was in the vehicle, she told officers, "there was no telling what I would find." A baggie containing 1.2 grams of what was believed to be meth was found. When told the weight, Wheat told officers "that she actually got the correct amount when buying it." Wheat was cited, given a court date and released.

Phillip Bates, 55, North Little Rock, was arrested for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance and driving on a revoked/suspended license on May 15. He also had a warrant out for his arrest Mayflower police. He was taken into custody and released to the Faulkner County’ Sheriff’s Office.

Carlos Craig, 25, Little Rock was taken into custody on May 19. Craig had been pulled over by the Arkansas State Police on a traffic stop when it was found he had warrants out for his arrest by Maumelle. Craig was processed and released with a July 8 court date.

Christopher Beck, 35, Sherwood, was arrested on May 8 for Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance and two misdemeanor drug charges. Beck was pulled over for a traffic stop and officers believed Beck’s behavior was consistent with meth users. When asked if he used meth, Beck told officers he had 10 minutes previous to the stop. He also said he had meth and marijuana on him. Beck was processed and released with a July 1 court date.

Lakin Moore, 27, Maumelle, was arrested May 7 for misdemeanor domestic battering. Moore was found inside the Kum and Go covered in blood. Moore, who "smelled heavily of intoxicants," denied medical treatment and told officers that she had gotten into an argument with Charles Elder, who had called police and told them that Moore was the aggressor. Moore told police she was defending herself and that they "had both been drinking heavily." Moore was given a July 1 court date and a no contact order for Elder.

Calion Matlock, 26, Maumelle, was arrested on May 9 for misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Matlock’s vehicle was pulled over for expired tags and the officer smelled marijuana. A passenger in the vehicle, Kylon Boyd, 25, Maumelle was seen eating something. Boyd later told police "he ate a ‘blunt’ while they were being pulled over. They were taken to the police station and released with a court date of July 1.

Kim Grande, 27, Ward, was arrested on May 11 for misdemeanor domestic battering at a residence on Pine Oak Grove. The owner, James Naylor, told police they had been in an argument and he had put her outside where she caused damage to the door trying to get back in. Naylor said Grande didn’t live there. Grande smelled "heavily of intoxicants" according to the police report. Naylor then told police Grande could stay there and left on another call. Naylor called 911 later that evening and told police that after he let Grande in, she attacked him and was bleeding from his wrist and scratches along both arms. Grande was then taken into custody. She was cited and released. A no contact order was also issued.


While on a traffic stop on May 17 Douglas Howard, 45, Conway, told police writing him a warning that his day wasn’t going well and that he had been refused service at a Valero over what the manager there believed to be a counterfeit bill. Howard told police it was a $20 and he was unsure when he received it. The bill was given to the officer and placed into property.

Brenda Hayes on Apple Blossom Loop reported on May 18 that a light pole was down as it had been driven into during the night. Neither Hayes nor her neighbors heard anything. Public Works was notified.

Gregory Simmons of River Valley Loop reported on May 18 that his Cadillac Escalade had been broken into while parked at the Diamond Park Baseball Fields. Simmons said that $6,900 worth of a purse; other bags and electronics were taken along with credit and debit cards. A rear window had been busted out on the vehicle.

Matt Barnes, 39, Dumas, reported a hit and run accident on May 17 in the parking lot of the McDonald’s. Samantha Seigrist, 22, North Little Rock, owns the vehicle that caused the accident and when found by officers, told them "knew why I was there" and admitted striking the vehicle. She said she intended to go back but was cited for leaving the scene of an accident and having no proof of insurance.

Ricky Macaleese, 46, Maumelle, reported on May 18 that someone had vandalized her vehicle, a 2010 Buick Lacrosse. A rear window had also been busted out. Macaleese had no suspects in mind and nothing of value appeared to be missing.

Riley Fickett, 26, Marshfield, Mo., reported to police on May 18 that her vehicle, a 2009 Honda, had been broken into and a laptop taken from the car. A window had been broken out and it was at the same address as the previous incident.

Regions Bank reported to police on May 19 that a non-customer came into to cash two checks on May 10 and the bank had determined that the checks were forged. The checks totaled $5,253.61. A thumbprint identified the person as Derrick Swanigan, 43, Little Rock, had cashed the fraudulent checks. Regions Corporate Security also provided time stamp photos, and statements from the teller and Truth For Today World Mission School Inc., that they had not authorized the checks.