Incidents reported to the Maumelle Police Department through July 5:


Alexandria Raglin reported on July 4 that someone had broken into her vehicle, a 2011 Honda. A rear passenger window had been busted out and missing was Raglin’s purse and its contents.

Elizabeth Loftus reported on July 5 that someone stole the license plate from her 2005 Nissan.

Beverly Wofford reported on July 5 a "loud explosion" near her home on Kingspark Drive. When officers arrived they found the mailbox open and charred inside. Fireworks were found near the base of the mailbox.

Verizon Wireless on Burkhalter Drive reported a theft on July 2. Missing was a 10 foot copper lead valued at $500 and four quick connect ends valued at $800. A lock on a fence had also been damaged. Video surveillance was inconclusive.

Deborah Hedden reported on July 4 that her vehicle, a 2013 Cadillac, had items taken from out when it was parked at the Maumelle Aquatic Center the previous day. Hedden had been at the pool and had left a towel, and keys that went to her vehicle on a chair unattended. The keys had been taken and her vehicle rummaged through. Also among the items missing from the Cadillac were umbrellas and a bag of makeup.

William Lott reported on that July 4 that someone had broken into his 2004 Chevrolet while he was staying at the Quality Suites. Missing was two wallets with a combined $1,515 in cash in them. Lott told police the vehicle had been locked when he went to bed and police did not find any