Parents of Crystal Hill elementary school students from both Maumelle and North Little Rock are upset over the mysterious death of a pet rabbit.

According to a North Little Rock police detective’s report, the rabbit had been a pet at the school locked inside a pen that students often played with.

On March 15, Detective Ragan P. Hernandez said she met with school principal Stacy Donaghy, vice-principal Yvonne Harris, two district counselors and a teacher who all told her they’d found the missing rabbit inside the garden with its head missing.

Hernandez said it appeared the rabbit’s ears had been cut off with a sharp object.

All of the school officials gave police the name of a juvenile they suspected because they’d seen blood on his shirt that same day.

The school nurse said the youngster wouldn’t explain how he was hurt and came to have blood on his shirt.

He told the nurse he’d fallen on the playground and had a slight puncture wound in his stomach.

However, the nurse said the wound was inconsistent with the amount of blood seen. Police were given the shirt after school officials confiscated it.

Donaghy said two district counselors went to the boy’s home on March 15 and confronted the youngster who denied having killed the rabbit.

Hernandez said she explained to school officials that the death of a rabbit would be considered a misdemeanor and she said Donaghy told her that Pulaski County Special School District superintendent Jerry Guess said he did not wish to criminally prosecute the student but instead get him counseling.

She said she offered to send the shirt to the state crime lab for testing if the school wanted it done.