A trip to the bullpen for a deer on April 6 resulted in the deer having to be shot by police to put it out of its misery.

Maumelle police officers Johnathan Johnson and Jeremy Newlin Sr., were patrolling around the new Maumelle High School on Victory Lane when they said they saw three deer that were stuck inside the fence surrounding the baseball field.

Johnson said the deer appeared to be looking for a way out of the fence but couldn’t find one.

Sgt. Dustin Ivey and his K9 officer Razor were called in to help and they did successfully herd two of the deer out of the park but the third deer wouldn’t comply and kept running full speed into the chain link fence.

After a few head on crashes with the fence, the deer was limping on a back leg an bleeding from its mouth.

Johnson said eventually the deer collapsed from exhaustion and its injuries.

Johnson said he fired two shots from his department issued Glock model 22 semi-automatic pistol "dispatching" the deer.

He said animal control officers were called and came and collected the deer.