Officer Johnathan Johnson was on patrol on July 17 when he saw something awry.

Johnson, near 1701 Club Manor Drive, spotted what appeared to be a couple in a Camry in the “act of sexual intercourse” at approximately 1:11 a.m.

The couple, a man and woman later identified as Jacob Curry Pitts and Elaine Shannon Clark, were in a black Toyota Camry in the parking lot of the Baptist Health Family Clinic.

Johnson got out of his patrol vehicle and didn’t bother knocking. His presence didn’t seem to deter Pitts and Clark as the patrolman said in his report, “saw the woman on top of the man in the process of sexual intercourse.”

Johnson then shone his vehicle’s spotlight “at which time, the two subjects” became aware of his presence.

They stopped and then began to get dressed.

Pitts was he asked why they were in the parking lot of the clinic.

Pitts, 20, said he is from Little Rock while Clark, 22, is from Conway and they were meeting halfway.

Johnson’s report said, “both subjects had the odor of intoxicants on them.”

Both were placed under arrest for public sexual indecency and verbal consent was given to search the vehicle.

Johnson found six empty beer cans, and one full can of Budweiser.

That can was disposed of at the scene.

Pitts and Clark were then taken to the Maumelle Police Department.

Johnson asked how the beer came to be in the car.

Clark claimed that Pitts already had the beer in his possession, while Pitts claimed Clark had purchased the beer and placed it in the car.

An additional charge of possession of alcohol by a minor was added for Pitts, while a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor was added to Clark.

Both were then processed and released.

A court date was set for Aug. 20.

— Joseph Price