Fred W. and Tammy Kassandra Lauderdale, both 46, of 14605 Tanning Road just outside Maumelle were two of 21 suspects arrested on federal drug charges announced on Thursday, Nov. 15.

Fred was arrested on Nov. 9 by U.S. Marshalls and is still in the Pulaski County Regional Detention Center.

The two were charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine mixture along with 19 others, according to the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, Christopher Thyer.

The charge carries an up to lifetime penal term and millions in fines.

Thyer said this group allegedly has handled more than 500 grams of meth in the central Arkansas area since July 2011.

He said a Drug Enforcement Agency Little Rock District Office Group #2 was established in June 2012 to investigate the trafficking. It consisted of DEA agents, Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office deputies, North Little Rock and Benton police officers, Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies and Arkansas State Police.

Also assisting in the investigation were ATF agents, the U.S. Marshall’s Service, the Internal Revenue Service, the Arkansas National Guard, the Little Rock, Jacksonville and Sherwood Police Departments and the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Department.

Thyer said the drug task force targeted this large scale drug trafficking organization led by Tark Bouhamidi, of Austin in Lonoke County who Thyer said routinely traveled to Dallas to obtain large amounts of methamphetamine from a source of supply named Johnny Ybarra. He then would arrange for drug couriers to bring the drugs into the state.

He said the investigation culminated with a Nov. 6 indictment of Bouhamidi, Ybarra and the 19 others for various drug and weapons charges.

Thyer said the task force has seized $66,000 in cash, $10,000 in assets, two and one-half pounds of methamphetamine, nine vehicles, including two tractor-trailer rigs and two firearms.

Others arrested in the raid included:

Tarik Shawn Bouhamidi, a/k/a Bo, 46, of Austin; Gary Wayne Alvey, 53, of Morrilton; Amy Beth Dodd, 31, of Little Rock; Randy Eakle, unknown; Bryan Louis Embry, 49, Atkins; Steven Lynn Goodman, 45, Beebe; Harold David Holladay, a/k/a Doc, 47, Little Rock; Terry Wayne Leggitt, 43, Houston; Sonia Kay Potter,47, Jacksonville; Jeremy Gradden Putt, 42, Benton; Joseph Paul Setvin, Jr., 44, Jacksonville; Scottie Edwin Sisney, 40, Atkins; Kaylea Lynn Sontag, 32, England; Lesia Carol Southerland, 47, Lonoke; Rodney Lynn Spradlin, 36, England; Stacye Rochelle Strickland, 42, Little Rock; Christopher Eric Vires, 33, Lonoke; Larry Joe Williams, 62, Morrilton; and Johnny Ybarra, 23, of Dallas, TX.

Two were arrested under Count 2 - PWID more than 50 but less than 500 grams of methamphetamine mixture and include: Christopher Eric Vires, 33, and Lesia Carol Southerland, 47 both of Lonoke.

Under Count 3 — a felon in possession of a firearm — Christopher Eric Vires, age 33, Lonoke, AR

Under Count 4 - PWID more than 5 but less than 50 grams of methamphetamine mixture Harold David Holladay, a/k/a Doc, 47, Little Rock.

Another man was arrested under Count 5 - PWID more than 50 but less than 500 grams of methamphetamine mixture

Bryan Louis Embry, 49, of Atkins, AR.

On Count 6 - PWID more than 500 grams of methamphetamine mixture; Joseph Paul Setvin, Jr., 44, Jacksonville, AR was arrested.