Incidents reported to Maumelle police through November 1:


100 Commercial Park Court: On Oct. 30, Rachel Sumner, 30, of Maumelle, was arrested and charged with public intoxication after police received calls about a man harassing residents at Highland Point Apartments. After refusing officers orders to go inside his apartment, Sgt. Dustin Ivey said he arrested Sumner and took him to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Center.

20514 Highway 365 North: On Oct. 30, Aaron Kelly, 28, of Memphis, was arrested and charged with public intoxication, obstructing governmental operations and disorderly conduct in a parking lot where officers said shwe was leaning up against an officer’s unit, crying. Kelly was allegedly incoherent and belligerent with all those present, screaming obscenities at officers and alarming employees and customers present. Kelly was arrested and taken to Pulaski County Regional Detension Center.

100 Millwood Circle: Brian Compton, 36, of Maumelle, was arrested on Oct. 30 for Criminal Contempt


5 Sharondale Place: On Oct. 12, Stephen Keeton, 65, of Maumelle, reported that somone had enterd his Toyota 4-Runner and stolen a $500 Bowie knife, a $1,200 Colt 45, a $660 Nikon Coolpix camera, a $250 compass and carrying case, a $69.95 camping stove, a $100 lantern, a $600 Garmin GPS, a $120 TI graphing calculator, a $100 Gerber mutitool and $50 Gerber knife.

109 Summit Drive: On Oct. 16, Michael Strawn, 38, of Maumelle, reported that a $50 remote garage door opener had been stolen.

118 Summit Valley Circle: On Oct. 16, Amanda Burrough, 31, of Maumelle, reported that a $200 portable DVD player had been stolen from her vehicle.

400 Pine Forest Drive: On Oct. 17, Amanda Fowlkes reported that an $800 Nikon D-40 camera had been stolen from her. She sad she had been at an event at the chool on Sept. 27 and placed the camera beside her chair in an all purpose room at the school. She said that when she returned home after the even she noticed the camera was missing from her purse. She did not return to the school that night because everyone had alrady left and she did not have a key to the building. When she arrived the next morning, she learned that the camera had not been turned in to the office.

1128 Arnold Palmer Drive: On Oct. 18, Paul Elliot, 68, of Maumelle, reported that two political signs had been stolen from his front yard.

2002 Murphy Drive: On Oct. 19, Justin Hurst, 34, of Maumelle, reported that someone had entered his vehicle and stolen his $50 black leather wallet which contained his Arkansas drivers license, social security card, PayPal Mastercard, Arvest debit card, US Bank debit card, two $50 Home Depot gift cards, Petco Pet Pal card, Best Buy Rewards zone card and Gamestop discount card. Also stolen was $250 Zune 250 gigabyte MP3 player. Two attempts have already been made to make charges to the PayPal card, with one attempt at a North Little Rock Exxon Mobile station and another at a Hardees.

4 Powder Cove: On Oct. 22, Debra Brunson, 61, of Maumelle,reported that someone had entered her open garage and stole her $25 brown tri-fold leather wallet from her unlocked vehicle. Items within the wallet were a Regions Visa debit card, Chase Visa card and $40 in cash. Brunson said she has cancelled the cards and discovered two charges for $75 on her Regions debit card and one charge on her Chase Visa card.

10 Hightail Drive: On Oct. 30, Brian Culp, 54, reported to police that his 2005 Ford Expedition had been broken into and a $400 Acer laptop, a $50 briefcase and a $50 external speaker were stolen after his briefcase was found on a neighbor’s doorstep without those items. The neighbor said her unlocked vehicle had also been gone through but nothing appeared stolen.

501 Valencia Drive: Rosalyn Bowman, 73, reproted to police that her black leather wallet, which contained a debit card, were stolen. Bowman told officers she believed her wallet fell out of her purse Oct. 24 when she was coming home from an EZ Mart. She did not discover that the wallet was missing until the following day when she was contacted about a fraudulent charge of $147.29 on her debit card.

110 Commons Drive: On Oct. 27, Kroger reported that two 30-packs of Bud Light were stolen by a suspect who walked out of the store and some paper towels in a cart. The suspect is described as a heavyset white female in her 30s wearing black pants with a white stripe and a pink T-shirt. The suspect loaded the packs of Bud Light into a white Chevrolet Trailblazer.

110 Commons Drive: On Oct. 27, Kroger reported that a white male in his late 20s walked out of the store with a $100 Mirro 10-piece cookware set, $90 16-piece Kitchen Aid knife set and a $120 Bialetti eight-piece cookware set. The suspect got into a gray Toyota Avalon and drove southbound out of the parking lot.

23 Kingspark Drive: On Oct. 30, Robert Trowbridge, 31, of Maumelle, reported that a $250 10-inch Kicker Box speaker amp combo was stolen from his 2004 Jeep Wrangler. Trowbridge said the soft top had been pried back around the driver side door. He said that he noticed all his belongings had been gone through.

62 Windsor Drive: On Oct. 21, Stephan Kostelecky, 24, of Maumelle, reproted that his blue K2 Echo bike was stolen from his back patio. His bike was covered byt a tarp along with his wife’s bike, which was not stolen. Kostelecky said he heard noise in front of Oct. 18 and saw two males riding bicycles by his home. He thought they may have done damage to his vehicle, but they had not and the next day he discovered his bike missing.


100 Park Drive: On Oct. 17, Patrice Brown, 48, of Maumelle, reported that someone had tried to force her daughter’s bedroom door open. She said the front door had been unlocked and the only door damaged had been the door to her daughter’s room. She said she didn’t think anything had been taken from the residence.

9510 Counts Massie Road: On Oct. 24, $600 in damage was committed by vandals to a window and door to a ticketbooth. According to officers, someone shot through the window and door of the ticket booth.

900 Edgewood Drive: On Oct. 25, Angela Papp, 31, of Jacksonville, reported that a baseball or rock broke her car windshield on Oct. 4.

1201 Edgewood Drive: On Oct. 30, Farris Scott, 44, of Benton, reported that two cable boxes worth $25,000 were badly damaged.

425 Hyman Drive: On Oct. 31 a stop sign was vandalized.

2002 Murphy Drive: On Oct. 16, Karen Gibbs, 54, reproted that her stolen American Express Card was used at Kroger fuel pumps in the amount of $125 and in the store for $215 on Oct. 14. The theft of her purse that contained the card happened on the same day at a Wal-Mart in North Little Rock.