A fight at Maumelle Middle School led to one student being arrested on a felony charge, while two other students who were involved in the fight, will not be charged.

The fight was last Friday when a school security officer broke up a large fight in one of the hallways at the school. In attempting to break up the fight, the security officer was assaulted by three students. One of those students was arrested and will be charged as a juvenile with felony second-degree battery for injuring a teacher or school employee.

The security guard was Lonnie Murphy, 45, who was allegedly punched repeatedly by the juvenile charged and when he was attempting to restrain the student two other students came to the student’s aid attempting to pull him away or pull the officer off him.

Those two students or the others involved in the original fight aren’t being charged, Maumelle Police Chief Sam Williams said.

He also said the one student charged with a felony will be tried in juvenile court.

Murphy told police that at 3:15 p.m. he observed a large group of students huddled in the 8th grade hall at the school and he "suspected that there was a fight occurring."

When he finally got through the crowd, there were two students standing close to each other who appeared to have been fighting.

Murphy said he broke up the fight by separating the two students and when he did so, the student he was leading away "struck him in the face."

He then attempted to take the student to gain control of him by putting the sudent on the ground but as he attempted to do so, the student started "striking him in the face repeatedly." Even after he wrestled the student to the ground the young man continued striking and battling him while another student grabbed the other student’s legs and tried to pull the student away from the officer then another student joined in the attempt to pull the student away from the officer.

Maumelle officer Casey J. Canady said Murphy had slight swelling of his upper right lip. The student arrested had scratches and redness on his chest, back of his shoulders, right forearm, right ear and just below his right eye.

The student told police when his mother brought him to Maumelle Police Department to be charged that he acted in self-defense.