Always on the alert for drunken and impaired drivers Maumelle police will be extra vigilant for anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle who is impaired.

Chief Sam Williams said his officers arrested three people last weekend and charged them with driving while intoxicated but during the Christmas season they will be even more on the lookout for anyone drinking and driving.

"The Christmas season is a special time of the year, especially for families and we want Maumelle residents to be able to have a good time and enjoy Holiday parties but protecting our families prompts us to crack down on drinking drivers who are at risk for harming themselves or that Maumelle family."

Have a good time but stay off the highways, Williams said.

He encouraged residents to make plans ahead of time, especially for company parties and arrange for a designated driver or a cab.

"If you can’t find someone else to get you safely home, during this holiday season, call the Maumelle police department and we’ll arrange transportation for you or come and get you ourselves," Williams said.

A DWI conviction can be very expensive, he noted, costing many people their jobs, careers or large legal bills and fines.

The cost of a cab fare is cheap compared to the cost of arrest, much less a conviction, Williams said.

Not only the cost, there’s the embarrassment of seeing your name in the paper for DWI arrest, he said.

Williams said the three arrested last weekend included Vickie Lynn Kita-Biggs, 48, of North Little Rock, John Terry Carter, 51, of Maumelle and Jonathan Redic, 26, of Maumelle.

Since the beginning of the holiday season there has been an increase of DWI arrests, Williams said and called it alarming.

That’s why we’re going the extra mile to offer free rides or whatever it takes, he said. But you can be sure that we’ll be watching the streets and highways of Maumelle for impaired drivers who put our family’s safety at risk.