A two-tone very expensive .45 caliber pistol was reported missing or stolen from 122 Waterside Drive on May 23.

Robert McClure, 58, said the gun had actually been missing since a camping trip last October. The man said he’d been casually looking for it since returning. He told police he wasn’t sure if he’d misplaced the weapon or if it was stolen but he said he searched the entire house on May 23 and was unable to find the pistol. He asked police to report it to the crime information network as stolen and if it turned up he’d notify police. He said the value of the firearm was around $1,000.

But the two-tone Kimber Pro 1911 is a specially handmade firearm designed for people who have a concealed carry permit. The top of the grade pistol has a retail price listed of more than $1,500.