Two men were arrested after they were caught selling music CDs on Maumelle streets.

Sean M. Curry, 27, of Maumelle and Lamar Antonio Poster, 23, of Little Rock, were arrested after a manager at the Neighborhood Wal-Mart complained about the transactions.

Officer Justin Woods and Lt. Joseph Poole said Curry was charged with soliciting without a permit.

Police noted that Curry had 6 music CDs in his pocket. Poole said Curry also had outstanding warrants for failure to appear in court, including warrants from Lonoke, Arkadelphia and Hot Springs County.

Poole said Foster had an outstanding warrant in Maumelle for failure to appear in court. He also said 15 CDs were found in Foster’s coat pocket.

Curry told police when they found him in the Carfagno Medical Clinic that he was only encouraging folks to go to I-Tunes and download his music CDs.