Anita Denise Hartfield, 35, of Maumelle was arrested and charged with first degree domestic battery for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend.

On July 20 at approximately 10:18 p.m., officers were dispatched to 400 Valencia Drive concerning reports that a man was bleeding in front of an apartment building.

Upon arrival, officers found Kevin Matthews sitting on the steps leading to the No. 12 building. Matthews was holding his right lower chest area with several towels that were soaked in blood.

Several neighbors were also outside and told Officer Gregory Roussie where Matthew lives. Roussie then spoke to Matthews who said his girlfriend stabbed him.

Neighbors told Officer Brock Waldo that Matthews came to their apartment beating on the door to get help. The neighbors said they tried to help Matthews by providing towels to stop the wound from bleeding. The neighbors said that earlier in the day Matthews and Hartfield had a verbal argument and that they saw several belongings laying on the ground which they believed belonged to Matthews.

Officer Johnathan Johnson helped Matthews to the ground and held pressure on the wound until medical personnel arrived. While Johnson held pressure to the wound, Matthews continuously tried to get up and was told to stay down.

Matthews told Johnson that he and his girlfriend were arguing in the kitchen about him leaving to visit another woman. Matthews said that he tried to walk away and Hartfield pulled out a butcher’s knife and stabbed him in the lower-right chest area.

Roussie walked up the stairs leading to the apartment where he saw blood along the stairs, walkway and a rug outside of Apartment No. 1222. Roussie then made contact with Anita Hartfield as she exited the apartment.

Roussie asked Hartfield if officers could step inside her apartment, which she allowed. It was at this point that she told Roussie her version of what had happened. She was ordered to stop talking and verbally informed of her Miranda Rights. She said she understood the rights and agreed to speak with Roussie. She said that she and Matthews have been involved in a relationship since January of this year and he has been residing with her since June. She then explained that Matthews became upset when she said that she would allow him to leave for the evening. She said that the argument became physical and he grabbed her, at which time she bit the inside of her lower lip. Roussie said he saw a small amount of blood from the wound.

Hartfield said that Matthews stated to her that he was going to get her kicked out of the apartment complex. Matthews left the apartment, at which time she closed and locked the door. She then said that he was knocking on her door, asking her to let him inside. She then said that she opened the door and saw him bleeding.

Hartfield then said that she believed he had stabbed himself.

Lt. Cory Pickard arrived on the scene and Hartfield gave verbal consent for officers to search her apartment.

During the search, Roussie found a wet hand towel and washcloth in the area of the master bathroom sink. He then found a kitchen knife on top of a cabinet that was also in the bathroom.

Pickard was told of the situation at which time he inspected the top of the cabinet and found two kitchen knives, one with blood still present on the blade.

Johnson took photos of the blood trail from outside of the front of the residence, down to the breezeway and then down the steps to the front entryway of the building.

Hartfield was placed under arrest and brought to Maumelle Police Department for further questioning by the CID division. She was then processed, booked, given a bond by City Attorney JaNan Davis and then transported to Pulaski County Jail.

According to Johnson, who transported Hartfield, as he was placing her in a cell she would spontaneously utter, “I should have killed him.” Johnson said he asked Hartfield to repeat what she just said and she said, “I should have killed him.” Johnson said he recorded Hartfield’s statement.

Matthews was evaluated by medical personnel and transported by MEMS to Baptist Health in North Little Rock.