Two robbers armed with an AK-47 and a pistol robbed the Maumelle Waffle House around 2 a.m. early Thursday morning.

No one was injured in the incident and police said the man and woman had their faces covered with bandannas and made away with an undetermined amount of cash from the restaurant’s cash register.

Maumelle Police Chief Sam Williams said the pair were both short in stature, thin and were last seen running away from the building.

He said police believe this is the same pair that were responsible for two similar robberies in North Little Rock recently.

Store surveillance videotape photos will be released shortly which Williams said he thinks will lead to the pair’s capture and arrest.

He also said it was unclear from the video if the man was carrying an AK-47 or a rifle disguised as one.

An AK-47 is the most common assault rifle in the world and the gun of chose for third-world country rebels and outlaws. Designed by a Soviet gun maker Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1949, the gun was used by communist forces in the Vietnam war primarily because it is effective yet inexpensive.

It is a very popular gun even in America although many Vietnam veterans refuse to own one because of its use against them and their friends during that war.

It is a sturdy dependable weapon that is sold in this country only as a semi-automatic version.

Even in its semi-automatic format, the weapon is a formidable assault rifle capable of shooting several 7.65 mm bullets within a minute even on semi-automatic.

Williams said there were only a few customers in the restaurant at the time and none of them were injured or robbed.

He also said this is a level of violence no city can tolerate, especially in Maumelle.

Williams said detectives are already working with other police agencies and finding this pair will be a high priority.

He said he thinks once the photos are released someone might recognize the pair because of their distinctive height and mannerisms.