Maumelle Water Management general manager Barry Heller issued the following statement last week after a summer of water rationing for outside use.

"Effective September 4, 2012 at 12 p.m.

We believe current conditions warrant the cancellation of the mandatory water conservation order for customers served by the Maumelle Water Management.

Be aware if customer demand exceeds our ability to supply enough water we will return to a mandatory conservation plan. Thank you for your conservation efforts during these extreme drought conditions. Please continue to use your water wisely."

The final release came after the first significant rainfall of the summer in the form of Tropical Storm Isaac, the remnants of a former Hurricane Isaac.

Water rationing became such a contentious issue that reports of people illegally using water were reported and people were forced to water by bucket on the one day a week initially allowed.

Although the issue is resolved for now and MWM quickly added capacity to the system by the quick roil-out of two new water wells to replace the ones that were drying up, residents said the issue has not been forgotten.

A pending lawsuit challenging MWM’s authority to impose restrictions is still pending a hearing in circuit court.

A lawsuit MWM filed itself to challenge a state law amending its practices was only recently heard years after its filing.