Academics Plus Lady Falcon Coach Ken Holland is finding out a few things about his team.

After three excruciating games, Holland is realizing the Lady Falcons can’t function very well when junior guard Lisa Goodwin is not in the contest. Also, his team needs work on fundamentals. Last Wednesday, Academics Plus lost by 40-plus points to Conway Christian in the first round of the Conway Christian tournament. Last Friday, it was that same margin to conference foe Sacred Heart. This past Monday, the Lady Falcons scored only 11 points in a non-conference setback to Hector.

"We played three competitive teams and they guarded us pretty well," Holland said. "They’ve been playing Lisa tough so she is not getting an opportunity, and she also hasn’t been feeling well."

Against Hector, Goodwin only played a fourth of a quarter. When is not able to go, neither is Academics Plus. Once Goodwin comes off the floor, Holland doesn’t have anybody with tons of playing experience.

"We struggle," Holland said. "When she is not on the floor, we are lost. We’ve been playing teams who have played together for a long time."

Holland is looking forward to the off-season but until then, he has to do his best to teach his young players what he can. In particular, the Lady Falcons have trouble handling the ball. Also when they do get a rebound, they have trouble putting it back because they don’t know how to jump. On the bright side, Academics Plus is getting shots, they just are falling.

"For a while there, we were scoring 50 points," Holland said. "I guess you could say we are in a slump. We’ve got opportunities to score, we just aren’t. I don’t know how many layups we’ve missed."

In addition to working with players who are playing for the first time or young sophomores, Holland knows the Lady Falcons were beat down last year. He is hoping they can overcome that and learn to do the right thing.

"We can’t give up," Holland said. "They are used to the losing concept. Winning and playing hard is a challenge."