Academics Plus didn’t win a game last week, but Coach John Harrison said the Falcons still enjoyed themselves.

Even though the Falcons (0-5) lost two doubleheaders to Sacred Hearth and Wonderview, when Harrison was asked how the week went he was upbeat.

"We had a lot of fun," he said. "Even though, we didn’t come close to winning."

Last Tuesday, Academics lost 16-6 and 13-0 to Sacred Heart. Harrison said Sacred Heart would probably win the conference and has three of the toughest pitchers in the league with the Falcons facing all three. One of the trio is a freshman who shut down Academics Plus and yielded one run on four hits.

Senior Paul Shessley pitched three solid innings for the Falcons before struggling in the bottom of the fourth. At the time, they only trailed 4-1, but Sheesley couldn’t find the strike zone. Sacred Heart ended up tallying 12 runs on a comedy of errors.

"Sometimes, it is hard to watch," Harrison said. "I just can’t explain it. We competed well. In the second game, we played well but just were overly matched. We put the ball in play, but every ball was hit at someone."

A contest with Mount Vernon-Enola last Thursday was cancelled before Academics Plus faced Wonderview last Friday. The outcome of that doubleheader was 20-0 and 16-6 defeats. Harrison said in the first game, the Falcons saw Wonderview’s top pitcher right off the bat. He added that they didn’t play well and kicked the ball around. In the second contest, Academics Plus hit well and scored three runs in each of the first two frames. After Steven Harris’ was experiencing some minor pain, inexperienced Evan Backers replaced him on the mound.

"He did a pretty good job," Harrison said. "I told him to put the ball in the strike zone and let them put the ball in play and see our defense can make plays. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the routine plays."

Because of having several kids who have never played baseball, Academics Plus lacks experience. Thus far this season, Harrison is facing things he is not used to observing.

"I’ve never seen anything like it," he said. "We have some many inexperienced kids, and at this age, they should have the fundamentals down. A lot of times, I have to tell them where the next play goes on defense. They are starting to understand how to compete and are learning how to run the bases and the signs."

Weather permitting, Academics played Guy-Perkins last night and Friday face Jacksonville Lighthouse.