With a conference game looming the Monday after spring break, Academics Plus’ only game this week being cancelled wasn’t very good timing. The Falcons were supposed to play Little McClellan on Monday but the contest was called off. The field wasn’t covered over the weekend, and Sunday’s rain made it too wet to play.

Coach Steven Tew really wanted his team to play because another game is not scheduled until March 25 when the Falcons begin conference action against Guy-Perkins. With a young, inexperienced team, playing time is what it needs.

Monday’s contest was really needed since Academics Plus lost 21-4 last Thursday to Rose Bud. Errors plagued the Falcons and they also gave up nine hits and walked nine batters. Tew did see a bright spot in Michael Haug’s relief pitching. In his 2 2/3 innings, he struck out four and gave up no earned runs. He also was 2-of-2 with opposite field hits of a single and a double.

"We struggled on the mound," Tew said. "It’s hard when you are down 10-0. The best thing was Michael. He pitched two really nice innings."

One thing Tew can’t take away from the Falcons is their enthusiasm. Even when they were down by 20 runs against Rose Bud, they were still excited and didn’t give up going into the final inning.

"I want the players to take control and be bold in the field," Tew said. "They should want the ball hit to them, and I think they don’t want it. They need to get bold and play. It’s just a baseball game. It seems like they are pressing to do too much."

One thing Tew has figured out after last week is his pitching lineup. Sophomore Will Redwine has emerged as the number one pitcher with Haug as the number two man. Some other guys could contribute, but those two will be the main guys.

Since Tew didn’t find out about Monday’s game being cancelled until late in the day, the Falcons also missed a day of practice. He has tried to pick up another game this week, but so far hasn’t had any luck. The Falcons will get in as much practice time as they can this week, and during spring break will try to practice at the end of the week before facing Guy Perkins.