After a 99-88 shootout in the first meeting, Academics Plus was looking forward to hosting Guy-Perkins last night.

Falcon Coach John Harrison is ready to see how his guys play after not seeing them over the Christmas break. He hopes Monday’s practice is indicative of how the week will go.

"We got after it in practice" Harrison said. "We played a lot of basketball in the first half and needed a break. A lot of times when you come back from a break, there is more excitement."

The key to Tuesday’s night game was what team would commit the fewest turnovers. Harrison said Guy-Perkins is going to have the turnovers, and he hoped the Falcons would have fewer.

"We had a chance the last time to win at the end," Harrison. "We are playing good basketball and just have to find a way to win."

On Friday, the Falcons (6-7) host KIPP Delta, and that will be a challenge. In the first meeting, Academics Plus lost 80-50. KIPP presents a height disadvantage for Academics Plus with five upperclassmen above 6-foot-0.

"They are a tough matchup, very good and so big," Harrison said. "Their size is overwhelming at times, and you can get into foul trouble. The first time we tried to run with them, and we can’t do that. I think they are struggling right now. We will have to play well to beat them, but they will have to play well to beat us."