Academics Plus found out last Tuesday it needs to focus for an entire game.

The Falcons had control in the first half in a game against Lisa Academy West except for the last minute and a half, still had control in the second half and lost, 59-52, in the last three minutes.

"We had a 12-point lead with a minute and a half left in the first half and then had five consecutive turnovers," Academics Plus Coach John Harrison said. "We played really well in the first half up to that minute and a half and was probably the best we played all year. That game left a sour taste in the kids’ mouths because they knew we should have won it."

Senior Paul Sheesley led the Falcons with 24 points and nine rebounds while senior Raylon Lynch added 14 points. Academics Plus was supposed to participate in the Nemo Vista tournament last week in addition to playing a conference game against Wonderview but those were cancelled or postponed because of the weather. Because of school being cancelled, Harrison and his team didn’t have a chance to practice until yesterday.

"There are some little things we need to correct," he said. "They would go from a man to a zone, and we weren’t adjusting. It was confusing us, and that was just a mental mistake."

The Falcons play McCrory today at 8:25 in the Conway Christian tournament. In addition to competing in the tournament, they travel to Morrilton on Friday and face Sacred Heart.

"Sacred Heart is pretty good," Harrison said. "Their coach may tell you they are down, but down to them is still 15-20 wins. McCrory is very athletic."

Harrison says his team has to focus more on defense. Because everyone likes to score and shoot, the Falcons have no trouble scoring. They just need to learn the concept of playing defense and rebounding.

"There is not a sense of urgency," he said. "Last year at this time, we were really good, and in the second half went downhill. We are close to being very, very good, and I see glimpses. I like this year better where we can come back the second semester put things together and compete."