With the regular season almost finished, Academics Plus Coach Ken Holland wants his Lady Falcons to compete and play hard in their remaining games.

Not only do the Lady Falcons lack the talent of other conference teams, they are also young with a shortage of players. The last three contests were tough for Academics Plus as it faced three of the top teams in the conference. Last Tuesday, the Lady Falcons traveled to Nemo Vista, hosted Sacred Heart last Friday and this past Monday hosted Wonderview. The final conference matchup at home against Mt. Vernon-Enola was rescheduled because of Tuesday’s inclement weather.

"We have a tough road right now," Holland said. "Those are four toughest teams in our conference. It’s tough competing in this league, and we aren’t there yet. We throw the ball away and aren’t very good ball handlers, and Lisa (Goodwin) gets triple teamed all the time."

For the first three minutes in the 20-plus loss to Sacred Heart, Academics Plus led 1-0. Holland said Sacred Heart called the first timeout because it couldn’t score in transition. Eventually, the Lady Rebels wore down Academics Plus.

Holland knew the Lady Falcons didn’t have a chance against Wonderview, but still that didn’t stop him from throwing everything at the Lady Daredevils. He hates pulling the ball out and stalling the clock and didn’t do that. Though Academics Plus lost 93-28, Holland didn’t hold anything back.

"Their coach noticed commented on how last year, Lisa was scoring four to five points and now she is getting 18-20 points," Holland said. "We are getting better in some areas and competing hard."

After conference play finishes with Mt. Vernon-Enola, the Lady Falcons have two non-conference games before the district tournament. Holland is hoping to see a few things happen in the remaining games.

"I would like to see us knock down some shots," he said. "We are getting open shots, and it’s not like we can’t get off shots because of the defense. Against Wonderview, we blew layups and missed in the paint. I would like to see us knock those down and stay in the game for a while."