Riding a three-game losing streak into the district tournament at Nemo Vista, Academics Plus ended that stretch with a 49-40 victory over KIPP: Delta on Monday.

The Falcons (8-17) faced Guy Perkins last night. The winner of that game is guaranteed a spot to the regional tournament. Academics Plus was the sixth seed into the tournament while Guy Perkins is the third seed and didn’t play Monday.

"We played well at times, but had a lot of turnovers and missed easy layups," Coach Stephanie Wortham said. "We have to limit those turnovers against Guy Perkins and make the easy shots."

Wortham was pleased with the Falcons’ performance at the end. KIPP made a comeback when four of Academics Plus’ starters had four fouls. Wortham said they couldn’t play as aggressively on defense but still held off the KIPP’s push.

Senior Rhianna Mooney paced Academics Plus with 20 points. Junior Kellie Hough and sophomore Lisa Goodwin added 13 points apiece.

What Wortham was looking for Tuesday night was a complete game from the Falcons. They have yet to put together four quarters.

"We need to play with confidence," Wortham said. "Everybody knows how to play and what to do. We just need to show up and be on the same page."

Wortham talked to her girls about the scenario of a victory gets the Falcons to the regional tournament. She hoped that along with believing in themselves propelled them to play as a team and keep the season alive.