The Maumelle Marlins wrapped up preparation for the season-ending Meet of Champions with a victory over two teams in their final head-to-head meet and set two more team records.

Zack Marshall, boys 7-8, broke the record in 25-yard backstroke and Spencer Hazen set the mark in boys 11-12 50-yard breaststroke.

In the meet, Maumelle scored 597 points. Conway was second at 271 and Lakewood third at 246.

The Marlins won two relays – girls 8-under team of Jae-Bird Woodson, Hallie Joy Fender, Rachel Kerley and Anna Carden – and the girls 18-under team of Charlotte Sweere, Bailey Shelton, Moriah Hollaway and Rebecca Jones.

In the 6-under mixed kickboard, Jack Kersley was first and Justin Le was second.

In the 100-yard individual medley, boys winners were Aiden Lively and Jason Niell and for the girls Jae-Bird Wodsoon (7-8), Kammie Marshall (9-10) and Moriah Hollaway (15-18). Zack Marshall won the butterfly and backstroke and was second in freestyle.

Multiple winners on gold-level races were: Will Sims, boys 6-under, won freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Melia Bugg, girls 7-8, won freestyle and backstroke; Jae-Bird Woodson won freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke; Spencer Hazen, 9-10, won freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke; Kammie Marshall, girls 9-10, won freestyle, butterfly and backstroke; Morgan Parker, girls 13-14, won butterfly and breaststroke.

Other top performances were:

Boys 6

Titus Yager, third in freestyle.

Girls 7-8

Samarah Crawford, won breaststroke; Tess Finton, was second in backstroke; Madison McKinney, third backstroke.

Girls 7-8

Blair Yager, won backstroke and was second in butterfly; Anna Carden, second freestyle; Hallie Joy Fender, third in freestyle.

Boys 9-10

Aiden Lively, won breaststroke and was second in freestyle and butterfly. Bobby Sweere was second in freestyle and butterfly.

Girls 11-12

Madison Belknap won butterfly and Ellie Shelton was second in freestyle and backstroke.

Girls 15-18

Charlotte Sweere won freestyle and was second in backstroke; Moriah Hollaway won breaststroke.