Ann Floyd set two team records and the Maumelle Marlins won their second straight meet, taking a victory over Otter Creek and Lonoke on Saturday in southwest Little Rock.

Floyd, in girls 11-12 division, set team marks in the 50-meter freestyle and 100-meter individual medley. She also won the breaststroke in her age group.

The Marlins finished with 544 points. Otter Creek scored 425 and Lonoke 132.

The team also added five more swimmers — Madison Cougill, Lillie Crandall, Emily Darnell, Emily Labuz and Bailey Shelton — to the list of those who have qualified for the Meet of Champions.

Cougill won the 100 freestyle, backstroke and butterfly in girls 15-18.

Other multiple race winners on the gold level: Zack Marshall, boys 7-8, freestyle, backstroke and 8-under individual medley; Jae-Bird Woodson, girls 7-8, freestyle, breaststroke and 100 IM; Spencer Hazen, boys 11-12, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly; Kammie Marshall, girls 9-10, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and IM; and Melia Bugg, girls 6-under, freestyle and backstroke.

Other gold-level victors were: Aiden Lively, boys 9-10 IM ; Ellie Shelton, girls 11-12, backstroke; Drew Tistle, girls 9-10, breaststroke; and Jordan Woodson, boys 11-12, IM.

Lively also was second in the backstroke; Woodson second in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke,

In girls 9-10, Amaya Bogan, second in freestyle and backstroke and Ty Tistle was second in breaststroke.

Morgan Parker, girls 13-14 , finished third in freestyle and butterfly; and Perryn Andrews, boys 13-14, second in backstroke.

The Marlins also won four of the six relays.

Swimmers winning silver-level races were: Hallie Joy Fender (2); Aiden Lively; Jason Neill (2); Jaya Salgaonkar; Carly Conwell; Emily Labuz; Tess Finton; Blair Yager; Drew Tistle; Jules Rose; Zack Marshall; Amaya Bogan; Ann Floyd; Jared Hailey; and Ty Tistle.