Maumelle Coach Barrett Davis is a little perplexed with his baseball team.

Although the Hornets are young, they are still basically the same team from last year. Losing only two seniors, the majority returns from last season’s 21-5 team. Now, Maumelle is 5-4, and Barrett is confused as to why they have some of their losses.

"We lost 3-2 to Bryant, the number one team in the state," Davis said. "You don’t play with the number one team in the state and not be good baseball players. Bryant is fundamentally sound and disciplined. Then we beat Harmony Grove 20-4, but turn around and lose to Dierks, 10-0. We have a hectic schedule because I’m trying to element the peaks and valleys. We can show up day after day and play or we are going to get beat."

The Hornets faced Little Rock Hall on Tuesday, meet Mayflower on Thursday and start conference play at home Friday against Pottsville. Barrett is hoping for a big crowd to cheer them on Friday.

"We might not win 20 games this year," Davis said. "We will be better come April this year than we were last year."

Davis says Maumelle’s hitting is better this season than last year. He hopes the Hornets can start taking the patience they have at the plate and apply it to a whole game. They are also better pitching-wise. Of their nine games, seven have been complete games. Senior lefthander Jacob Hollingsworth is the top guy.

"The ups and downs are hard to explain," Davis said. "We are still very, very young with only one senior, three sophomores and the rest juniors. The mental errors are beating us."

Last year, the Hornets started off hot but then lost in the first round of the conference tournament. Davis admits this year’s schedule is stiffer and was built to make his players better. Davis takes one game at a time, and says Maumelle had to beat Hall last night. He says Mayflower is playing great now so the Hornets need to have a good showing, and Davis would love to see a big crowd for the Pottsville game on Friday.