What a mess last week was for the Maumelle Hornets.

Because of the wintery precipitation, the Hornets’ two games last week were postponed. That means four contests are slated for this week. In addition, the inclement weather cut into Maumelle’s practice time.

Basically, the Hornets (14-7, 9-1) have only had one real practice and two partial practices since last Tuesday. With an important contest on the line Friday, that situation has not set well with Maumelle Coach Michael Shook.

"Coach McGibbony (Wayne, assistant coach) thinks this could be a good thing," Shook said. "He thinks the time off gives us a chance to get plenty of rest and that the guys will be excited to play and it will be a good thing."

Last Tuesday’s matchup with Dover has been rescheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday and will be senior night. Last Friday’s contest at Booneville is slated for today at 3:30 p.m. Last night, Maumelle traveled to Dardanelle and face Subiaco on Friday for the conference title.

With Subiaco and Pottsville both having two conference losses, the Hornets can claim the 4A-4 title with a victory provided they take care of the other contests this week. If Maumelle loses and Pottsville and Subiaco win the rest of their games, then the three teams all have two losses. Determining the top seed in the district tournament would come down to points and head-to-head, and right now Pottsville would have the edge.

Shook was glad the matchups at Dardanelle and Booneville took place so the Hornets had some action before facing Subiaco. With a week off, he didn’t know what to expect last night.

"I want to get a sloppy game out of the way before playing Subi," he said. "I didn’t know what to expect after a break."

Because the conference teams had so many games to make up and play, next week’s district tournament has been pushed back a day to Tuesday. The conference voted to use Monday as a make-up day if needed.