As the Maumelle cross country team is learning how to train and run the rugged cross country trails, the Hornets are also having some success.

The Hornets have run two races thus far, and the boys are showing their talent by winning the 4A-5A division at the Shiloh Christian Invitational on Aug. 31 and placing third of 16 teams in the OBU Invitational last Saturday. The girls didn’t have enough for a team at Shiloh, but sophomore Jordan Marshall was eighth. At OBU, they did have a team and finished eighth out of 15 teams.

On the boys’ side, they have not beaten by a 5A or under team yet. Also, two runners have joined the team and include Will Redwine, a transfer from Academics Plus, and Hayden Anderson and have given the Hornets a solid top seven runners. Senior Adam Hoy, sophomore Sean Adams and junior Cody Motes are the leaders of the team with their dedication and maturity.

"I’m not really surprised with the results, but surprised they are listening," Coach Nick Taylor said. "They are doing what I expect them to do and running certain paces when I tell them."

The girls are still adapting to the course. Three of the Hornets have never raced farther than 800 meters, and Kayla Gamble, Akeia Joyner and Kamillah Phillips are sprinters so they have to get used to pacing themselves and allowing others to pass them. Marshall is the anchor of the team, and Taylor expects her to get better.

The Hornets compete Thursday at Bryant and then at the end of the month.

Shiloh Results

4-5A Division - Girls

8th Place - Sophomore Jordan Marshall 26:35

16th Place - Sophomore Caroline Sweet 28:05

25th Place - Senior Kayla Gamble 29:48

4-5A Division - Boys

2nd Place - Senior Adam Hoy 18:31

3rd Place - Sophomore Hayden Anderson 19:17

6th Place - Sophomore Sean Adams 19:33

8th Place - Junior Cody Motes 20:20

10th Place - Junior Will Redwine 20:34

25th Place - Junior Stephen Edwards 22:31

26th Place - Sophomore Bret Sherkenbach 22:37

32nd Place - Senior Felix Danchenko 23:01

33rd Place - Junior Darrius Thomas 23:28

42nd Place - Junior Xzavier Pettus 26:02

OBU Results

Girls: 8th Place out of 15 teams - 165 Finishers

1. Caroline Sweet 23rd 22:20

2. Kayla Gamble 28th 22:59

3. Jordan Marshall 54th 24:36

4. Akeia Joyner 87th 26:35

5. Kamillah Phillips 113th 28:19

6. Danielle Hudson 149th 32:22

Boys: 3rd Place out of 16 teams - 195 Finishers

1. Adam Hoy 7th 17:41

2. Sean Adams 19th 18:42

3. Cody Motes 20th 18:45

4. Will Redwine 22nd 18:52

5. Darrius Thomas 39th 19:25

6. Zach Williams 49th 19:38

7. Bret Sherkenbach 82nd 20:42

8. Stephen Edwards 119th 22:05

9. Xzavier Pettus 140th 22:50

10. Tracy Cook 172nd